Is Ipamorelin a Cheap HGH Alternative? Why is it in a Grey Area?

Ipamorelin is a selective human growth secretagogue that can be used to signal your pituitary gland to produce and release more human growth hormone. Ipamorelin has been shown to be safe and very well tolerated. However Ipamorelin and it’s sister peptide CJC-1295 has been put in a grey area of medicine. This is a very interesting compound which I feel is a great cheaper alternative to human growth hormone.

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i’m really just trying to kill time
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video or else you get demonetized
so we’re going to cover ipomarelin today
really cool compound
uh it’s used to increase human growth
and it’s much cheaper so we’ll do a
quick medical disclaimer and jump right
it’s all about humanity
so human growth hormone definitely works
there’s no question about it
it’s the same idea as injecting
testosterone you’re replacing your
natural testosterone or human growth
hormone that’s all well and good
human growth hormone works no question
about it human growth hormone is
extremely expensive i mean
extremely expensive like thousand two
thousand dollars a month
out of reach of most guys but this
compound we’re going to talk about today
ipa moreland is much cheaper it’s still
a little on the expensive side but it’s
much cheaper cheaper for hgh
if you actually have a deficiency in hgh
some guys and some doctors want to you
know put you at the top of the level
to help optimize your body and how it
works hdh has a lot of
benefits although it does have some side
effects but we’ll jump right into ipo
ipomorelin is an agonist of ghrelin and
it is also a selective
human growth hormone secretog what that
is that it’s not replacing your body’s
natural human growth hormone
but it’s signaling the rear pituitary
to produce more human growth hormone and
what’s really cool that they found
about ipomerallin is that it doesn’t
disrupt or shut off
your human growth hormone so it’s this
is an analogy and it’s not exact but i’m
giving you a general idea
so ipomerulin is the same idea as taking
hcg or clomid
to try and jumpstart your body’s natural
production of testosterone
where you know it doesn’t shut off your
testosterone it doesn’t replace it
it jump starts your body to make more of
it and
where human growth hormone actually
taking human growth hormone fits into
this analogy
it’s the same idea as taking
testosterone you know you’re giving your
body the actual hormone
that you know that you’re deficient in
so that
you know your body has enough but it
turns off your natural production or
can’t to some degree so it’s really cool
that you know this
doesn’t you know it doesn’t replace your
human growth hormone but it
tells your brain make more release more
we need more human growth hormone we
need it we’ve got to have it
it’s pretty cool they’ve done studies on
it raises growth hormone in humans and
stuff works it’s there’s no question
that it works it does exactly what it’s
supposed to do
and it’s actually a second generation
selective human growth hormone secretoga
so what’s the difference between the
first generation and the second
second generation is a lot more
so the first generation while they did
work and they did you know trigger the
to produce more human growth hormone it
also triggered the brain to release
other stuff or make more of other stuff
like cortisol and prolactin
and anyone that’s dealt with high
cortisol or high prolactin you know
there can be side effects
so this next generation ipomarelin is a
lot more selective
you know similar to selective androgen
receptor modulators or sarms
they go in they attach to where they
need to and that’s it they don’t float
around and go to all other parts of the
so when they were doing studies on
either maryland you know they checked on
other hormone levels to see
if it was actually as selective as they
thought and they found that
it released either none or very
negligible amounts of cortisol prolactin
tsh and lh so they pretty much prove
that it’s very very selective it just
goes in
triggers your brain your pituitary gland
to make and release more human growth
and that’s exactly what they wanted to
do so it does exactly what it’s supposed
to do
so what are some of the benefits of well
epimoreland and you know increased human
growth hormone
well they’ve got reduction in body fat
improved muscle strength and mass
strengthen bones repair joints and
improve skin quality and increase energy
and vitality
you know those sound like all things
that are pretty darn good
lose fat stronger bones better ligaments
more vitality
i mean hard to argue with that but you
know everything you can’t just go and
jack up your human growth hormones with
no effects on the body
um i have a video on hgh i’ll put up i
never know which side it is it’s like
reversed flipped around
but um you know there are side effects
