Test and Deca for TRT at 150 | Adding Nandrolone Decanoate / Deca to TRT Protocol

Nandrolone Decanoate, also known as Deca or Deca Durobolin is a powerful compound that had many medical benefits. Nandrolone Decanoate has been used for years in the bodybuilding community, but has also found uses in testosterone replacement therapy. Deca is mainly used in TRT and men’s health to help lubricate the joints and offer pain relief for men who work out our who just bad joints. This video highlights how I felt after adding even more Deca to my TRT Protocol.

what’s going on guys tester levels here
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to bring you
probably the final video on my little
that you can guess what it’s on from the
and uh let you know how i felt at
this particular dosage and uh yeah let’s
just jump right in
it’s all about humanity
so if you’ve watched my other videos on
deca you know that i was taking 100
for approximately two two and a half
months and i felt really good
shoulders felt better um but not 100
so and everything else in my life was
going really well i mean libido was
everything else was good felt great and
in my infinite wisdom
when something’s working really well for
me you know why not add more of it to
if more is better well it turns out for
that jumping up to 150
didn’t really give me any benefits now
i’ve only been on it for about a month
and i know two months two months you
gotta do two months deca takes two
long metabolites all that good stuff but
i would think that if i
jumped up you know fifty percent extra
that i would see some type of
improvement in a month’s time
and i really haven’t you know deca is
it’s not like a healing agent it doesn’t
what’s damaged in your joints it
basically just helps
lubricate your joints it does a lot of
other good stuff as well
but it’s kind of like wd-40 for your
joints now if you have a squeaky door
and you put wd-40 on it it’s fantastic
it doesn’t squeak anymore
but there’s something internally damaged
on the hinge and you spray wda40 in
the wd-40 is not going to heal that
structural damage or whatever type of
damage it is
and i think that’s where i’m at my
i mean they just they hurt and deck has
definitely helped
but there’s definitely some some
structural damage of some kind in my
because even at 150 milligrams you know
i was just benching this morning and
i can feel the shoulder i can feel it
right in there i hope that they make the
camera blurry
but uh i mean i could feel it you know
when i when i
first start bench pressing you know i’m
on the machines but that first push
i can feel it in both my shoulders sharp
pain which has gotten better since deca
it’s still there so in my opinion
you know i think i’ve gotten the most
that i can get out of deca
and i don’t think jumping up to 200 or
250 or anything like that would make any
so for that reason and for the reason
i’ll speak up next
i’m already started dropping it down to
a hundred
and it may take a little time for it to
drop back down and even out whatever
the second thing i noticed when i
increased my deca dose to 150
it was a libido change not a huge libido
but a libido change nonetheless so
when i first started at the hundred
milligrams you know after a few weeks
i mean a lot of veto was through the
roof like out of control i’ve said it
before it was it was annoying almost
because my wife’s not here for most of
the day you know what i’m saying
but when i jumped up to 150 i noticed
that there were days where i felt
exactly the same as not 100
but there were also days where i felt i
don’t know
probably i’m trying to put a percentage
on it that’s kind of hard
but probably like a 50 drop in libido
there’s really no rhyme or reason to it
you know one day wake up you know raring
to go
chris of raron so yeah we’ll go with
and then other days it just like it
didn’t even cross my mind
you know i just didn’t even think about
it maybe i was just too focused on work
whatever but normally that thought pops
into my head
quite a few times as it might with yours
you know it was just uh it was kind of
kind of random
you know like some days fantastic some
days didn’t really even think about it
now it’s not a huge deal because i mean
obviously you know i’m on higher dose
and i’m 100 milligrams of deca so i mean
i’m you’re taking a libido that’s you
up here and you know you’re probably
dropping it down to what like a normal
is so it’s not like i’m sitting here
like you know oh i’ve
no libido at all i have no interest you
know nothing
like that it’s just i just noticed that
it dropped
now i mean do you have to have a super
high libido
all the time no of course not and i
don’t need that
but you know why take more of a medicine
that’s not giving you
any real benefit and then also have
these fluctuations in libido
there’s really no reason to i mean hey
i’m going to save money by using
50 less and you know there’s no reason
to take more medicine than what you need
so while i really do like deca and i do
think it’s a great compound that’s very
overlooked by the medical community
just because a doctor looks it up you
know the first thing they agreed deca oh
used by bodybuilders used by you know
sports guys to improve athletic
side effect you know they’ll just look
at that they’re not going to look at the
studies showing
i don’t even know there are a huge
amount of studies showing the uh you
know joint benefits and all that
but it’s it’s very overlooked it’s been
you know had a bad shadow cast on it
because of bodybuilding and steroids
um but for me 100 is the sweet spot
and that’s kind of what i heard the
general golden rule is you know
take half of whatever you’re taking and
test so 200 tests 100 deca
400 tests 200 deca and i’ve also heard
guys say that you can
you know you can stay under whatever
your testosterone doses so you could do
400 250 whatever you know each person’s
different and each person responds
differently and is using deca for
different reasons
but for me 100 milligrams is perfect
gives me the benefit i need no side
feel fantastic 150 using more medicine
you know not really getting any benefit
and having fluctuations in libido
could be because of high prolactin i’m
not really sure i haven’t gotten blood
you know since being on 150 or 100 for
that matter
but i am going to get blood work toward
the end of this month so let’s look at
my blood work
kind of i mean pre-deca but you know
earlier on
and then you know my blood work on deca
so i guess that’ll be the last video i
do on deca
so one more to come blood work on deca
that would be uh that’s gonna be a
yeah youtube slang gonna be a banger but
that’s about it guys you know let me
know what your thoughts are
um let me know if you’ve used deca if
gone past 100 you’ve gone to the 150 200
how that worked for you anything you
noticed but that’s about it
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so as always guys thanks for watching
you’re awesome
and get your levels tested

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