Does CBD Raise or Lower Testosterone Levels? CBD Low Testosterone

Does CBD Raise or Lower Testosterone Levels? Can CBD Oil help raise Testosterone Levels?

what’s going on guys tester levels here
coming at you with a third video of the
day got the same shirt on
i’m just feeling motivated to be in
front of the camera and right now i’m
really just trying to
make it past 30 seconds so my video can
be deemed suitable for all
all right i think we’re good it’s all
about humanity
so i came across an article on whether
hurts or helps with testosterone levels
and i found it pretty interesting
although there’s not a lot of scientific
there are some interesting kind of
studies that they’ve done
but i mean cbd is really new in the in
the medical
world i guess studies wise i mean it’s
been around for a while but it’s only
been popular for a few years and legal
in most states for the few years
so you know we’re still the scientific
community still playing catch-up
um cbd i believe has lots of health
benefits i mean it’s been proven i mean
we have
cannabinoid receptors all throughout our
if you’ve ever watched a show called
trailer park boys
there’s a character named ricky and he’s
like he’s like
we have cannabinoid receptors in our
brain he’s like why the hell do you
think they’re there
he’s like because so we can take
but uh let’s jump into the article and
point out some interesting stuff
and uh let’s go what does science say
cbd and testosterone and they preface
you know there’s not any like clinical
like hardcore
you know definitive research and also
make note of well you can’t see it but
the website’s cannabis radar so take
that with a grain of salt
but they said uh nevertheless the
available scientific papers seem to
suggest that cbd has an overall positive
effect on hormone production and its
a 2017 study published in the andrology
indicates that marijuana use could
serum testosterone concentrations among
men the researchers concluded that men
with recent cannabis use had higher
concentration of testosterone than those
who weren’t there’s also been studies
that have shown the opposite of that so
that’s yeah cbd also seems to suppress
testosterone’s breakdown allowing it to
remain in circulation
within the body for a longer period for
instance a 1988 paper
published in the drug metabolism and
disposition indicates that cbd
suppresses testosterone oxidation in
adult male rats
now that’s pretty interesting in itself
now granted it’s just a rat study so
you know take that for what it is but
that studies not even saying like it
will raise your testosterone levels
what it’s saying is that it allows the
testosterone to stay
in your body longer you know be more
have more longevity in the body
instead of being oxidized and all used
up so i found that one pretty
cortisol is also a known deterrent of
testosterone production
cbd indirectly enables testosterone
production by suppressing cortisol
according to a 1993 study published by
the brazilian journal of medical and
biological research
cbd use can significantly reduce
cortisol levels
now i’m not sure how cbd would stack up
against ashwagandha which is an herb
that’s been used in medicine for
a long long time but the idea behind how
ashwagandha can help raise testosterone
levels is that it supposedly suppresses
cortisol levels
cortisol is is basically our bodies like
hormone when you’re under lots of stress
when you’re constantly under stress
you know your brain produces more
cortisol and this is thought to inhibit
testosterone production to some degree
so it’s interesting that they’re talking
about cbd and cortisol
um and that’s why ashwagandha is you
know in all these trt boosters and all
i don’t think it’s it makes a huge
enough difference it’s really
you know it’s not like revolutionary
like oh all these guys are taking
ashwagandha and they’re freaking jacked
and juicy
but it all adds up so it’s interesting
that cbd’s
being compared to ashwagandha by me not
by them
we know cbd is an effective deterrent of
stress and anxiety thus
indirectly promoting healthy
testosterone production some individuals
suffer from performance anxiety too
new research paper cannabinoid cannabis
cannabidiol cannabidiol
as a potential treatment for anxiety
disorders um
yeah we’re not gonna get into all that
interesting study published in the life
sciences 1983
indicate that the major psychoactive thc
and non-psychoactive cannabinol cbn
and cbd can both stimulate and inhibit
testicular production however cbd’s
effects be counted by thc if you consume
marijuana in any form
i don’t personally think that the two
necessarily would offset each other
i think that thc’s effects on just the
body in general
would be more pronounced than cbd
it’s kind of tricky one i just don’t
think they just straight up cancel each
other out
but cbd cbd is such a cool compound
i was actually watching a show no idea
what it’s called
but this family they lived in texas and
they had a girl
a daughter she’s like 10 years old and
she had like
hundreds of seizures a day like she was
constantly having seizures like it was
horrible to watch it was really
really sad and they drove her to
where cbd was legal and she goes to this
place and they like make this like you
know high dosage for her
and uh they give it to her and like her
seizures were cut by like
95 just from cbd like
broken down weed plant you know purified
concentrated whatever
i mean no thc but these cannabinoids cbd
and i mean the girl seizures went down
like 95
and what was really crazy about about
this show
was the lady in colorado who was giving
her the medicine
they basically told her like if you go
to texas if you go back to texas
and your daughter’s taking cbd and she
has to go to the hospital for any reason
and if they blood test her and they
detect you know the cbd
also as you know as they would see it as
they could arrest the parents for child
abuse and i was like
that is insane like this medicine helps
her daughter it helps their daughter
like 95 percent but if she went to the
hospital and got tested and
popped on on a blood test they could be
arrested for child abuse
so this family the guy had to quit his
job they got like an rv
drove to colorado lived in the rv while
the husband tried to find work
so that the daughter could continue with
their treatment
and that’s crazy our laws are nuts but
back to the testosterone
you know overall i don’t think that you
if you’re hypogonadal and you’re sitting
at 250 i don’t think you’re gonna take
any amount of cbd to put you back up at
do i think it could be slightly
beneficial i do
would i personally take it just for
testosterone absolutely not you know
real high quality cbd is not cheap
i think you’d be much better off with
vitamin d3 working out getting more
sleep eating clean
all that good stuff but it’s interesting
to see
you know just another thing that cbd can
help with
not cure not fix but help with
and hey if you’re you know if you got
your testosterone kind of borderline
and you start doing other healthy stuff
and you want to add in cbd to see how it
i mean might help with other stuff too
i’d say go for it
but i wouldn’t order it just for
testosterone but that’s about it guys
thanks for watching as always you’re
and get your levels tested

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