Easy TRT Quad Injection | Live Demo | Testosterone Replacement Therapy Quadricep Injection Guide

Many guys forget the the Quad/Quadricep/ Thigh muscle is a great place for testosterone injections for TRT. In this video I will show you the best way to find your best spot to inject testosterone into the Quadricep. This video also shows me doing a real (Carrier Oil Only) testosterone injection in my Quad / leg muscle. Best quad Injection.

what’s going on guys tester levels here
today i’m going to
show what’s going on guys tester levels
today i’m going to show you how i do my
personal quad shots
i’m not a medical professional i am not
a doctor i’m just showing the procedure
that i do
this is not medical advice this is not
advice on how to do an injection
uh speak with your doctor now that we’ve
got all that out of the way do a quick
medical disclaimer and we’ll jump right
it’s all about humanity
quadricep shots or quads are pretty
a lot of people like doing them and i
think one of the main reasons is is
because of how easy it is to do
you know they’re right in front of you
so you can see what you’re doing you can
use both hands
you don’t have to tweak around to uh you
know do your butt
and uh your shoulders can be a little
bit you kind of got to cross your body
um but it they’re real easy because
they’re right there
now i’m going to be honest with you i’m
not a huge fan of quad shots
i personally find that i get the most
pip or more common pip
or post-injection pain when doing quads
i did them when i was younger and i was
not doing trt
uh because i had a hard time reaching my
shoulder with the
one-inch needles that i had and uh
yeah it’s just easy like it’s right
there and i had to ant myself up to do
not a huge fan of them but i’m going to
do them for you today
to show you the spot that you do them
while we’re talking about the spot
so the best spot to do it it’s kind of
it’s called the pocket
so if you stand up and i’ll stand up for
you’re not going to see it if you stand
up you put your hands at your side
you know right where your pockets are
that’s kind of the area that you want to
do them
and you know another way that you can
figure this out is if you
you know you run a line down the center
of your leg from your hip
to your knee that’s gonna be the first
and then you go across halfway that’s
gonna be the second cut
and the top left quadrant for your left
side and your top
right quadrant on the outside of your
right leg is gonna be the spots
and the reason they do that is the
reason those are the good spots
is because there’s lots of veins and
arteries and all kinds of blood vessels
run through your legs i mean quadriceps
are the biggest muscle in your body
so the idea is by doing it up here
there’s much
less chance of making an artery or a
vein or a blood vessel
i still do find that with quad shots
i do tend to bleed a little bit more
often when doing these shots
that’s just kind of the way it is a lot
of guys love quad shots
i’m not a huge fan but i want to show
you how to do it
always remember be super sterile you
know this is not something to mess
around with if you’re just starting out
alcohol prep pads are your friend
another thing with alcohol prep pads
once you clean the area make sure
nothing touches it
and let it dry if the alcohol is still
wet and you put a needle in there
some of the alcohol can you know kind of
seep in there and you know it’s not
going to kill you but it
burns a little bit not pleasant just
wait an extra 10-15 seconds
be sterile and you can avoid that
another thing i want to talk about real
quick before you do that is
aspiration some people believe you need
to aspirate some people think you don’t
i don’t personally do it what aspiration
is is once the needle is in
you’re gonna pull back with slight
pressure on the plunger the little
plastic piece
and you’re gonna wait for five or ten
seconds now
if you did nick something then you’re
gonna see a little bit of blood
coming to the syringe and that would be
good idea if you do that move it out try
a different spot
if you don’t see any testosterone then
you’re ready to full if you don’t see
any testosterone if you don’t see any
you’re ready to full sand and you’re
good to go now
i’ll explain a little bit more of the
actual doing it what i’m showing you
um but the idea is to go smooth and
controlled don’t go in there and try to
jam it in there as fast as possible
don’t sit there for five minutes doing
it but it you know
a calm and precise just you know
consistently pushing it down
and one more thing before we do it uh
i’m using a half
inch insulin syringe a lot of guys don’t
