Anavar Increases Height in Kids? New Study Asks This Question.

Ever Wonder if Anavar / Oxandrolone given to children would increase their adult height? Me neither, but some scientists did and they did a study to see if this would work. The results are pretty interesting.

what’s going on guys tester levels here
came across a really crazy study
something that i didn’t even know was
and uh it’s it’s it’s pretty wild anyway
let’s just do a medical disclaimer and
jump right in
it’s all about humanity
so oxander alone use in trans masculine
youth appears to increase adult height
preliminary evidence
if you’re not familiar with oxandralone
it’s anavar it’s an
oral steroid that that gives people
pretty good results
um it’s also used in female bodybuilding
because it doesn’t give
women the you know side effects of you
know facial hair
growth and uh yeah anyway it allows them
be more feminine for longer but in the
yeah but uh it’s pretty wild i mean just
because you know
it’s baked into our heads that you know
if you take steroids
at a young age or you know mess up with
your hormones
your growth plates close but in this
they said early use of oxandalone and
gonadotropin releasing hormone analogs
have been shown to increase adult height
in patients at risk for short stature
but they’ve never
tried this with trans masculine what the
hell is trans masculine what does that
mean i’m gonna have to look that up
we’ll be right back 346 minutes later
okay so transmasculine is generally
females who identify with the masculine
they’re also transgender men demi boys
multi-gender and gender fluid and other
okay so i’m assuming this study is on
females that are transitioning into men
but anyway it’s pretty freaking crazy
you know they uh
increase this height their adult height
169.6 centimeters compared to 162.
so these women who transitioned and took
freaking anavar were seven centimeters
taller over seven centimeters taller
than if they didn’t take anavar that’s
freaking insane
i mean that’s just i mean what the
how does how does anavar
make you grow seven centimeters longer
or higher
taller i mean does that does that
translate to guys
in any way shape or form what does
what does giving females anavar how does
that make them taller
what else is crazy is you know that the
united states government has
listed anavar and other steroids you
know as illegal
and so if they’re illegal you know
they’re really not i mean i guess anavar
is not illegal you can get a
prescription for it
but it’s it’s just one of those things
that’s really hard to get so why would
they do studies on it you know
i mean could this be used for guys did i
pass my prime
i’m six foot right now if i took anavar
for a few years
could i become six one or six two i
don’t know
i mean maybe we’re gonna have to test
that and find out but the other thing
they said that was interesting is that
each earlier year of treatment yielded a
2.3 centimeter increase in adult height
so the earlier that these females were
females started using anavar they
correlated to 2.3 centimeters of
extra height in their adult life how
much anavar are they giving these girls
and who who thought of this who was the
first researcher that was like
yo i’ve got an idea let’s give
girls anavar and see if it helps
them grow
like who signed up for this test like
yeah i’m kind of a short female and i’m
wanting to transition to a man um yeah
it let’s take some anavar that’s
just crazy
this just goes to show you like how
little we know about hormones
and the drugs that we have and anabolics
i mean it just shows we know i would say
maybe five to ten percent of what we
will come to
realize in the next 10 50 200 years who
but the fact that a compound that’s used
in bodybuilding in female bodybuilding
can help women get extra height
in their when they’re adults and i
i guess they’re already
transitioning to men so side effects
don’t even matter
i throw some tests and deca in
there these jackass
female men yeah i don’t i don’t know
that whole stuff
totally cool with whatever you want to
do as long as it doesn’t harm other
people but i am not well versed
in gender studies so that’s it guys just
thought i’d show you guys this pretty
crazy they’re giving girls anova
and it makes them taller but if you’re
new click on the subscribe button it’s
and you can change your mind at any time
and you really don’t know how much that
actually means to me
if you like the video if you know
someone who’s
transitioning from a female to a man and
they want to be taller
throw them some var but have a good one
guys as always you’re awesome
and get your levels tested

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