Mark Plummer’s 6 Week World Record Blast! 2,300lbs at 198lbs! Wow!!!

Mark Plummer is a young powerlifter looking to break a world record for Bench Press, Squat and Deadlift total of 2,300lbs while weighing 198lbs. It is a crazy world record that Mark Plummer is trying to achieve. In this video Mark tells us what compounds he is using to try and break this world record. It is definitely a very large stack!!!

yo good morning youtube welcome back to
another video and today we’re gonna be
going over
my six week st
cycle and like i said uh we may be
blasting to the moon
higher than the amc and gme combined
right now
now this is going to be a response into
more plates more dates video
derek i love you bro i did take your
advice but i took your advice and then i
multiplied it by 10 times 10x
how big how big would my idea it’s all
about humanity
so i’m sitting on my couch maybe one or
two whiskey and waters down
and i see the video pop up of him and
his six week prep and what he’s taking
for his prep
so i was like all right let’s see what
mark plummer’s all about let’s see why a
lot of people that follow me are
following him as well
and i’m looking at him and i’m like hey
he’s pretty big he’s a big guy
he’s not that much bigger than me i
could probably run like
i don’t know 12 weeks 500 milligrams sip
maybe throw in some rad
i’d be right up there with him
135 i can do that all day
225 i can do that all day he’s probably
just putting it on youtube for show
that’s probably the top of the squat
i could do 315 probably if i wrap my
and definitely how to spot her
oh [ _ ] okay wow definitely can’t do 6 45 for reps so i guess mark is just a just a sco stronger than me just a little bit granted he’s 23 has a little fresher knees but holy [ _ ]
6 45 for reps i feel like i know why
people are watching him now that’s
freaking insane that’s uh [ _ ] i feel small goal numbers is going to be an 8 15 squat i’ve done 805 easiest [Music] well into the 500 benches which you’ve already seen [Applause] and i’m gonna go for an 800 pound dead lift which i’ve done 755 easy as [Applause] [Music] well maybe not easy i don’t even care if he banged julie i’m actually i’m proud that he did that’s awesome good job 755 deadlift that’s a [ _ ] ton
of weight that’s a lot of strain on your
lower back
that’s nuts so we’ve got 805 squat
500 bench and 755 deadlift
and i guess he’s trying to set some type
of record and we’ll go on to that in
just a little bit
so my base compounds obviously 500
milligrams of test
and i pair that with 250 trend i was at
350 trend dropped it to 250
i took derek’s recommendation i do think
that most trend almost everywhere is
under dosed now
so even though i was taking 350 or 500
milligrams of trend
i do think that was severely underdosed
i mean i don’t know many underground
labs that are giving out [ _ ] pure ass tread brah so that’s what he’s taken so far 500 tests 250 trend that is a healthy dose for majority of people i would say 98 of people in the world that is a very very healthy and generous dose but that’s not it but i lowered the trend and i added in npp and i added in the mastron so we did 350 maastron and 300 npp and basically now i shoot seven days a week so monday wednesday friday i shoot the test and trend and then the tuesday thursday saturday monday and then go on i shoot the npp and the mastron so we got 350 masteron and 300 npp uh npp is nandrolone phenolpropionate it’s the short acting deca basically short acting nandrollon so he has a shorter half-life that’s why he’s pinning every other day so right there that’s another 650 milligrams on top of 750. now i added in the npp because every single meat prep up to this one i ran deca and my slip disc has not given me an issue i love deca and i hate deca because mixing tren and deca together as you saw from the i need gyno surgery video [ _ ] my life up completely and like
blessed my life completely
i’m much stronger i feel like a much
well-oiled machine but the side effects
to try to
monitor test trend deca you’re just
playing with fire you’re playing with
fire guys
so i like that he’s actually honest
about that he had a lot of issues trying
to manage all these compounds
see a lot of bodybuilders in the forums
and they’re like oh i run all this gear
no issues i don’t need ai i don’t need
you know i just pin if you’re having
issues you know it’s something weird
with you
i like that he’s actually honest he’s
actually honest saying listen i’m having
a hard time balancing deca
trend test and i guess he’s trying npps
the faster esther
um he’s hoping that doesn’t give him as
many probably prolactin side effects
but he did mention he has a slip disc
can you imagine trying to lift 755 with
a slit disc
that would scare the hell out of me but
he’s taking the npp
obviously it’s a bulking agent it’s
going to add muscle it’s going to add
but it’s also going to help lubricate
that joints there’s joints which is what
he’s going for
so he’s going for a world record world
800 squat 500 bench and
800 deadlift and he’s trying to do it at
198 pounds
if he achieves this that is a world
and also what i like and we’ll touch on
a little bit later on the video
is that he’s doing this to achieve a
goal he’s not doing this just to look
he’s doing this to achieve a goal and he
has some realistic
perspective on the longevity of being
able to do this
uh fat burner so these are the fat
burning drugs
that i’m taking to help get my weight
down to 198.
