HGH Frag 176-191 Key to Fat Loss and Cartilage Repair? Human Growth Hormone Fragment 176-191 Peptide

HGH Fragment 176-191 is composed of the last sequence of amino acids that make up Human Growth Hormone. This sequence of amino acids has been shown to be very effective at fat loss in humans. It has also shown to have positive benefits for cartilage repair and for diabetes. HGH Frag 176-191 is an extremely interesting compound that I feel needs to be studies very closely.

what’s going on guys tester levels here
today we’re going to talk about a really
cool compound i mean it’s
it’s pretty amazing it’s called hgh frag
176-191 and basically
for the understanding of this human
growth hormone has 191 different pieces
now this frag or fragment is 176 through
it’s all about humanity
and what scientists have found is that
this portion of human growth hormone has
a lot to do
with fat loss and blood sugar levels so
it’s really interesting
and it doesn’t come with some of the
side effects of just
human growth hormone itself so it’s
really cool they’ve taken and they’re
testing different sections of human
growth hormone
and finding out what these different
sections do and then
breaking them down and you know
researching certain sections to see
what they do and how well they work so
it’s pretty cool
frag 176-191 earned its latter name due
to the fact that laboratory research has
shown it to enhance fat burning
particularly in mice genetically
engineered to produce large fat stores
has been heavily researched in animal
models because while it
it has been heavily researched in animal
it has been heavily researched in animal
wow it has been heavily researched in
animal models because
even while it preserves the fat burning
effects of hgh
it avoids the side effects such as
increasing igf-1 negatively impacting
carbohydrate metabolism altering insulin
increasing long bone growth and so forth
so that’s why they’re looking at it to
possibly help
people lose weight and they say that it
eventually may provide the basis for
some anti-obesity medications
and i find it really cool that you know
a lot of these peptides
you know they’re already in your body
and by giving you more of a particular
they’re basically using your body’s
natural systems to help cure stuff and
fix stuff and help get better benefits
it’s really cool it’s a really cool
part of medicine and i really hope that
it gets the funding
and the support of the medical community
what worries me is that the
medical community basically pharmacies
pharmaceutical companies
you know they make lots of money on
treating symptoms you know they don’t
really come out with
cures i think the latest fat burning
thing that was actually fda approved was
that stuff called
ally which like you know it basically
kept the fat from being absorbed in your
body and
then that fat came out the other end and
it was all gross and oily and you had
so it’s it’s i mean i really hope that
they get behind this
because it’s pretty cool research in
animals has revealed that
this end of hgh this frag is primarily
responsible for
protein’s hypoglycemic lowering blood
sugar effects
testing of at least six different
fragments derived from the section of
hgh has shown that fragment 176-191
is the most effective synthetic
derivative of hcg for lowering blood
sugar levels
this effect is secondary to sustained
increase in plasma insulin levels
there is some interest in using frag
for treatment of both pre-diabetes and
diabetes too
type 2 diabetes so that’s sort of really
cool as well
so i mean what this thing what this frag
is doing is lowering people’s blood
sugar levels
so instead of taking something like
metformin or you know
insulin and all that i’m not saying you
could just you know cancel those out but
i mean i think this could be a really
good treatment for diabetes
i mean it’s it’s been shown to do this
and i think they should be researching
it more
so while the research that they’ve done
in animal models has been very promising
and have not really shown
any of the side effects that human
growth hormone can cause
but it is still part of the human growth
hormone you know
family so they’re concerned that over
the long period it could cause some of
the same side effects
but they haven’t seen that yet in 2013 a
study was published in the journal of
endocrinology and metabolism
it evaluated six studies of frag 176 191
to assess the rate of significance of
negative effects associated with the
you know they did it really you know
they found that iv and oral
administration of the frag
when compared to placebo led to no
changes in physical findings laboratory
parameters glucose levels glucose
insulin sensitivity or igf-1
so they didn’t really find any negative
side effects
so they’re also looking at this frag to
do other things and seeing what else it
and in 2015 in south korea
they found that when they were
researching with this on certain people
that it started to repair cartilage you
know lots of people have issues with
their back with you know the cartilage
between their vertebrae and knees elbows
shoulders all that good stuff
so they found that this helped and then
they paired that with hyaluronic acid
and they found that the two combined had
a synergistic effect
of rebuilding cartilage in the body
really cool
you know this is the this is using
what’s already in our body
to help repair our body it’s really cool
and i think that peptides are a huge
untapped uh wealth of medical treatments
i hope eventually will be mainstream you
know you go there and you go to your
doctor and say well you’re pre-diabetic
you know here’s uh here’s some frag 176
and uh we’ll test you in a month or two
and see how it’s helped
um you know oh i’ve got knee issues you
know there’s no cartilage in my knee
well instead of just doing surgery let’s
try this frag let’s try
you know let’s try this and see if it
helps rebuild your uh
you know your cartilage in your knee
another really cool treatment is
prolotherapy where they basically they
take out your blood
they throw in a centrifuge they take
what they need
out of your natural blood they inject it
back into certain spots
and it promotes healing so it’s pretty
darn cool and i’m
really hoping that we find ways to
take things that are already in our body
and use them to
heal and repair and you know fight
disease all that good stuff
such a cool aspect of medicine but as
i’ve said in some of my other videos
you know this is a naturally occurring
you know peptide this is it’s
it’s naturally in our bodies so
pharmaceutical company tries to patent
how can they patent something that’s
already in your body they’d only be able
to patent the process
or i don’t know what it is i’m not an
attorney for a pharmaceutical company
i think that you know not being able to
patent and have exclusivity on a
you know part of human growth hormone is
you know really making it so
why would we even try that why wouldn’t
we’re selling a
ton of metformin and insulin why
would we you know why would we
make something that we’re not going to
be able to patent and put a bunch of
money into it
anyway i don’t want to rant too long but
frag 176
191 really cool it’s the last sequence
of amino acids in human growth hormone
and it’s chosen to help with blood sugar
and help with fat loss
and possibly build up cartilage
and helps diabetics as well so
pretty cool compound um you know i don’t
know exactly where you can get this
um but if you have google hey look
around maybe you’ll find somewhere
but that’s about it guys hgh frag 176-1
really cool peptide it’s already in your
body right now it’s floating around your
hands right now
but uh maybe not in your hands but
anyway anyway guys that’s gonna do it if
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mind at any time
so as always you’re awesome and get your
levels tested

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