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Umbrella Labs has been in the Sarms game for a long time. They have recently expanded into Peptides, Kratom and many other types of health related products. As Sarms are considered research chemicals there is no regulation of them. One of the most important things that people consider when buying Sarms and other research chemicals is whether or not source they are purchasing from is legit. So I thought I would write a quick review of Umbrella Labs RAD-140.

I ordered my Uumbrella Labs Rad140 directly from their website. The website is a very nice one that instills confidence in the buyer. The order process was easy as you would expect of any high end SARM’s company. My order was shipped out the very next day and two days after it shipped it was in my mailbox. I was very impressed with how fast the shipping was and how quickly they processed my RAD140 order.

The package that arrived was discreet and well packaged. The bottle of RAD 140 was tightly wrapped in bubble wrap so that there was no chance of it breaking during shipping. That is a nice touch! Brownie points for Umbrella Labs!

None of the above even matters if Umbrella Labs RAD-140 was not legit. So I opened the bottle and noticed that there are measurements on the dropper so you can dose the RAD-140 exactly. Another nice touch that many manufacturers skip to save a few cents. Umbrella labs is definitely seeming like a top end SARM’s company.

I measured out 0.5ml which equals 10mg of RAD140 and gave my research rat his first dose. He was eager to see the effects and to see if Umbrella Labs RAD-140 was legit. He took his first dose and he squeaked to me that it does not taste very good. So I immedietly gave him a drink to wash it down and then a piece of cheese to eat. This gets rid of the taste very effectively. One could also squirt the RAD-140 into a little bit of a flavored beverage and then drink it. Some pro tips my rat figured out.

If your rat is concerned about the taste of your RAD-140, Rats Army which is another well respected SARMs company offers flavored research chemicals.

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But a strong taste does not necessarily mean that Umbrella Labs SARMs are legit, only the results you get. After a few days my rat developed a slight headaches that lasted about 10 days. No other side effects were noticed during this time. Headaches are a common side effect of RAD-140.

After about three weeks of research me and my rat noticed two very common side effects / benefits of RAD140. Slightly more hair shedding and increased vascularity. Both of these are text book RAD-140 effects. The hair shedding was very mild. Let’s say that my rat shed two or three hairs when I give him a bath, on the RAD140 / Testolone he would shed 5 or 6.

The increased vacularity was definitely noticeable and is a classic RAD140 benefit as RAD140 is a very dry compound. Some people call it Tren lite due to how dry it is and how your muscles get very hard and tight on RAD140.

Besides the slight headaches for a little over a week there were no other side effects. Please keep in mind that my rat is on TRT so he does not have to worry about his testosterone being suppressed. Most SARMs suppress your testosterone levels and PCT may be needed to get your test levels back to normal.

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Rats Army Arimidex

After the third week my rat started to noticed some pretty serious muscle and strength gains in the gym. He also noticed that he was able to pump a lot of extra reps on his running wheel. He felt as if he could always power through for another few spins on any of the running wheels he had. So his endurance was definitely up.

From week 3 to week 8 when we stopped doing research, there was not plateau in muscle and strength gains. It was pretty amazing. I have also done research on testosterone on my rat and he usually hits a plateau of some kind during testosterone research.

Overall I was extremely happy with the research conducted using Umbrella Labs Rad-140! I can say with 100% confidence that the Rad-140 I received from Umbrella Labs is deifnitely legit and will purchase from them again with extreme confidence. They are known as being a very solid company with a good reputation in the SARMs market. I can not see them possibly ruining their reputation in order to make a few extra dollars selling fake SARMs.

Big thanks to Umbrella Labs for being a solid company and delivering quality research chemicals!

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