realize that you can use those type of
syringes for quad shots
they think that you have to get really
deep into the muscle you know one inch
one and a half inch
and it has to be a you know a smaller
gauge like 23
so that you can get the testosterone
through i personally use 27 gauge half
inch for all my shots except for uh
ventral glute because you have to get a
little bit further in there
but uh you know your quads don’t really
have a whole lot of fat on them i mean
i mean you may you may not but quads
generally don’t have a lot of fat
so you don’t have to get too far in to
hit that muscle
so i think that covers it i’m just going
to show you and remember
guys be sterile be safe this is an
injection you can get an
infection so be safe very sterile
all right so we’ve got our leg right
here this is my left leg
and remember i was telling you about
doing the cross to find the right area
so you draw a line right here and you
draw a line across
and this top left quadrant is going to
be where we’re going to do the injection
i’ll show you kind of here straight line
down straight line across
we’ve got our pocket area you can see
why they call it the pocket area
and you can see just from flexing not a
bodybuilder or anything but you can see
it that’s a quad muscle
it’s right there we’re trying to stay
away from the inside here
because there’s lots of veins and
arteries and all that good stuff we want
to stay away from that
so we’re going to take our prep pad
and we are going to
i like to i like to go a lot further
than where i know i’m going to do the
it’s not necessary but i just kind of
like being safe
so we’re just going to do that we’re
just getting a wide area
so that we know that there’s no bacteria
on there and we are good to go
now like i said earlier i’m going to let
this dry so i’ll probably just you know
fast forward or cut to when i’m actually
doing the injection
so before we do the injection just want
to make sure that our muscle is loose we
don’t want our muscle flexed up or tight
or anything like that we want to make
sure that it’s relaxed
um you know just it makes it a lot
easier it’s a better injection when the
muscle is not
flexed or under any tension and uh for
the youtube moderator this is not
testosterone and deca mixed together
this is just purified carrier oil
so just want to make that extremely
clear for the person that
manually reviews this video which i know
that they will
so we’re going to go straight in we’re
going to go straight in like a dart
we’re not going to go super slow
we’re not going to jab it into us but
you know nice clear concise
motion so right here boop
and no problem i’ll move over like this
so you can see it
and we’re just going to go
you know quickly but not too fast
we want to give uh you know the oil some
time to
kind of get situated get where it needs
to be
we don’t need to pull you know push it
in super fast but we also don’t want to
sit here for 30 minutes with the needle
on our legs so
you just find a happy medium
and when i get done i’ll explain i like
to let the needle sit in the leg for
in the muscle for 10 seconds the reason
i do that
you don’t have to do that i personally
find that i feel like it gives the
you know kind of time to sink in and
just kind of get acclimated
get comfortable and i think it from when
i started doing this it kind of makes it
not bleed as much
just something i do i mean you can try
it if you want it’s not necessary i mean
i could just finish this and pull it
right out
so we’ve got it all in there
and i’m going to just rest my hand do it
so you guys can see
i’m just going for 10 seconds here
and then we’re going to pull straight
out nice and clean
put the needle away and
it didn’t bleed at all so that’s good
so i’m going to take the alcohol prep
pad a brand new one of course
and i’m just going to clean the area
and there you go you’re good to go when
i used to do bigger injections
when i was younger i would kind of move
the muscle around
if you want you can use your alcohol
prep pad and you can kind of
you know work work the oil in some
people say
you know you don’t have to do this and
you don’t but i find
i feel like it moves the oil around a
little bit so it’s not all in one spot
this kind of helps prevent pip a little
bit in my opinion
you don’t have to do this but i do it
doesn’t hurt
and there you go now i just i was doing
this at home i would just let the
alcohol dry
pull my pants back down or up down and
go about my merry way so i hope this
video was helpful
as always you’re awesome and get your
levels tested

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