S-23 SARM | Most Powerful SARM? Least Researched SARM!

S-23 SARM | Most Powerful SARM? Least Researched SARM!

what’s going on guys tester levels here
today we’re going to talk about a
compound called
s23 it’s a very interesting compound
there’s not a lot known of it but what’s
one thing that’s interesting to note is
that it was not
designed for osteoporosis or muscle
wasting like a lot of the other
compounds in its category
it was actually created so that you
don’t become a daddy
it’s all about humanity
so s23 was developed by gtx
along with a lot of other sarms and it
wasn’t developed like i said for
osteoporosis or muscle wasting like
almost all of the other actual disarms
it was developed as a contraceptive for
basically to try to make you infertile i
mean maybe the thought process was
crushing your lh or your fsh
in order to not make any swimmers i
don’t know what the exact concept was
but it never made it to clinical trials
so we don’t know very much about it at
all like i said this is a research
chemical unfortunately they haven’t done
a lot of
research on it but a couple of things
that we do know
is that it is very strong
muscle wise anecdotally from what you
the ped community has said they believe
that it’s roughly on par with muscle
gain with
lgd 4033 and rad140
both of those compounds do have a lot of
research and
they have some continued research i mean
these lgd and rad
may actually become pharmaceutical
medicines at some point in the future
but s23 never made it to clinical trials
only made it to pre-clinical trials and
that’s how we know
the rough half-life of about 12 hours
keep in mind this is not on humans this
is an animals
so in animals the half-life is roughly
12 hours
in humans we have no idea what it is so
even though you know people say that it
can give you the same amount of muscle
mass as lgd and rad
it’s rarely used as a bulking compound
it’s usually used as an ancillary
compound on top of something like test
or some other you know more big boy peds
so it’s hard to tell really how
effective it is because
no one really runs it by itself even
though it is considered extremely
powerful but that’s just the way people
have used it
so anecdotally it can build some muscle
how much we don’t know because most
people usually run it with a test
base or some other compounds added in
and one of the reasons that this is done
is because it’s extremely suppressive
as i mentioned it was made as a birth
control it’s meant to shut down
the boys you know you’re swimmers it’s
supposed to shut that down that was the
so it’s going to shut down your
testosterone production you’re going to
be very suppressed
uh you’re going to feel pretty bad
pretty quickly on this compound unless
you have a test base or your research
subject has a test base
so please keep that in mind along
along those same lines something that’s
extremely suppressive to your natural
hormone production
is paramount that you do a pct a proper
especially with this compound it’s not
let me try this and see if i need a pct
you are going to need a pct this is
highly suppressive
do not overlook that do not cheap out on
your research
this is your natural hormone production
is way more important for the rest of
your life
than whatever you do with s23 you know
getting those natural hormone levels
back to normal
is the number one priority one thing to
note about s23
is people that research with it do
report a
pretty significant increase in strength
uh you know
not as much muscle per se and just raw
bulking but lots of strength uh you know
drier gains
you’re not going to retain a lot of
water like some people do on lgd
uh so it’s it’s similar to it’s most
similar to rad 140
in my opinion however i think rad 140
has a lot more information behind it a
lot lower research
so i feel that it is a less dangerous
compound than s23
keep in mind that these are all research
chemicals and can all be dangerous and
there’s no long-term data on them
some people do use s23 as like contest
prep like i said it gives you those dry
hard 3d looking
muscles mine are not so dry in 3d
because i’m a little heavier
but that’s a different video so it’s
like i said it’s very similar to rad
you know rad140 uh when i researched
with it it dried out my rat
to the point where i needed to give him
lots of gatorade zero
because his joints were hurting because
they were just dried out it’s a very dry
and from anecdotally from what i’ve
heard from the ped community
s23 is very similar which is why it
would make sense in a contest prep
an interesting effect of s23
at least in animals in a pre-clinical
is that it did show to help with fat
loss in a dose-dependent manner
now can we extrapolate that and say that
well it
helped animals lose weight and lose fat
so that
definitely works on humans absolutely
i’m not on paper at least but
some people do report that they feel
metabolism speeds up
and they do feel like they lose fat
while taking s23
so that is a little different you know
lgd is not known for helping lose weight
