How to Reduce Post Injection Pain for Testosterone Replacement Therapy / TRT Injections / Shots

Post injection pain from testosterone injections can be very annoying and can even be painful. In this video I will share with you some tips to help reduce Post Injection Pain or PIP from testosterone replacement therapy injections. Some very easy and simple methods can help reduce your post injection pain which is usually felt in the muscles the day after your testosterone injection.

what’s going on guys texture levels here
recently i’ve gotten a lot of messages
and comments about
post-injection pain or pith so i thought
i’d put together
all of the techniques that i’ve seen and
to give you a comprehensive list of
things that you can do to help reduce
pit for your daily or weekly or
trt shots so let’s jump right in it’s
all about humanity
so the first method we’re going to
discuss is the z-track method
now you know if you just go straight in
and straight out
uh the testosterone has a pathway to
seep out of the muscle a little bit
the concept of the z track method is
that say i wanted to inject right here
well i’m going to pull the skin to the
side put it right where i want it
and then when i’m done with the
injection i let the skin go back to
the concept here is that you know you’ve
got the barrel
and when you pull the skin to the side
and go in then when you take the syringe
then the fat layer of your skin is going
to you know go
over that layer so it’s going to block
you know the testosterone from being
able to come back
out now the third way that you can
accomplish this is something called the
airlock method
so what you basically do is when you
draw your testosterone
you’re going to leave a little bit of
air in it and the concept here is you
can still go straight in and straight
but that last little bit of air that’s
going into the muscle
is going to you know create a little
barrier to where the testosterone
can’t come back and you know leak out of
the muscle at all
and also before we go forward you know
pip is an interesting thing
i did just this week the exact same
amount of volume the exact same
one in my left shoulder one in my right
shoulder my left shoulder was sore for
two days this one i did yesterday
don’t feel a thing so it’s just
interesting sometimes it’s random but
you can definitely do some things to
decrease its frequency and you know the
amount of pain that you’re in
if you do get it so this may seem kind
of elementary but
the needle size and the needle length
that you use
can have an effect in pip if you’re
going into you know
your ventral glute and you’ve got a
little half inch syringe
you know your that testosterone might be
just making it to the muscle and then
when you pull that out
a lot of that you know testosterone oil
will seep into the subcutaneous layer
and that’s what i’m going to jump into
next if you notice when i was talking
about the z-track and the airlock method
the idea of those was to keep the
testosterone from seeping into the
layer of your skin and you know your fat
the reason this
is is that there are pain receptors you
know right in between you’ve got the
and then right after that you’ve got
subcutaneous layer and fat
now right in between these two are pain
so if you go into the muscle and you
pull straight back out and some of that
testosterone decides to leak out
now it’s going to hang out and chill
right near these pain receptors
so that can be you know a factor of why
you’re getting pip
there’s also another way that you know
you can experience pit
after an injection it’s called pressure
and what that basically is is you know
you’ve got your muscle and your muscles
you know it’s solid
it’s it’s a solid little thing whatever
you want to call it
now when you take one ml of liquid
and you push it into your muscle you
know you’re displacing your muscle
you’re kind of you know spreading out
your muscle a little bit to accommodate
for this testosterone
now you know it’s a known thing that
this happens
um that’s why you’ll see you know
bodybuilders are in two three four mls
in one spot
i mean imagine you know pushing out four
mls and pushing your muscles out that
and it creates lots of pressure and that
pressure can kill off cells and can kill
off your muscle fibers
all that good stuff it’s a lot of
pressure and that’s where a lot of the
pip comes from
so my solution to this is that
the more frequent that you can do an
injection without being too annoying
you know if you’re just doing one week
one ml and you’re getting pip
well you can easily do two injections
per week of half an ml
that’s going to cut down half the
pressure that your muscles experiencing
every time
that you inject another thing i did want
to mention
if you’re just starting out and you’re
getting pip
it’s fairly common and the reason for
this is
you have virgin muscles you know your
muscles have never felt this you know
this pressure before it’s never been
you know kind of separated to
accommodate you know a volume of oil
so if you’re just starting out you know
you may experience this
probably more often than someone who’s
been doing it for years whose muscles
have experienced this multiple times
let’s get into the ways that you can
help reduce pit
the first one would be heating up the
muscle or the area that you’re going to
inject in
this is going to increase blood flow
this is going to
relax the muscle so that’s one way that
you can help right there
the next one is warming up your
testosterone bottle what this is going
to do
is create less of a change in
temperature between your muscles 98.6
and your testosterone probably somewhere
in the 70s whatever your house is set at
so right there you’ve got a 20 something
degree temperature difference
and you know your muscles may not like
that so if you can bring your
testosterone closer
to your body temperature one would think
that maybe the muscles on the oil will
gel a little bit better there’s a couple
ways that you can heat up your
and one of them i don’t like uh the
first one
is very simple you can hold it in your
hand for a while you know you got to do
it for a little bit of time
so that that heat can absorb into the
testosterone and heat it up
some guys will even put you know a
bottle under their armpit and just hold
it there
and always remember to be sanitary after
you do any of this stuff
i don’t like the under the armpit thing
i just feel like
you know life happens and you may forget
something reach for something and boom
you got 10 mls on the floor
holding in your hand it’s not bad it
just takes a little while
a lot of guys will say you know get a
shot glass or a coffee
cup fill it up with hot water and put
your bottle in there
it works don’t get me wrong it heats up
your testosterone
but it also can degrade the paper or the
on your testosterone bottle now it’s not
a huge deal
but if you’re heating this up every
