Easy TRT Calf Injection | Live Demo | Testosterone Replacement Therapy Calf Injection

While I am definitely not saying the calf muscle is the best spot for a TRT shot, It does work. In this video I will show you the best way to find your best spot to inject testosterone into the Calf Muscle. This video also shows me doing a real (Carrier Oil Only) testosterone injection in my Pec/ Chest muscle. Best Calf / Calves Injection.

what’s going on guys test your levels if
you’ve seen a couple my other videos
i’m showing you different spots that you
can do your trt protocol
still within the first 30 seconds so can
offend lord youtube
but this is i’m just doing this video
series to show you those other spots
that you can
do what you need to do for trt everyone
you know glutes quads delts and those
are fantastic spots
but over years and years and years some
guys get worried about scar tissue
and i’m just showing you some different
places that you can do what you need to
so you can have a wider rotation so you
can switch
left calf right calf you know quad delts
lat trap pack all that good stuff
so today we’re gonna do calves and
someone actually commented on my
pec video that i should not do calves
because they said they were limping for
five days
uh with one ml luckily i’m only doing
.67 ml of
pharmaceutical grade carrier oil with no
other compounds added
so i feel like i should be good but i’ll
let you know tomorrow at the end of this
if i had any pip or any issues so i’ll
get into a quick explanation of where
you can do this
and then i’m going to do a live demo for
you so let’s get started
it’s all about humanity
all right so this is a weird angle for
me but
as you can see the calf has two
different heads there’s one right here
and one right here you can do one in
either one of these
i’m personally going to do this one
right here because it’s a little bit
i’ll show you from this side
and the light’s kind of giving me a
shadow but
you know this is this is a pretty decent
size muscle and it’s bigger than the
just that one head so that’s where i’m
gonna go
and try to go in the center i’ll show
you the other one over here
this would probably be the center of
that one right there it’s gonna vary
depending on your body shape and your
muscle size
but uh we’re gonna give it a shot and
i’m gonna walk you through the process
so as with any injection you want to
clean the area with an alcohol prep pad
so i’m going to clean a nice big area
around here
because we want to be as sanitary as
possible once again you need to talk to
your doctor about doing these in
different spots
this is not medical advice in any way
shape or form i’m not a doctor
i’m surprised i even made it through
college so don’t listen to anything you
see in this video
this is just some guy on youtube doing
something i’ll just fast forward while
it’s drying but
yeah let it dry if it’s wet sometimes it
can it can be kind of a sharp pain or
so just let it dry give it time we’re
going to go just like anything else
all right guys so alcohol’s dried i just
want to remind you guys
i’ve never done this before i’ve never
done this once in my entire life so this
is version muscle
i’ll let you know at the end of the
video whether i got any pip
but this is pretty much just like any
other injection so we’re gonna
go straight in you know firm and direct
we’re not jamming ourselves we’re not
you know
kind of barely going in we’re just gonna
real just kind of pull the band-aid
and once we get in we’ll go smooth and
so once there we’re going to go right
here you guys can see i’ll turn a little
bit so you guys can see
so we’re just going to go right there
relax the muscle
boom no problem let me actually
switch hands so you can see
firm but not crazy
going to be here all day
so far no issues
i really hope i don’t have crazy amount
of pip tomorrow i do actually have to
walk around so
well we’ll see i’m doing this for you
so if you could drop me a like that’d be
appreciated if you’re new click on the
subscribe button
got a little out there
all right so we’re good mention my other
videos i like to let the needle sit for
10 seconds
let the oil get situated get comfortable
hang out on the couch turn on the tv
do what it needs to do and i find that
it bleeds a little bit less
so straight out
no blood nothing at all
go back over with the prep pad and
move it around a little bit
i’m not gonna lie i can feel it a little
i don’t know if it’s because my leg was
in the position i think it was just in a
weird position
but there we go that’s it easy peasy
in the calf so see you guys tomorrow
morning all right guys
it’s about 24 hours since i did the calf
you remember in the video when i said it
kind of felt weird and i thought it was
just because my leg was in a weird
it wasn’t when i got up from doing the
video i could definitely feel it
i could feel my calf it didn’t hurt it
kind of
kind of felt really sore for about 20 30
minutes and i gave it the massage gun
and now it’s about 24 hours later and
it’s not doesn’t hurt it’s not bad but i
can feel it
if you’ve had any type of pip you know
what i’m saying it’s uh
if i push on it i can feel it but it’s
not super painful
um i wouldn’t probably go and run a
marathon today
after i got it from doing the video and
started walking around i was like oh
i messed up this was a really bad idea
next day not too bad i mean considering
it’s virgin muscle i’ve never injected
there before in my life
um it wasn’t it’s not too bad so is this
something i’m going to do continuously
probably not but just thought i would
show you guys that it can be done
if you’re looking for a wider muscles of
rotation you can do your calf muscle
what i recommended over some of the
other bigger ones probably not
but i found it interesting not a lot
information about it online so i thought
i’d share it with you guys
so that’s it as always if you like the
click on the like button if you’re new
click on the subscribe button
it’s free and you can change your mind
at any time as always guys
you’re awesome and get your levels

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