More Plates Less Delts? Less Gear, Less Shoulder Workouts, More Life?

Derek from More Plates More Dates recently commented on some changes that he has made in his life and I think it is extremely important for some of the younger guy to hear why. As you get older you look at life in a different way. Being jacked and juicy is less important as you grow older and living longer becomes more important.

i’m not ripping on derek in any way
shape or form he has a better physique
than me
all of my immediate family and probably
about 99
of the world all i’m saying is that
maybe he’s hitting delts
six days a week instead of seven but
this video is not even about derek’s
doubts guys this is derek
from more plates more dates what’s up
guys this is derek
from what’s up
guys derek
what’s up guys derek for
i wonder if derek’s medical disclaimer
is more super physiological than mine
and that’s why his videos don’t get
demonetized as much
so first off i’m totally making this
video to chase some clout
but before you hit that dislike button i
made this video to make you laugh
hopefully make derek laugh and to teach
some of you
younger guys guys that are really
focused on prs and
lots of gear a little bit of perspective
on life and longevity
derek actually discussed this uh in his
video with dana white
you know like i would argue opposite to
that the fact that he is
the owner of this massive league and
he’s probably working all the time he’s
probably doing the bare minimum to
um to get as good as he can and um
like typically entrepreneurs especially
very successful ones they start to
prioritize the gym
you know less and less and kind of do
the bare minimum to get away with
maintaining what they feel is a
satisfactory physique
at least that’s what i do and what a lot
of you know my friends that are trying
to become
successful do as well it’s just kind of
the route you end up taking your
priorities start to shift
from trying to be as peeled and [ _ ] huge as possible to be like you know prioritizing finances um entrepreneurship endeavors rather than just you know trying to get to your next pr on the [ _ ] bench press derek started
youtube about five years ago
and his first video was how to bulk
without getting fat
i probably need to go back and re-watch
that one my guess was at this time he
had a normal job
he was like hey maybe i’ll try youtube a
little bit uh
you know he had extra time to go to the
gym and hit shoulders that seventh day
normal job all that good stuff pretty
sure it was military press monday
rear delts tuesday front delts on
repeat over and over derrick you can
correct me if i’m wrong
on that i’m also assuming he didn’t have
a morning two-hour supplement routine
what does derek’s day look like my
normal supplement routine
oh it’s military press monday obtain and
deploy 10 kilograms of tergesterone
no problem check for clout chasers on
record five to ten scientifically
perfect youtube videos that’s easy
up regulate and deploy youtube videos
post on
instagram facebook snapshot bitshoot
twitter tick tock and apple podcast
down regulate a super physiological meal
that sounds delicious
7 30 derek time
work on gorilla mind work on trt clinic
eight hours of sleep with pubmed
audiobook studies on in the background
nice rise and grind rise and grind
take my morning supplements fix that
goddamn intercom once and for all
i’m also assuming it wasn’t putting out
five to ten videos a day how to blog instagram
bit shoot twitter snapchat
tick tock [ _ ] more instagram facebook bit shoot twitter snapchat [ _ ] shoot so while many people just
that you know because derek got so busy
with you know his youtube and gorilla
mod and his trt
clinic and instagram and had to cut out
seventh shoulder workout in the week
others believe that
he upregulated some of his shoulder mass
into brain matter in order to increase
his intelligence
and be able to laser focus on the
fitness industry and performance
enhancing drugs
it’s well documented that a group of
gorillas in the derekine province in
northern africa
actually use the same process in order
to increase their intelligence
and eventually turned into humans around
the same time
derek lost 0.25 percent of his shoulder
he released a product line called
gorilla mind
coincidence the fitness industry doesn’t
think so
and they’ve actually accused eric of
using beds or
brain enhancing drugs in order to
achieve this
i personally don’t think that derek used
beds to convert his shoulder muscle into
brain tissue
but i think it’s a combination of things
and this is where the life lesson comes
so for all you young whippersnappers
hitting pr’s on lgd and rad
and posting your sick videos onto tiktok
this is for you and this is even for
some guys in their 30s
20s sometimes even their 40s there’s
some things that you
kind of change the way you think of as
you get older and or more successful
you know the first thing is that derek
isn’t hitting gear like he used to
he’s outlined his trt protocol he’s