i’m sitting roughly right now about like
so i mean i could make this cut in water
right now but i’m just trying to be more
flexible with the diet feel good feel
as well as keep my weight down i’ll
probably try to get to like 208
and then go from there but we are taking
50 mcgs of clean
every single morning pre-cardio i like
to do 30 to 45 minutes of cardio every
single morning
if you’re not familiar with clan it’s
very powerful agent it’s used for
cutting weight losing weight
very powerful can have lots of crazy
side effects
can affect your heart don’t recommend
touching in any way
but this is his life this is what he’s
taking he’s being completely honest
and i take 25 micrograms
of t3 which is basically a thyroid
and i don’t know if you guys have ever
t3s but like
the minute i start taking t3s i lose
like 30 pounds
not literally i lose like five pounds so
t3 the idea behind it you take t3
it basically tells your it tells your
that you still need to lose weight even
if you’re already like super ripped
you know your body is like hey we’re a
little too lean you take some t3
and your thyroid’s like okay let’s start
let’s continue losing some weight
once again you’re messing with parts of
your brain don’t recommend it at all
he’s doing it to achieve a goal it’s
still not safe
but be careful out there guys but wait
there’s more maintenance i started 40
milligrams of anavar you’ll be like wow
you start anavar mostly a placebo to be
honest but a lot of my low carb days i’m
only eating like 1800 calories
and i still like to do a few arm days
and a few shoulder days
and i feel with just having such low
calories and i just don’t want to be
burning into any muscle tissue
what do we know about anavar it’s used
to preserve muscle mass
so he’s trying to do a lot of things at
one time he’s trying to build as much
to break this world record but he also
has to stay at a certain weight
so when he’s eating in a caloric deficit
and still working out
he’s taking 40 milligrams of anavar to
try to preserve as much
muscle as possible once again there’s
another compound
he’s on a [ _ ] ton of compounds right now but he’s doing it to achieve a goal do what i advise to doing this absolutely not but this is his goal this is his dream he’s obviously strong as hell holy [ _ ]
and he’s got great genetics for lifting
so he wants to do this while he’s young
and he’ll explain that in his own words
but jesus it’s a [ _ ] [ _ ] brick
house this mark plummer
who i didn’t like but now i’m starting
to like more and more because he’s
[ _ ] honest one of the few honest people in the fitness industry and to combat all of that again we’re stick with the one milligram of arimidex every other day just because i do convert very much another compound one that we’re very familiar with in the trt world remedex very powerful aromatase inhibitor you know the most i’ve ever personally taken on higher doses of test than trt is one milligram a week but you know the amount that i’m taking or you’re taking in a normal blast let’s say he’s on 1.4 grams of gear a week and that’s just the injectables so he feels that he needs a little bit more arimidex than the average person to uh to combat those estrogen sides and anything else caber i take 0.5 milligrams every three days but wait there’s more he’s on cable as well so he’s on camera to try to you know combat those high prolactin from the npp the trend um you can see this is like a balancing act this is a very crazy balancing act you’ve got so many different compounds working on different things raising different things so he’s got the arimidex and the cable to try to hold the side effects at bay remember this is a six week blast i mean i’m not saying he was natty five weeks ago but this is a short-term blast in order to achieve a result a goal a world record which i would love to have a world record but i’m sure it’s all not doing 1.4 grams of gear and i take my growth hormone three ius every single but wait there’s more it’s also on three ius of hgh and hgh you know it helps everything when you’re talking about bodybuilding and weightlifting and repair and all that there’s a big boy cycle here we got test trend deca master on hgh what the [ _ ] else
anavar and now we’re on cave or arimidex
human growth hormone but wait there’s
but it’s not as crazy i’m still taking
my tb500 and my bpc157
i’m literally just like trying to pinch
my lower back and just get
any relief i can into my slip disc right
now i mean
tb 500 bpc hgh those all help with
i mean i just don’t know i mean with a
slip disc
trying to break a world record in weight
lifting deadlifting and squatting
dangerous to me but hey he’s 23 years
old he’s got a goal
he understands the risks he’s not going
to this blindly so
not for me but hey he could set a
freaking world record that’s pretty
badass but
i wouldn’t want to see him hurt his back
any further and the last
two weeks right before the show i do
take halo i just thought i’d mention
that so i don’t have to make a third
video given
but wait there’s more two weeks out he’s
taking halo testing
which is a very powerful steroid it’s an
oral steroid
horrible for your liver but it helps
with strength gains it’s
really big on strength and aggression
and those are two things that power
lifters are looking to get
up until their meat or right after me
they want to be have as
much obviously muscle and strength as
possible and plus that mental that
mental focus and aggression
to just take it out on the weights and
to pump out those lifts
um because i don’t want to give you guys
the wrong image
on oh well this is what he’s taking to
break the world record so i need to take
like no it’s a combination of like i’m
very genetically gifted to get strong
and i i do like kind of push the
envelope for being only 23 years old
but i’m pushing the envelope because i
don’t want to do this until i’m like 35.
