Does TRT Cure / Lower Anxiety? How Does Testosterone Replacement Therapy effect Anxiety?

Does TRT Cure / Lower Anxiety? How Does Testosterone Replacement Therapy effect Anxiety? Does TRT help with Anxiety? Does Testosterone Replacement Therapy help with Anxiety? TRT Effects on Anxiety?

welcome to trt short answers today’s
question is does trt lower anxiety
now i’m going to preface this by it’s a
man-permanent basis
some men do find after a few months on
that they do have less anxiety and they
feel more calm while some men
see absolutely zero difference in their
anxiety levels i personally
i have probably on a scale of one to ten
probably three to four
on the anxiety level could just be
normal life stress who knows
i saw zero difference in my anxiety
levels but that doesn’t mean
it won’t help yours so it definitely can
but it may not so i wouldn’t i wouldn’t
personally jump on trt if that’s the
only benefit you’re looking for
i would consult your doctor and see if
it’s right for you
but it may it may not there’s no
guarantees everyone’s different
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so click through my videos do your
research trt is pretty complicated
the more you know the better the
experience will be for you overall
but thanks for watching and as always
have an awesome day

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