outlined his supplements
he wants to be alive on this planet as
long as possible
with a good quality of life so he’s not
hitting gear like he used to
he’s not as concerned about being swole
having massive shoulders being peeled
he’s more interested in being alive and
being successful
the other reason i think derek dropped
his seventh weekly
shoulder workout is that he’s more
focused on
being successful you know his in the
past few years
you know his youtube has exploded he has
a supplement line
he has a trt clinic he posts on all
different social media
he’s more focused on making money and
he’s probably looking toward
you know retirement he’s dealing with
you know mortgages
401ks iras stuff like that stuff that as
you get older
you know you start to think about more
you start to think okay i’m in my 30s
right now
i want to make it to my 90s so you know
maybe i shouldn’t you know blast a gram
of gear a week for 16 weeks
uh just to get swole and you know
as you get older you’re you know your
your mind changes and what you
what’s important to you changes but
if back in the day you did all this
stuff to your body
there’s a chance that there could be
something bad that happens to you
than you may expect it no one’s ever
laid on their deathbed
and regretted not hitting 405 for five
on the bench
but there’s lots of guys that have
regretted running a gram of gear for 16
and getting some type of heart condition
or something else some other negative
thing that you know could
end their life early that’s where when
you get older you think about that stuff
you think i want to be around for the
next 50 years
but you know on the flip side when
you’re younger if you did
you know run all this gear and all those
unhealthy compounds to try to get
[ _ ] jacked and juicy you know your future you looks back and say i wish i didn’t do that i didn’t even get too crazy with juice i did i think two cycles 500 milligrams because you know that’s the standard beginner protocol and i wish i hadn’t i may have never ended up on trt but unfortunately i can’t go back and tell past self you know don’t run 500 milligrams of the nanthate because you’re just going to blow up with 30 pounds of water weight gain some muscle do a crappy pct which was wind strolling clomid that’s how stupid i was back then and you lose all your muscle and now my boys don’t work imagine being like 40 years old you have a good job you got the wife the kids the house the picket fence everything’s going good good to see your doctor and boom he’s like wow your heart has an irregular heartbeat we need to go send you the cardiologist so you can get an ekg you’re like what the [ _ ] and they say
oh you’ve got some issue your left
whatever it is and you’re like well [ _ ] i wish i didn’t run [ _ ] test trend
deca and dball for 16 weeks you know to
try to
press some hoochies that now have seven
kids no teeth and are all messed out
trust me guys i get it i get wanting to
be swole
i get wine to be jacked i totally
but just kind of think toward the future
you know
do you i’m not i’m not trying to be like
doom and gloom because you know steroids
are often portrayed a lot worse than
they actually are
but there are lots of guys that are
running some hardcore stuff and
you know they’re not trying to be
bodybuilders get paid for bodybuilding
they do it just for the size you know
i’m hoping that derek can
can kind of cover this topic now that
you know he’s even starting to
he’s starting to think a little
differently more into the future you
know he’s not as worried about as much
being [ _ ] jacked and peeled he’s worried more about setting up his financial stuff so he can be financially independent you know getting a house being successful building his businesses and i just hope that you know he has a lot more reach than me obviously but you can get out to some of the younger guys and you know hey be careful what you do when you’re younger because it can catch up to you when you’re older and when you’re older you know you just want to have the best life possible and build up that life and you don’t want to have all that work and cut short because you wanted to hit 405 for five on the [ _ ] bench press
so shout out to derek if you’re like the
one subscriber that i may have that
isn’t already subscribed to
go check out his page and click on that
subscribe button and hit the bell
he’s got some crazy amount of content
that he puts out it’s insane
and the fact that he can go on and say
these you know crazy scientific words
back to back to back for like 30 seconds
without messing up is freaking amazing
cross detecting estrone and artificially
inflating your estradiol blood test
results because you’re getting
electrochem and luminescence radio
immunoassay blood test results instead
of high sensitivity testing but
a great guy great channel derek
appreciate what you do putting out solid
that’s about it guys as always you’re
get your levels tested

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