Easy TRT Trap Injection | Live Demo | Testosterone Replacement Therapy Trapezius Injection Guide

Many men who do everyday injections of testosterone only use a few muscles. Over time this can cause scar tissue to build up in the muscles from daily TRT injections. In this video I show you how and where to inject testosterone into the Trapezius / Trap muscle. It is another muscle you can introduce into your daily TRT injection routine.

what’s going on guys tester levels here
thanks for being here
thanks for all the support on the
channel love you guys uh today we’re
gonna do something a little bit
uh this is something that i wouldn’t
normally recommend
but in this video i want to show you the
different places where you can
do trt and we’re still within 30 seconds
have to keep on rambling for a second
before i say any scary words
but um anyway this is not something that
i would recommend
i’m not a doctor this is not medical
advice in any way shape or
form always speak with your doctor
before doing anything medical
do a quick medical disclaimer and jump
right in it’s all about humanity
so today as you probably guessed from
the thumbnail i’m going to do
a trt injection in my trap i have never
once ever done this before
the trap is a smaller muscle so i’m only
be doing half an ml
of purified carrier oil which is sterile
and pharmaceutical grade
this is not testosterone this is not a
real injection this is all fake cgi
but this is not something that i would
recommend um if you’re
paying maybe twice a week you know
there’s you know with trt a lot of guys
worry about scar tissue build up over
i think this mainly applies to guys that
are doing you know every other day or
every day
you know hitting the same muscle every
single day it can build up over time
obviously insulin syringes which is what
i’m going to be using today
uh would minimize that you know you
don’t want to use like a 23 gauge every
day and i don’t think anyone actually
but i just want to show you that you can
use different muscles and the more
muscles you’re able to use
the bigger rotation that you have the
less scar tissue you will
build up or possibly could build up over
years and years of trt
so once again i wouldn’t recommend this
as i said i’m only doing half an ml
because this is a small
muscle and if you’re doing every day if
you’re doing like 18 milligrams or 10
whatever it could be you know
this is going to be a it’s going to be a
little bit of a liquid where this is i
only do twice a week
so this is going to be a larger dose and
yeah then after that i’m going to stop
by right back in front of this camera
and let you know if i got any pip i
definitely did get some pip in my calf
it wasn’t crippling but didn’t feel good
i’m going to do an alcohol prep pad i’m
going to skip over that just to make the
video shorter
and uh we’ll come back and i will be
injecting into my trap muscle
and i’ll show you the spot i mean it’s
pretty simple you know if you flex your
trap you kind of see it’s right there in
the middle
it’s hard for me to kind of point and
show you guys at the same time but
with almost any injection you’re looking
for the you know the largest part of the
muscle the middle part the meatiest part
you know like delts
you know you want to go in the middle
anyway let’s jump right in
all right guys so i did the alcohol prep
let it dry this is kind of a tricky spot
so i’m looking at this
monitor here trying to gauge the half
the middle part
of my trap here i’m gonna do my best and
yeah we’ll see how this goes this will
be fun not really
need a mirror like
all right a little bit of an angle
we’re gonna go short not short we’re
gonna go
steadily controlled not too fast not too
not trying to be here all day i’ll give
you kind of a better idea of where it is
i feel like i want a little bit too left
but we should still be fine
this is really awkward in front of not
in front of a mirror
not gonna lie leave it in for a little
as i said i like to leave it in for
about 10 seconds let the oil situate get
throw on netflix start chilling straight
we’ll recap that after the video let’s
see if we have any blood
like a little bit nothing too crazy
a little bit more than i would have
thought not too too bad
and we’ll get the alcohol prep pad on
there i feel like my muscles a little
bit tensed
just because of the angle that i’m at
nothing too crazy though
all right let’s okay i got it i think a
little bit to the left
of where i would have perfectly wanted
it but
definitely in the muscle there no issues
i can feel it i’m not gonna lie yeah i
can definitely feel that
uh well i have pip tomorrow i don’t know
from this carrier oil but uh that’s
about it guys
i’m uh gonna just tend to this until it
stops bleeding
and uh go about my day and go hit the
what’s going on guys been about 24 hours
since i did the trap injection
and i’m not gonna lie to you i can feel
it i would definitely not recommend this
large volumes of carrier oil
this would only be a spot that i would
use if i was doing like
everyday injections with insulin
syringes that’s the only reason that i
use this just so you can have tons of
different spots you know because you’re
hitting your muscles
and muscles seven times in a week so if
you can rotate it
overall the injection was pretty easy i
think if it was like 0.1 ml or 0.15
ml i don’t think i would have any pip at
all i think it was just because it was a
half an ml
but uh when i was at the gym probably
about 30 35 40 minutes after i
you know the last part of the video you
saw i went to the gym and when i was
doing you know the exercises where you
go like this like i could feel it it was
pretty painful it felt like there was a
knot in my muscle
and i can still feel it it doesn’t
really hurt but i can tell it’s there it
just feels like it’s sore
you know like i just did i just did one
arm shrugs on this side
and went pretty hard at them and didn’t
do anything on this side
so like i said i wouldn’t recommend this
for large volumes
i would only recommend this to expand
the muscles that you hit if you’re doing
like every day and you’re doing tiny
little amounts
so that’s about it um compared to the
calf was actually worse i did the video
and on the second day i didn’t feel it
as much
but the day after that so 48 hours later
i could feel it it was really sore like
it was sore to the touch
so trap i think is better than the calf
but calf could have been a lot easier if
it was like i said 0.1 ml or 0.15
so that’s it guys trap injections they
work the injection was pretty easy if i
was in front of a mirror it would have
been real easy
but i was looking at this you know the
screen right here but uh yeah if you’re
doing every day i’m using insulin
syringes small amounts
i’d say it’s a viable option and i’m
i might switch it up and just do like a
tiny injection into triceps biceps
uh because i don’t like being in pain
but i’m doing it for you guys because
you guys are awesome
so thanks for watching guys thanks for
the support you found this video
interesting click on the like button if
you’re new click on the subscribe button
as always you’re awesome and get your
levels tested

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