of human growth hormone and
so you have to consider that something
about ipamarelin and with most human
growth hormone
according to the research it’s ideal to
you know close to before you go to bed
and the thought process behind this and
it makes sense
is that when you’re sleeping your body
is you know making growth hormone making
testosterone repairing itself
that’s just the way our bodies do the
way our bodies do
it sounds stupid anyway so
you know the thought process is you take
it at night you know your brain is going
to release more human growth hormone
throughout the night
your body is going to do exactly what it
needs to do it just makes more sense you
know we make our hormones during the
and you know we kind of use them up i
guess that’s a weird way to say it but
you know we use them throughout the day
and then rinse and repeat
so some smart people put together well
ipemarilyn works really good in this way
and we’ve got another compound that
works really good at releasing growth
hormone in a different way
what if we pair them together and put
them in a synergistic relationship
to release as much growth hormone and
keep it steady as long as possible
well they did that and it’s called
ipomorelin and the other one that they
add is cjc1295
so they basically took two things that
work to release human growth hormone
in different ways and put them together
which is a smart idea it’s a synergistic
you know you’ve got two things doing the
same thing in different ways
and that’s the same way what
bodybuilders have learned over time
is that using synergistic compounds
makes a lot more sense
so there’s no reason a bodybuilder would
take you know 250 of scipione and 250 of
sustanon because they’re both pretty
much the exact same compound
and they both are fighting for the same
spots in your androgen receptors
so they would take something different
they would take like scipione and deca
you know they just do use different
compounds that hit different parts of
the body to build the most muscle
and that’s what they did with this
combination of fibromyalgia and cjc1295
i’m going to read you this it’s long
lots of big words i don’t have a
computer in front of me
so let’s get it cjc 1295 slash
ipamarelin is a combination of two
it is a growth hormone releasing hormone
that stimulates one side of the
pituitary gland
it does this in order to produce growth
hormone ipomerellin mimics the ghrelin
and binds to the grown receptor in the
pituitary gland in the brain
thus it also acts on the pituitary gland
in order to produce
growth hormone these two peptides
combine to act together in order to
increase hgh produced in the body
the cjc 1295 ipomarilyn combo
is able to achieve this by acting on two
different families of receptors
so really cool uh i mean these peptides
there’s so many cool peptides that are
out there right now
you know bpc157 tb500 both for healing
we’ve got this you know hgh frag which
is they’ve kind of isolated one of the
amino acids and this is the one that
they’ve you know pretty much feel that
this is responsible for weight loss you
can get that
by itself i mean it’s so cool what
they’re doing with peptides
the problem with peptides you can’t
patent them
because they’re already in our body so
you know none of those are like fda
i guess maybe some of them are but for
the most part they’re not
and you know uh cjc1295 and ipamarellan
they’re kind of in a gray area with
doctors and clinics
doctors they can prescribe them but
they’re in a gray area
and it’s an interesting thing and
take with this take this for what you
but i see this a lot and i see it not as
a coincidence
human growth hormone no gray area with
it doctors can prescribe it
fda approved it’s ridiculously expensive
and it works
cjc and ipa moreland both work
proven to work works extremely well
cheaper gray area i don’t know
i mean i’m not a doctor i don’t work in
the fda i don’t work in any
pharmaceutical company but
it just seems weird that you know these
two compounds put together have been
shown to work so well yet they’re in a
gray area they’re not fda approved
doctors and clinics are iffy to
prescribe them but human growth hormone
the really expensive one
not an issue as long as you have you
know a couple thousand dollars a month
and want to inject every day and anyway
but i just wanted to make you aware of
ipa moreland i have a video
on cjc1295 not sure what side of the
screen it’s going to come on but it’s
going to be on one of them for the cjc
so that’s going to do it guys if you’ve
ever taken either one of those let me
know in the comments how did you like it
did it work well for you were there any
side effects so if anyone else is
watching this video they can see at
least your personal experience with it
obviously it’s not medical advice i
don’t know why i even decided to say
but anyway guys thanks for watching if
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