Sermorelin – A Cheap HGH Alternative? Mimics Growth Hormone Releasing Hormone!

Sermorelin acetate is a growth hormone-releasing agonist. It works by stimulating the pituitary gland to release growth hormone. The Sermorelin acetate peptide is designed to mimic the effects of growth hormone releasing hormone by releasing somatropin (human growth hormone) from the body’s somatotropic cells.

what’s going on guys tester levels here
today we’re going to talk about a
compound called surmarellen it’s a
really interesting compound
and it’s used to uh get your gh going
so do a quick medical disclaimer and
jump right in it’s all about humanity
sermorelin is a growth hormone-releasing
and basically what it does is it tells
your pituitary gland to release more
growth hormone
it’s kind of similar to not exactly
similar but using chlorometer hcg
to tell your body to produce more
testosterone the same idea
you know instead of just using tests and
just giving your body that
you know it’s uh the hcg and climate are
you know
telling your body to make more in
different ways
but it’s the same idea with sermorelon
and growth hormone you know you can get
growth hormone and growth hormone works
but it’s very expensive
sermoreline is it’s not cheap but it’s
much much cheaper than human growth
so same idea it gets in there tells your
body to release
growth hormone instead of actually
giving your body more growth hormone
so summarily acetate is a peptide and
what it’s designed to do
is to mimic growth hormone releasing
what’s interesting is growth hormone
releasing hormone is made up of 44 amino
while sermorelin is only made up of 29
and interestingly the first 29 of the
growth hormone releasing hormone
sequence so it’s thought to be the
full sequence of amino acids that can
growth hormone releasing hormone so it’s
pretty interesting
and it’s interesting at all it’s a
really cool subject you know human
growth hormone has 191 amino acids
and there’s different sequences that do
different things
and it’s interesting that science and
scientists were actually able to narrow
the first 29 or the or is the smallest
amount needed
to mimic growth hormone releasing
hormone pretty cool science is neat
cermalin was actually created as kind of
a litmus
test for kids or adults with human
growth hormone deficiencies
so they would give them this it was
called jirif and they would monitor
their growth hormone levels and try to
you know figure out
why they had the deficiency for whatever
but this same company also sold human
growth hormone
so you know instead of treating them
these kids
with the jareth or cermarellen
doctors and the the parents of these
kids who wanted their kids to grow
um because when they had they had this
human growth hormone deficiency i mean
these kids are not growing like they
so the parents were like you know let’s
skip the week one
and not necessarily weak but not as
strong and let’s give our kids just
straight up human growth hormone and you
get their levels up pretty high so that
our kids can grow so they’re not short
um so it’s pretty interesting the
company you know
they while they sold both and they
intended this one more for the kids side
uh it kind of got flipped around and
they were using more human growth
so they kind of dropped it as a medicine
and now it’s pretty much generic
and that’s why clinics like defy and
matrix and some other ones and doctors
can actually prescribe this
so just like anything else sermoreline
has side effects
and some other side effects are
headaches flushing difficulty swallowing
hyperactiveness dizziness sleepiness
nausea and change of taste so if you’ve
taken that
you could possibly experience some of
those side effects
just like anything else everything has
side effects it’s just whether they
happen to you or not
and you may also you know if if you are
taking somewhere else
and your growth hormone levels are
getting pretty high you know you can
experience the same side effects of
growth hormone in itself
so you can experience the side effects
from the surmoreland itself
and also from the increased hgh levels
so you’ve got to keep an eye on that
but in general sermoreline’s pretty well
tolerated by most people
but everyone can experience certain side
effects that may be
less or more severe so you can take
and it will release a certain amount of
growth hormone
but once it gets to that ceiling level
you could take
another dose of cermerellin but the
sealing effect is going to keep the
surround from releasing any more
growth hormone so it’s kind of like a
safeguard that your body has built in
to where even if you did double triple
quadruple the dose
you know it’s going to hit that certain
point and then it’s not going to do
anything anymore
i was reading something online a guy i
guess was out drinking
and he came back home and decided to do
his shots he mistook his sermon
for test and did the whole bottle or did
like one ml it’s too much for him
supposedly he got really really hungry
which we’ll touch on
but nothing bad happened to him don’t
know if that story is true i read it
it’s possible people do dumb stuff
sometimes just like any other peptide
like hcg
or pt141 it needs to be refrigerated
the same thing so once you reconstitute
got to be refrigerated if you don’t it
will lose its potency very quickly
and you’ll have a pretty expensive
bottle of water so don’t forget to
refrigerate it
an interesting side effect from summer
ellen that some people get
is literally within like a half hour of
injecting it sometimes even sooner
they just get crazy hungry like super
like i mean just ravenously hungry so i
was actually watching a video on a
doctor talking about this side effect
and his thought is he tells his patients
like literally
draw it up right before you go to sleep
inject it
and hit the sack so you don’t have to
deal with that hunger
what’s interesting is that if you eat
you know relatively
soon after you inject it um it can
lower the effects of the sermorelin and
this doctor said especially carbs
so it’s it’s unfortunate that one of the
side effects is getting ravenously
but when you eat and you eat a lot it’s
going to lower the benefit that you get
from the summer ellen
and the other thing it kind of goes hand
in hand is that
you inject sermorlyn at night same thing
with hcg
uh same thing with the cjc 1295
all these human growth hormone family of
uh you take it at night so you can kind
of you’re
mimicking your body’s natural cycle you
go to sleep
sermorellin goes to work and your
pituitary gland releases all that human
growth hormone
helps your body heal regenerate while
you’re sleeping
that’s just kind of the way it works so
definitely take it at night if you’re
taking summer allen
so the last thing about sermorelin is
it’s what’s cool about it is that it
doesn’t when you inject it it doesn’t
like just release a crazy amount of
human growth hormone it’s not just like
a flood of human growth hormone as if if
you were to inject
you know straight human growth hormone
what it kind of does
is it is it gives your body your
pituitary gland the rest of your body
for more of it so it doesn’t necessarily
flood like you’re gonna have a huge
spike of it but you’re gonna have a more
increase of the human growth hormone so
it’s how can i compare it to coffee no
that’s not gonna work
but anyway you get the idea so it’s not
just gonna be a rush it’s going to be a
increase over time which is good
so that’s about it guys i mean there’s a
lot more
that we could go into on swim around but
i can give you the 10 000 foot view
if you’re interested in it talk to your
doctor talk to your clinic
and do your own research on it because
this is just the tip of the iceberg
really cool compound it’s i find it so
cool these peptides
i mean bpc157 tb500
pt-141 kiss peptide all these really
cool peptides
a lot of them naturally found in the
body i mean just do
really really great things and the fact
that they’ve isolated down these 29
amino acids
and it’s the shortest sequence of amino
acids that can do this
that can mimic the growth hormone
releasing hormone it’s really cool
i honestly think peptides are going to
be like the future of medicine
at least to some extent the only problem
is is that since they’re naturally found
in our body
they’re hard to patent so yeah
so there’s not a huge amount of money
going into them
compared to other other medicines
so that’s about it guys cermalin could
possibly be beneficial
to you if you want to raise your growth
hormone levels or if you’re
deficient in growth hormones but that’s
as always you’re awesome and get your
levels tested

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