it is a lot guys like i’m not going to
lie to you but i also know and i also
realize that
i have five years maybe six years
until i want to be done i don’t want to
do this anymore like
your body can only squat 800 pounds so
many times it can only bench five
six hundred pounds deadlift 800 pounds
it just doesn’t work anymore like it’s
just not
there it’s just not fun so i want to get
this all-time world record at 198 and
hit as many tasks as i can
because when i’m 30 like i do not want
to be abusing
this many drugs this is not healthy
so i just need to emphasize that like
yes you can do what i do
but just if you do this one you probably
won’t squat 815 pounds you won’t bench
in the 500s now this part of the video
is what really made me
like mark and respect him he tells you
straight up
listen i’m genetically gifted at being
[ _ ] strong you can take all this [ _ ] you’re not
squatting 800 pounds you’re not benching
500 pounds
you know i’m genetically gifted i can
get very strong very fast
and he also tells you guys listen i’m
going freaking nuts with the cycle
i’m this is a crazy amount of gear but
i’m doing it because i want to
break a world record and then he threw
in some additional milestones so once
you break one world record
you’re probably gonna try to break some
other ones but he’s like all right i got
five years six years till i’m 29 30.
and i want to be done with this so he’s
taking a different approach you know a
lot of guys
will do more mild cycles and gear you
know up to 35
40 uh you know in powerlifting and all
that he’s like
i want to get it all out of the way and
then 30 years old
boom i’m good live my life have some
businesses set up
he’s an entrepreneur as well which i
obviously respect as
ir businesses as well myself but he’s
telling you
listen this is what i’m doing i’m
genetically gifted
it’s not gonna probably not work out for
you and so many of these [ _ ] fake influencers on instagram and on youtube you know they just claim natural or they don’t talk about their steroid use and you know these little kids these gym shark kids i see these kids in the gym all the [ _ ] time
110 pounds soaking wet gym shark shirt
doing like pronated curls and these
weird little
[ _ ] things that they saw you know their favorite instagram are doing who’s [ _ ] jacked his ship on trend
and [ _ ] rad 140 and you know these guys don’t tell you and i’m pretty sure with gymshark if you’re sponsored by gemshark i don’t even think you can claim anything but natural because they don’t want their name associated with steroids even though every one of their [ _ ]
athletes is [ _ ] juiced to the max and uh yeah so 16 year old kids working out in the gym thinking oh well if i you know eat my protein and my bcaas and do my pronated suplex curls to really focus on the outer part of the bicep and that’s how you get jacked in seven days and it’s just not realistic and that’s why i really like mark that’s why i respect him he tells you exactly what he’s doing tells you it ain’t gonna work for you you’ll probably injure yourself you’ll never be as strong as him and he tells you that he knows there’s dangers and he spells it out so that’s about it guys mark plummer i like his channel he does a lot of different stuff too he does some interesting videos i’m gonna say mark gotta be a little easy on the vodka i saw a video with you and your ex-girlfriend careful on that var and all that other stuff and halo don’t [ _ ] up your liver
my friend
but best of luck breaking the world
record i’m going to keep watching your
i hope you break it and i hope your your
back’s good and everyone’s healthy
so that’s about it guys uh check out
mark’s channel
i’ll try to remember to leave a link to
his channel in the description if not
just search him out mark plummer
you’ll find him brick [ __ ] that’s
about it guys
as always you’re awesome get your levels

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