CJC-1295 Growth Hormone Peptide GHRH | Raises HG and IGF-1 | Cheaper than HGH

CJC1295 is a really cool peptide that increases Human Growth Hormone and IGF-1 for way less then Human Growth Hormone. CJC-1295 is essentially a modified version of Human Grown Releasing Hormone but with a much longer half life. CJC1295 is extremely good at what it does, but it was not approved by the FDA due to one unfortunate incident in phase 2 clinical studies. I think the CJC1295 peptide deserves another chance!

what’s going on guys tester levels here
thanks for being with me
today we’re going to cover a really
really cool peptide
like really really cool uh it’s been
proven to
increase growth hormone and igf-1
by a lot and it’s pretty darn cheap
it’s extremely cheap compared to actual
but uh it kind of didn’t get approved by
the fda
for a really not weird reason but
it’s iffy so let’s jump right in it’s
all about humanity
so the peptide that we’re going to cover
today is called cjc1295
and it’s it’s kind of a modified version
of growth hormone releasing hormone
now before we jump into it growth
hormone releasing hormone
does work it does raise your growth
hormone levels and your igf levels
the problem with it it has a half-life
seven minutes so you can imagine
it’s not that you have to take it every
seven minutes
but you have to take it you know usually
once or twice or three times a day so
that doesn’t really work
in you know the medical aspect of it
it’s too hard to do you know that many
injections every day and to do it
so pharmaceutical company out of canada
uh who only works on peptides and
has actually not a great run of the past
few years most of their stuff has been
declined by the fda but they decided to
take a stab at making something that
could do the exact same thing
but have a much longer half-life and
that’s how they came up with cjc 1295.
there’s a lot of big words and long
sentences so i’m gonna have to look down
and read these
i apologize but i am not that good on
camera to be reading
long paragraphs with huge medical words
so let’s jump into it
i’ve always been amazed at how derek at
more plates more dates can read
sentences with huge medical terminology
in it
and he reads them flawlessly it’s very
impressive i do not have that technical
so i’m gonna put these on screen cjc
1295 is a synthetic analog of growth
hormone releasing hormone
ghrh and a growth hormone secretog
ghs it is a modified form of ghrh with
improved pharmacogenetics
pharmacokinetics pharmacokinetics
especially in regard to half-life
the use of ghrh works but has such a
short half-life of seven minutes that is
not a viable treatment
cjc1295 extended the half-life
so now we’re going to get into how ghrh
it’s pretty interesting lots of big
words growth hormone releasing hormone
is a 44 amino acid peptide synthesized
in the hypothalamus
at the pituitary gland ghrh binds to
receptors on somatomath
god damn ghrh binds to receptors on
to promote synthesis and release of
growth hormone together with
and ghrelin ghrh is a key participant in
the regulation
of pulsatile gh secretion so now we’re
getting into
how much this uh this awesome peptide
cjc 1295
how much does it actually increase your
growth hormone and igf-1
and it’s pretty darn impressive cjc 1295
markedly increases growth hormone and
insulin-like growth factor levels in
humans and animals with a single
injection in human subjects it increased
growth hormone levels
by two to ten fold for six days or
that’s pretty darn impressive one
it doubled or ten times
increased your growth hormone level and
it did it for six days
so that’s pretty impressive growing from
the actual growth hormone releasing
hormone which has a half-life of seven
um to doubling or making ten times more
growth hormone in your body
it’s pretty darn impressive i mean
that’s that’s like a miracle medicine
for guys or humans who have growth
hormone deficiency
and other diseases that can be caused by
a low growth hormone
deal with kids that can’t grow a lot of
different stuff
pretty darn impressive but let’s look at
the igf-1 levels
it increased plasma igf-1 levels by 1.5
3-fold for 9-11 days the drug has an
estimated half-life of
six to eight days in humans with
multiple doses of cjc1295
igf-1 levels were found to remain
elevated in humans for up to 28 days
that’s pretty darn impressive as well
one and a half to three times more igf-1
someone who’s deficient in growth
hormone and or igf-1
this is a fantastic medicine but it
didn’t get approved by the fda and i’ll
tell you why i toward the end of this
kind of kind of annoying feel like they
should have gotten a redo but
is what it is now what’s interesting
you know cjc 1295 is it’s different than
growth hormone
and i’m i’m loosely going to compare it
to testosterone
so i would say that growth hormone is
similar to propionate
gets in does what it needs to do but it
has kind of a short active
lifespan you know it kind of goes up
goes down whereas i would see that
is kind of more like scipione or sus
than honor we’ll go with scipion8
you know it’s it’s a slower acting and
longer lasting
but but cjc 1295 isn’t
slower to start they actually showed
that it increased
gh and igf levels within two hours so
that’s another pretty impressive aspect
of it and i’m also going to
compare human growth hormone and cjc
to clomid and hcg
so you know when you take clomid or hcg
as a monotherapy
you’re using it to boost your body’s
natural production of testosterone
through different methods but this
they’re going for the exact same thing
and that’s what i would compare cjc to
you know it’s not
just replacing your growth hormone it’s
not just here’s growth hormone you know
let your body use it
it’s making your body release more of it
so it’s
similar but different obviously but it’s
also what they found with cjc is it does
not affect the pulsation of your normal
growth hormone
so that’s why i consider it you know
it’s kind of similar in concept to
clomid and hcg
they don’t turn off your natural
production of testosterone
they you know give your body a swift
kick in the butt
