Anabolic Doc Giving Bad Docs a Pass? Once a Month Cyp Protocols?

Thomas O’Connor also know as the Anabolic Doc is a great doctor and strives to help men all over the world with TRT. But in one of his videos he gave a pass to doctors who give guys once a month Cypionate protocols, stating that they are not in the steroid world and are busy. I truly hope that he misspoke or that he didn’t mean what he said in that way. But this brings up another topic. Are doctors morally and ethically held to a higher standard of knowing more about the medicines they use to treat patients?

that’s the medical world and we don’t
want to disparage doctors they’re very
it’s all about humanity
what’s going on guys test your levels
thanks for being here
i was actually planning on making a
whole different video in my other office
here but uh
ran across a video of anabolic doc
talking about how much test you should
and uh it wasn’t the video itself really
prompted me to do this video it was
something he said right in the beginning
let’s not disparage doctors they’re busy
and it just
it made me mad now first off i like
anabolic doc this is not a slam on
anabolic doc
could have been that he was just you
know said something he didn’t mean to
say it exactly like that but
they left it in the video so i’ve got
just got to run with it
and we know in the medical literature it
was acceptable to inject
this ester every two weeks i still see
from doctors and even every month and
this is not undecanade this is sipinate
or an anthony
or sustainable 250. now that’s the
medical world and we don’t want to
disparage doctors they’re very busy and
they’re not involved
with steroids up until now we hope
they’re going to pay attention and
get on board with this and learn because
millions of people are using steroids
he’s talking about you know he still
sees doctors that are prescribing
uh you know 200 milligrams every once
every two weeks
and then he says he’s also seen 200
milligrams once a month
and i mean he’s he’s giving docs a pass
dox he’s like oh well they’re not
involved in the steroid world
well they are doctors they’re
endocrinologists the urologist
and they’re supposed to know about male
hormones and they’re supposed to learn
about the medicines that they prescribe
do you think they don’t know about all
the new medicines that come out do you
think they don’t know
everything about them of course they do
because they’ve taken out to ruth chris
they get brought panera every day they
have reps coming in
to explain exactly how the medicine
works so that they can prescribe it
now testosterone has been used as
medicine since like the 60s
and so if a doctor learned about
testosterone any time
after the 60s they should at least know
something about it
and if they don’t though then they
should learn about it
i mean it’s to say we just give doctors
a pass they’re busy
okay well we’re all busy but what we do
is we
pay doctors and we entrust our health in
and we believe that they know what
they’re doing when they prescribe
certain medicines
so if i go to a doctor and he prescribes
me an ssri or whatever medicine
i expect that he knows how it works what
the symptoms or
side effects could be and the amount to
give me and how often
i should take them so we’re putting
blind faith in
doctors for stuff and that’s why it’s
one of the reasons i created this
channel is because
you know i initially had a bad run-in
with a doctor an older doctor
and i know since i’ve started the
channel i’ve seen so many guys
that have run into the same issue as me
so i was like let me just try to put
some information out there so people can
do research
i mean do we give doctors a pass
on prescribing a male hormone because
the literature and the prescription
dosage and scheduling
from the 60s um you know do we give them
a pass
for not keeping up with their education
i don’t think so i think that’s pretty
piss poor
i mean imagine imagine if a doctor
with any other medicine you know
prescribed the dosage
you know maybe half as much as you
should take or half
it’s just it’s insane to me that
medicines that have been around since
the 60s
doctors still don’t know like how they
work in the real world
i mean i get it there’s not scipionate
reps there’s not enanthate reps that are
bringing them panera i understand that
but if you’re prescribing a medicine
don’t you have an ethical
a moral you know duty to do research on
that medicine
i mean if you’re a doctor and you’re
giving a guy 200 milligrams
once a month that’s 50 milligrams a week
you’re gonna have 200 the first week
then 100 the next week and then you’re
going to have
50 and you’re going to walk into your
doctor’s office a month later
25 milligrams in your body and you’re
going to feel like trash
because not only are they shutting down
your testosterone but they’re not giving
you enough to replace it
so you probably end up worse than you
were before but let’s not disparage
i mean they’re busy people you know
they’ve got to see 50 patients a day and
collect 50 copays
and spend five minutes with each one of
their patients i mean
does anyone else see this is wrong
i mean the doctors prescribing medicines
they don’t know
how to effectively anabolic doc
i’m not i’m not trying to rip on you but
let’s not give doctors a pass
let’s hold them accountable uh for what
they’re supposed to be doing and they’re
supposed to have knowledge about what
they prescribe
and maybe the reason that so many
doctors don’t prescribe testosterone is
because they’re unwilling to learn about
i mean it’s crazy i could watch just a
couple videos on my channel and know
more than most doctors
i mean not in other areas because i’m
not researching that but
i mean doctors are humans they went
through school and they learn stuff
doesn’t mean that they’re innately more
intelligent than us
it’s not like a doctor and you could
read the exact same literature
and they’re gonna walk away knowing what
they’re talking about and you’re gonna
walk away looking like an idiot and have
no idea
i mean granted yeah some other
complicated stuff you know
really in-depth stuff that doctors would
more inclined to understand yeah i’d get
but i mean just looking at you know and seeing how you
know the
testosterone fluctuates by day if they
went on steroid plotter and typed in
200 milligrams of recipient one month
they would just see it just
tank i mean i don’t know
there are lots of good doctors out there
and i’m not trying to rip on doctors and
i don’t want to make you jaded to
but there’s a lot of bad doctors too
doctors that they’re just going through
the motions
and it’s sad i mean i get it there’s
people in every profession that just go
through the motions there’s attorneys
cops there’s you know the cashiers i get
but i feel like if we’re gonna pay
doctors a lot and hold them
in such a high regard in our society we
should also hold them to higher
and i don’t know what these doctors
doing for their continuing education but
they’re sure as hell not learning about
human hormones or male hormones more
but just a little rant i like you
anabolic doc i’m not trying to rip on
you maybe it was
a misquote on your part you didn’t mean
to say that but
it came off as saying let’s not
disparage doctors there’s no reason that
doctors should understand
testosterone because it’s steroids but
it’s prescribed by them and it’s called
and it helps lots of guys and it changes
but let’s not hold them accountable for
not checking out some of the updated
things you know
just anyway i don’t want to go on a rant
thanks for watching as always you’re
awesome and get your levels tested

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