LGD-4033 Ligandrol – Benefits, Sides & Half Life | Bulking / Mass SARM

what’s going on guys tester levels here
with eddie the eagle
and today we’re going to talk about
probably the most popular sarm
uh it’s a bulking sarm it’s not for guys
that are looking to look vascular
strictly to put on size what’s
interesting about this particular sarm
is that it’s been through to uh clinical
and it’s shown to be pretty darn good at
what it does
so we’ll do a quick medical disclaimer
i’ll do my own
i’m not a doctor just the guy on the
internet don’t listen to anything i say
this is just stuff that i research in my
spare time
it’s all about humanity
so the serum that we are going to be
talking about today
is lgd-4033 also known as
ligand draw and ligand draw was
developed by
ligand pharmaceuticals so you can see
where you get ligand and ligand draw
lgd was developed for muscle wasting
and osteoporosis so the two things that
it was designed to do was to
build muscle and build your bones up
right now it’s currently being worked on
by a company called
viking and viking and ligand have some
type of agreement where they work
what i found interesting about viking is
that they’ve never successfully brought
a product to market
i don’t think any cyan has been actually
brought to market yet but
they’re still working on them they’re
going through the trials from what i see
they seem pretty darn good but not
enough for the fda
i guess so lgd uh was
in 2015 they first started seeing this
in sports and the w8a
banned it in 2015. and fun fact the
quarterback of the 2015
florida gators college football team uh
supposedly got popped with lgd
and since then many other athletes have
been caught with it
it’s obvious why it packs on muscle
and it builds your bones stronger so
obviously muscle being more important to
athletes they’ve also had horses that
have popped for lgd
so i mean you have million dollar horses
and you can make millions of dollars
by them being fast and strong they give
them a little bit of lgd
and uh yeah so they’ve caught horses
using lgd as well
so the phase one clinical trial that
they did they did it on 76
guys and they gave them all different
dosages of lgd
all of them saw increased muscle mass
and they did this over 21 days
and there were no adverse effects
gonna read this one phase two study
achieves primary endpoint demonstrating
statistically significant dose-dependent
increases in lean body mass
ranging from 4.8 to 9.1 percent
following treatment with lgd five to
almost ten percent
more muscle mass in the phase two that’s
a lot
and that’s why bodybuilders and just
guys that
wanna look good in the gym in the
bedroom that’s why they like lgd
because it packs on muscle the dosing of
uh it’s a little bit lower than some
other sarms you know for rad 140 people
usually do between 10 and 20 for lgd
it’s usually between five and ten but
lgd and sarms are not
listed for human consumption so this is
just evidence based on rat models
one thing i did want to mention before
we go over the benefits is that
lgd is highly anabolic and it’s like
medium to low androgenetic
androgenetic androgenic yeah we got that
so some of the benefits increased muscle
increased strength improved recovery
muscle fullness and improved bone health
basically the benefits are exactly what
it’s created for to pack on muscle and
to strengthen your bones
the cycle length for lgd for researchers
is usually eight to ten weeks now
if you’re how do i even say this
if your rat is not on trt
lgd is very suppressive meaning it’s
going to shut off your natural
testosterone production
so if you’re not on trt you have to have
something as a test base
otherwise you’ll experience things like
low libido
low estrogen low testosterone all the
stuff that comes along with that
if you are not on trt you must do a pct
on lgd that stands for post cycle
some common compounds that are used are
clomid tamoxifen
hcg and clomiphene
yeah so this isn’t a video about pct
but if you were ever to research with
it is highly recommended to have some
form of a test base
like for andro testosterone whatever
and then also pct after you come off
very important
be safe you only have one life if i were
to compare
lgd to something in the anabolic world
i would say it would be compared some
similarly to
deca drobolin or nandralun decano8 and
or dball
lgd’s brother rad140 would
more likely be considered similar to
winstrol or tren i mean it’s not exact
you know just as a general concept so
one thing i did want to mention
about most sarms and lgd uh
is that they kick in almost immediately
it’s not like a testosterone cycle where
you know the first month your body’s
really ramping up that you know
saturation of testosterone
and you start packing on a lot of weight
