Nationwide HCG Shortage 2021! No Raw Materials! Chinese Holiday!

I learned today that there is currently a nationwide HCG shortage. I explain why these kind of shortages happen and why I think this HCG shortage may be worse then expected!

what’s going on guys tester levels here
with eddie the eagle
and i’m here to possibly bring you some
bad news
i was made aware of this uh from someone
that i know
uh that knows about this stuff it’s all
about humanity
and there is currently a nationwide
shortage of hcg
both compounded and pharmaceutical so
this may impact some of you depending on
who you’re with and where you get your
hcg from
and they’re optimistic but
i’m a little pessimistic and i’ll tell
you why at the end of the video
we have been made aware from our
suppliers that there is a nationwide
backorder on hcg both compounded and
named brand
we wanted to let you know that we will
continue to have access to hcg through
our pharmacy partners we are not
expecting a disruption
in our supply or to have order volume
so they still uh they have
access to it and they feel that they
should uh
throughout this whole shortage which is
good for whoever works with them
but there’s probably a lot of other
places that
may not have access to it so i would
suggest do not put off getting your
script filled
uh if if you’ve been putting it off i
would do it as soon as possible
and you’ll see why at the end of the
the nationwide backorder is a result of
reduced supply of the raw materials made
to make hcg
the supply chain issue is due to covid19
and should resolve itself over time
however in the short term
many compounding pharmacies have had to
place hcg on back order
until the raw materials are available so
that’s not a good sign for a lot of guys
if you’ve been on trt for a while you’ve
known that there’s been
scipionate shortages there’s been enamel
people don’t realize that supply chains
are very fragile
you know it’s like a chain and if one
chain isn’t working or there’s a gap
then the whole supply chain falls apart
you know people don’t realize that
you know not necessarily even just the
raw materials but sometimes the
materials needed to make something
you know the the chemicals that are used
in the process to make something
there’s just lots of ways that supply
chains can break down
probably know this a lot of raw
materials i’d say a huge amount of raw
come directly from our friends in china
and china
you know kovid when it first started you
you could see the supply chain issues
pretty quickly
with shipping international orders
all that stuff it broke down pretty
quick and
we’ve been slowly slowly getting back to
but the post office right now they’re
backed up they’ve been backed up for a
while especially for international
sometimes you can’t even ship things to
certain countries right now so it’s
pretty wild
and i’m surprised that hcg and
testosterone really have not been
affected very much by kovin 19
up until this point if i was a betting
man i would assume that a lot of the raw
materials that are needed to make hcg
come from china that’s just a guess
based on
almost everything coming from china
here’s something you may not know
china they go on a holiday
and i can’t remember exactly what it’s
called but it starts in a few days from
watching this video today is february
and what happens is all the workers that
in these factories that produce raw
materials electronics whatever it may be
they leave the city and they go back to
you know they live which is usually in
more rural areas outside
of the big cities it’s actually been
known as
one of the actually the largest
migrations of humans in modern times
i mean you have to think i mean how
densely populated is china’s cities
and then when all these workers they go
and they spend time with their family
their families usually live in villages
you know in more rural areas
and so it’s just a mass exodus of people
i’ve seen pictures of you know shipping
on trucks just being shut off from the
port because they’re closing down the
country basically
and then bus passes and trains and all
that you know the prices skyrocket
toward the end because everyone wants to
get out of the city
so it’s pretty wild but here’s something
you know
that a lot of people don’t think about
hey this holiday goes from like two to
three weeks depending on the factory
that you work for
now you’d think okay so these workers go
and they see their families and they
come back and they’re ready to work
well a lot of these workers do not
return back to work they either
are sick of working at these factories
they found
work or they’re helping their family
doing whatever they need to do you know
agriculture all that good stuff so
after this holidays comes back after
it’s over
a lot of these workers don’t come back
so now there’s a shortage in the
which adds delays and delays and delays
in producing materials to be able to
ship to countries like the united states
so with that being said um you know
the people who told me about this they
seem to have supplied you know a good
amount of hcg or available hcg so they
can fill all these orders
but a lot of different places doctors
clinics whatever maybe using a different
compounding pharmacy who doesn’t have as
much of a supply and they may run out
and i think that you know this chinese
holiday i could be wrong but i think
this chinese holiday is going to
exacerbate the problem or prolong it i
can’t you know you can’t just fill a
script early because there’s a shortage
and because you want to be prepared
but whatever you can do to help ensure
that you have enough hcg
to make it through the chinese holiday
and or the shortage
i would definitely try to do that so
that’s about it guys
just more fun in the trt world you know
not only did the government make it
harder for us to get hcg that’s not
pharmaceutical grade but
now there’s a freaking shortage so
that’s about it guys
always be prepared as much as you can in
genre this space you know you’re
jesus sounds stupid so that’s about it
guys just wanted to give you a heads up
always try to be as prepared as you can
with your protocol
i know it’s not easy because it’s
medicine and you can’t just go out and
stock up because there’s a shortage
but i’ve always said you know
two is one and one is none so i try to
be as prepared as possible
urge you to do the same that’s about it
for tyl and eddie the eagle you’re
and get your levels tested

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