rad is not known for that at all so
it is a little bit of a different
compound like i said most comparable to
but anecdotally it supposedly can help
with fat loss
a lot of people do use s23 when eating
in a deficit
obviously they’re eating in a deficit
they’re trying to cut and lose weight so
they’d add s23 on
but they would also probably be using at
least some form of test base at that
as i said earlier it does have a drying
some people compare it to winstrol or
in that it gives you that dry hard you
peeled look you know striations it’s not
going to put water weight on you in fact
it may take some water weight off you
who knows everyone’s different so now
we’ll get on to some of the side effects
of s23 and these are not to be taken
i’ll reiterate once again s23 is highly
you need to do a pct no if ands or buts
another nasty side effect and it’s
pretty much in the whole sarms world
is that it is going to hurt your
cholesterol it is going to lower your
hdl which is the good cholesterol
it’s going to raise your ldl which is
the bad cholesterol
that’s pretty much across the board on
all actual real sarms
it has been shown to be slightly to
medium liver toxic
a lot of storms fall into this category
you need to keep that in mind avoid
alcohol while
researching with s23 or pretty much any
so if you have liver toxicity you throw
in alcohol you double that toxicity
it’s bad for your liver a couple things
that you can do to help mitigate this
liver damage
is nac tudka milk thistle
so look those up do the research on
if i were going to research with any of
these compounds i would be taking at
least one of those
to help protect my liver throughout the
so here’s something pretty interesting
about s23
on paper it should not have any
androgenic effects
side effects should not have any of them
on paper it doesn’t make sense
but a lot of people notice acne hair
aggression dehydration night sweats
so on paper it doesn’t make sense why
this happens to people
but like i said it’s a research chemical
and they haven’t done a lot of research
on it
so just because it’s marketed in a
bottle doesn’t mean anyone’s done
people know why this stuff is happening
so please keep that in mind
you may get hair loss acne aggression
and any other androgen
androgenetic side effects so it’s pretty
like i said on paper it makes absolutely
no sense why this would have androgenic
side effects but acne hair loss
aggression night sweats dehydration
it’s all possible it’s a research
chemical that doesn’t have a lot of
research on it just because it’s
marketed in a bottle
doesn’t mean there’s any research so
please keep that in mind
so the half-life i’ve already mentioned
is roughly about 12 hours
that’s not a solid number because that
was only done in animals
uh the average dosage that the ped
kind of sees as the general range is 10
to 30 milligrams a day
personally if i was going to do research
with something that had a 12-hour
i would probably take it split it up and
take it morning at night just so i had
more solid levels in my blood you know
you don’t want to go up and down up and
down you want to be as smooth as
most people will not run s23 more than
eight weeks some people run it as short
as four weeks
like i said a lot of people use it for
contest prep i would definitely
not go past eight weeks and i’m gonna
say it once again
a pct is mandatory mandatory
don’t skimp out on that guys so overall
s23 is an extremely interesting compound
in that it
was developed as a you know birth
control for men
and it has shown to build muscle build
and anecdotally burn a little bit of fat
however compared to something like
rad140 which has
so much more clinical research and also
anecdotal research from the ped
i would if given the choice and if you
go to any
website that sells research chemicals
you’ll have the same choice
i would take rad140 all day over s23
same thing with lgd lgd does give me
personally nausea
so i don’t take lgd but if i was given
the opportunity between
the choice between these three compounds
lgd and rad
all day long over s23 it’s just
it’s not better in really any category
than either of those
except for maybe that you lose a little
bit of fat but it just doesn’t have the
research behind it
stuff like that kind of scares me i’m
looking at
long-term health and taking something
that has
zero research compared to something that
has a good amount of research
just makes sense to me so guys that’s
about it
s23 very cool compound no research
i would not recommend going with this
personally but
hey you can do whatever you want it’s
america but thanks for watching guys
thanks for the support if you like the
video i’ve got a whole bunch of other
videos on sarms
if you are doing some research if you
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if you’re new click on the subscribe
button it’s free and you can change your
mind at any time
so as always you’re awesome and get your
levels tested

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