single time you know let’s say you get
20 shots of a bottle you know you’re
either going to have a loss of that
label the label is going to get real
and if you have to travel somewhere you
know you could end up you know
showing up at tsa with a clear glass
bottle full of oil with no markings on
not something i’d prefer to do my
personal favorite method for heating up
a good old heating pad super easy plug
in your heating pad
put your bottle on there fold it over
turn it on high
it’s nice because it’s passive so you
don’t to do anything you have to sit
there hold it or put anything under your
and uh it doesn’t degrade the label in
any way shape or form
all it does is heat up the testosterone
this next one isn’t really related to
pip but less pain during an injection
uh let’s make sure after you put alcohol
on the injection site
let it dry if it’s still wet and you go
to you know
put a needle right in your arm it can
carry some of that alcohol in there
and it burns so i’m not saying that’s
necessarily cost pip
but i’ve done that before and i it
personally hurts more than needle going
so i just like to make sure that i let
my skin dry
always remember to be as sanitary as
possible if if something happens or redo
the alcohol
you know don’t skimp on the sanitariness
that is of dire importance
you definitely don’t want to get
infection this is something that i do
i’ve just noticed that when i do this i
get less
blood after an injection so what i do
whether it’s sub-q or i am is once i’m
done injecting
i will just sit there and kind of hold
you know the syringe
for about 10 seconds before i pull it
out i try not to move it as much
if you’re if you freak out about needles
you could probably skip this step i
prove this helps with pip but i wait 10
seconds i pull it out
i seem to get less blood overall and i
kind of feel like the 10 seconds you
know gives the testosterone a little bit
of time to
kind of settle in and it’s not just you
know raring to come right back
out and hit that subcutaneous layer of
pain receptors
so you’ve done your injection maybe you
did the z track you know
you made sure everything went good you
left it in there for 10 seconds after
you were done
what can you do now um you know what i
normally do
say i’m doing a delt shot is after i’m
done you know if there’s a little bit of
blood or even if there’s not i’ll put
alcohol pad back where right where i
injected and i’ll hold it there
and i’ll massage the area just massage
it get that oil kind of moved around as
much as you can within the muscle
i’ll do this for a little bit and it
does seem to help a lot
another thing that you can do is you
know after you do it
we already learned that you know heating
up that area will relax the muscle and
also increase blood flow
so why won’t we do that after the
injection so if you’re doing doubts or
quads wherever you were
you could just throw a heating pad on
there for 10-15 minutes on high and just
you know really get a lot of blood flow
and heat relax that muscle
now if you’ve been on trt for a while
so you know you can kind of rule out
that you virgin muscles that aren’t used
to the
you know the pressure of injections and
you’re getting pip all the time or
very frequently it could be the carrier
you know maybe your body doesn’t like
sesame seed oil maybe your body doesn’t
like cottonseed oil
grape seed whatever it may be your body
just may not react to it well
so i mean if it’s a constant thing and
you’re not injecting like four mls in
one spot
you know you may talk to your doctor
about getting a prescription from a
compounding pharmacy
that uses a different oil than what
you’re using
that would be my best advice if you’re
constantly getting pip
i mean if it happens every once in a
while don’t be like oh i’m allergic to
my carrier oil i
one pit one incidence of pip over 20
but if it’s almost every time or very
frequent i would look into the carrier
oil that
you know your testosterone’s in and see
if i can find an alternative with a
different carrier oil
apparently there is an underground lab
that is making testosterone
uh in a concentration of 400 milligrams
per milliliter
so basically double what the
pharmaceutical stuff is and i’ve
actually talked to two people that have
used this
and they said that the pain is horrible
from the stuff
like these guys are limping for like two
because their quads just hurt so bad
and it’s i believe a combination of just
you know
the higher concentration of testosterone
also underground labs in general
usually use more alcohol and the reason
they do that
is it’s not like they have this you know
pristine million dollar factory with
you know infrared lights and sterile
conditions you know it’s an
underground lab so they’ll add a little
more alcohol to kill off anything that
may happen to get in that bottle
and while that’s good so you don’t get
an infection
but the alcohol can also cause a lot of
so you may experience more pip if you’re
ugl just remember just because ugl says
there’s a certain concentration on the
doesn’t mean that the guy that was
whipping up that formula
you know did all his math right or you
know measured precisely
who knows it’s an underground lab so you
don’t really know
what the one guy was telling me was that
he was looking for you know a sterile 10
ml bottle
and some you know pharmaceutical grade
sterile oil so that he could take
and basically you know split that 400
into 200
and bring it down to a normal
concentration now he may still get pip
because there’s still a lot of alcohol
but you would think that diluting it in
would help with that so you followed all
these tips and you still have pip
what can you do to reduce the pit and
you know increase the recovery time to
where your muscles don’t hurt
not a whole hell of a lot you know
there’s not much you can really do once
you get pet
the only two things you can really do
are massage
and heat to increase blood flow and to
you know just move around the muscle and
work out the kinks
so that’s not really much else you can
do there’s no magic trick that i can
tell you where you’re just gonna
you know your pitch just gonna go away
all you can really do is heat it up and
relax the muscle
so that’s gonna do it guys i hope this
is helpful
um if you’re doing any of these
techniques and you found them to work
uh please put them in the comments so
you know someone who’s starting out trt
or having issues with pip
can look and say okay well ten guys said
that the z track method helped or 10
guys said that this helped
and hopefully this can help some guys so
they don’t have pip so they don’t have
to skip shoulder day or they don’t have
to skip leg day
i don’t think anyone’s really doing
glute day but who knows
but that’s about it guys hope this video
is helpful
as always you’re awesome and get your
levels tested

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