to produce more of it this is kind of
the same thing but with growth hormone
and igf
it’s using your natural body and it’s
giving it that kick hey
release more hormone release more growth
hormone release more igf-1
so and they found that it doesn’t affect
you know the natural production and the
natural pulsation
so that’s pretty impressive i mean if
you’re watching this i mean does this
not sound like a really really good
for someone who has a growth hormone
deficiency or someone that
just wanted to optimize their life with
more growth hormone it’s obviously risks
it seems pretty darn good right another
interesting aspect of that there
that they checked when they were doing
these studies on cjc was whether it had
any effect on
other hormone levels and they found it
had no no negative
correlation with prolactin cortisol tsh
or lh
and what they said in the studies was
that it kind of shows that this is
you know very specific it goes in and
does one specific thing it’s you know
kind of like sarms arms go in and they
you know grab onto your androgen
very similar thing it didn’t have any
effect on those other hormones
so that’s pretty cool too you know they
don’t have to worry about that so
once again really cool medicine didn’t
get approved by the fda
i’m gonna go over some of the side
effects now
there’s you know this is obviously a
medicine and there’s also
which has side effects and growth
hormone and raising your growth hormone
levels to
you know top level or super
has side effects as well so obviously
some of these are you know very similar
to the side effects of growth hormone
but there are so basically you have the
medicine can give you side effects
and the you know huge increase in growth
hormone could give you side effects as
well but these are just some of them
flushing lightheadedness vivid dreams
euphoria after the injection numbness
and tingling in the feet or hands that’s
definitely one for growth hormone
and joint pain which is another one for
growth hormone
so if you experience any of that while
you’re taking this talk to your doctor
you know this obviously isn’t approved
by the fda but doctors can still
prescribe it
the only clinic that i know of that i
work with that prescribes this
is defy they have it and they have it
combined with
another compound that helps with growth
hormone levels
that’s going to be in another video by
itself because that’s a really cool
compound as well
but they have these two mixed together
that’s kind of a one-two punch
to get your growth hormone and igf
levels up
so why did the fda
not approve cjc 1295
i mean in all the studies extremely well
it does exactly what it’s supposed to do
it solves a problem of using the ghrh
which has a
super short half-life um it works
you don’t have to inject it every day or
multiple times a day
and there are really no side effects so
why did they not approve it did i
mention that
it’s way cheaper than human growth
hormone it’s it’s
a lot cheaper i think i mentioned that
well what happened was during the study
one person
died of a heart attack you know
obviously that’s a horrible thing
and we would have to look into that and
the fda wouldn’t want to approve a drug
caused heart heart attacks for people or
killed people
but the doctor that was running the
pretty much his conclusion was that this
just had a heart attack nothing to do
with the medicine at all
just the guy had a heart attack and
people do have heart attacks
it’s unfortunate this person had a heart
attack during the study
and we can’t say 100 percent that you
know cjc had
cjc had nothing to do with it at all but
the doctor said his conclusion was that
it was a random heart attack and nothing
to do with the medicine
so that’s why i said shouldn’t they kind
of get a redo
i mean it was a smaller study i get it
one person died i mean they couldn’t
prove that it was because of the
medicine could have been a pre-existing
condition could have been an
unknown condition a guy could have bad
genetics for heart i don’t know
but you know are we going to block a
medicine that
does exactly what it says it does and
helps people out because one person died
during a study you know i mean that
would be like
if one person died in a car crash while
doing a study and they’re just like
stopping you know we’re not doing the
study anymore we had someone die it’s
unrelated to the medicine and i can’t
say that it’s a hundred percent
but you know in the first one no one
died so that’s good
but i mean i can’t say i don’t work in
the fda but
you know the only real approved one is
actual human growth hormone from big
pharma and it’s
super crazy expensive this one comes
does exactly the same thing as growth
and it’s way cheaper and it doesn’t get
so i don’t know come to your own
i don’t know i’m not a scientist i’m not
a doctor i wasn’t in the study
it’s just interesting that you know
medicine that works so well that didn’t
have any side effects really
but one person died while a study and
now no one
you know it’s not a common medicine your
common doctor is not going to prescribe
it or know about it
only trt clinics like defy that deal
with this stuff
day in and day out and treat thousands
of people in any way
but that’s about it guys cjc1295
really cool peptide really cool i mean i
don’t have a growth hormone deficiency
if i did i would definitely turn to this
overgrowth hormone just based on the
cost and the fact that you can inject
once a week i mean
hgh you gotta do every day not a huge
deal but i prefer to do it once a week
instead of seven times i think most
people would
but that’s about it guys cjc 1295
really cool if you’re interested in it
hit up to five
i’ve got a link and discount code in my
that’s gonna do it guys as always you’re
awesome oh let me know if you tried
i have not personally i don’t really
have a need for it um but i’d love to
hear if you guys have and what you
thought about it
so let me know in the comments if you’re
new click on the subscribe button
as always you’re awesome and get your
levels tested

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