a lot of water weight you know
sarms because you’re taking them orally
and just because of the way they work
they get into your body they grab onto
those android receptors
and they go to work so if you have good
lgd like something from umbrella labs or
rats army
you should be able to feel it in the
first couple days to a week
maybe 10 days depends on how well you
know your body but
in general you’re going to see results
and you’re going to feel it pretty
the half-life of lgd is about 24
to 46 48 hours so it’s not something
that you need to
dose two three times a day you could it
wouldn’t hurt at all but there’s no real
reason to do it
so people who research with lgd will
normally take it
once a day we’re gonna get into some of
the side effects and one of them
i did take lgd a long time ago really
before i was
i was kind of in the period in between
when i went to the gym i started going
to the gym when i took this
i kind of just came into it i didn’t
really seek it out and try to buy it
but i did take it for a little while but
one of the main
side effects that people get from lgd is
and i definitely did get this for every
day that i took it
i got nausea it wasn’t horrible it
wasn’t like
horrible horrible but you could feel it
i could you know i just felt that nausea
so that’s one to look out for
another common one that people report
when doing research
are headaches i didn’t personally
experience any of those
another thing to note about lgd and
most sarms is that it will have an
effect on your cholesterol
just like testosterone so it’s going to
lower your ldl
and it’s going to raise your ldl so if
you’re doing blood work and you should
that’s definitely something to monitor
when you’re taking something like lgd
another thing to know about lgd is it is
mildly hepa toxic
meaning that it’s mildly toxic to your
liver now the fda
says that it’s really bad for you most
people don’t see
you know anything really at all but in
order to counteract that you could take
something like nac
you can look that up on amazon or
another good one
is milk thistle and i take that just in
general i take it every day i’ve taken
it for years
it’s cheap you can get it at walmart or
you can get it on amazon i’ve got
links to all that stuff in my
description i also have links to rats
and umbrella lab they both sell lgd 4033
along with some other sarms
and if you use my coupon code you get
some sweet discounts another interesting
thing and this goes with a lot of the
while sarms do not convert over into
there have been a few and not a lot but
a few
reports of guys getting gynecomastia
they get moves and they’ve never done
any real research on this as to why this
but my thought process is this so
so you’re taking something that’s
attaching to your androgen receptors
and your testosterone is also trying to
attach to these receptors
but if the lgd gets there first then the
testosterone doesn’t have anywhere bind
so it’s going to chill and it’s
eventually probably going to convert
to estrogen so i would think that this
would happen more during the beginning
of the cycle
before the lgd was more suppressive and
your testosterone levels were lower
so i would say if you were going to get
develop gyno from taking lgd
i would think just a ballpark guess no
science here like
one to three weeks to combat that you
can use something like
raloxophene clomid tamoxifen
good to have that stuff on hand because
if you do actually develop
real gyno it costs like four or five
grand to get removed
and i’ve heard raloxifene is the best
for if you’re just starting to get gyno
it can reverse it no guarantees but
that’s just what i’ve heard
that’s all i’ve got on lgd just want to
do a quick review of it i’ll give you
all the information that i could find on
it it’s one of the most popular sarms it
packs on muscle
you know for rad 140s more for like lean
games dry gains
and strength lgd is more for bulking for
packing on muscle
some users report that it does put on
water weight i didn’t personally notice
but i was fat anyway so i probably
wouldn’t have noticed but
that’s about it guys that’s lgd4033 i
have links to where you can pick it up
to do research if you want with some
sweet discounts
um but that’s gonna do it guys lgd
lots of people like it it works for what
it was designed to do
i hope that it makes it into a legal
so that people with muscle wasting
diseases and osteoporosis can take a
little squirt or take a little pill and
fix their issues and hopefully live a
better life so thanks for watching guys
if you’re new click on the subscribe
button if you found this informative
click on the like button and as always
you’re awesome
and get your levels tested

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