More Semen, Sperm, Load Volume Supplement Stack! Top Five Volume Supplements to increase your Load! Holy Grail Load Stack

Holy Grail

Supplements L-Arginine –

Zinc –

Maca –

Pygeum –

Lecithin –

and it’s crazy because the two that have
zero scientific evidence to back them up
in these claims are the two that are
most popular on forums and
the two that guys are saying work the
while the other three actually have
scientific data
aren’t really mentioned as much pretty
wild it’s all about humanity
what’s going on guys test your levels
thanks for being here with me
today we’re going to talk about the holy
grail of
finales as most of you guys know who are
on trt
there are certain things that decrease
when you’re on trt
and while not an issue for a lot of
i’ve seen this question post a lot a lot
of people’s
in their relationships they want more of
finale and their partners may want it
they just may want it because they feel
more confident
who knows but doing some research on
came across what’s called the holy grail
and it’s
this is no science in any way shape or
form this is
one guy that put together this stack uh
that he seems to think
worked really well for him and there’s a
whole bunch of comments
i’ll try to remember to put a link to it
in the bottom but it’s like
209 you know forum pages long and it’s
from like
2009 or something like that it’s been
around for a while
and we’re gonna get into some of these
uh supplements and
like i said in the intro it’s crazy that
the two that have zero evidence
at all to to say that this that it helps
the two that most guys say helps so
let’s jump right in the first one is
l-arginine which is an amino acid that
we get from foods
and it is used to make protein in the
l-arginine is converted in our body to
oxide nitric oxide you’ve probably seen
supplements that talk about nitric oxide
nitric oxide you know causes blood
vessels to
release and everything becomes looser
and the blood can flow better
l-arginine also helps release human
growth hormone
insulin and other hormones in the body
i’ll get to all the dosages of this
holy grail stack toward the end but for
you know normal doses seem to be very
well tolerated and pretty safe
and some of these guys in these forms i
saw went up to like 6 000 milligrams a
day which is
a lot so definitely talk to your doctor
about the dosage for that but
6 000 is pretty high one weird side
effect of taking a lot of l-arginine
is if you do have herpes uh it’s been
known or
anecdotally known to increase the amount
of flare-ups that you have so something
to generally consider
so here’s where the studies come in and
these first ones are animal studies
they did studies on rams and roosters
and they gave them l-arginine and long
story short
they had more volume and also improved
they also did a study on 15 guys and
found a very similar thing
so the science backs it up you know
they didn’t go into great details about
the increase but they said they saw an
in the swimmers quality and volume
so this one actually does have some
science behind it
but a couple of the other ones we’ll
talk about later don’t the next one is
zinc zinc is a very important very
important mineral in our body
and because our body doesn’t store zinc
we have to get zinc from foods and it
comes in a lot of variety of foods
this is one of the reasons i take
multivitamin but
this is included in the stack and a lot
of guys think that this one works as
well but not as much as the
two that we’ll go over later fun fact
about zinc
besides iron it is the most uh you know
mineral that is in our tissues in our
body so irons number one zinc number two
so it’s been shown that a zinc
deficiency can hurt
the testes and the ovaries from
functioning properly so this is
partially where the thought process of
supplementing zinc can help in that
process for us it’s the boys
they’ve done about 20 studies so far on
zinc and basically all of them have
that in infertile men that it has
improved swimmer quality
and volume so on paper this works
and some guys do find success with it
but it’s not the most talked about one
thing that is interesting is they sell
there’s like four or five different
companies that sell
uh supplements you know basically like a
you know
a bunch of supplements put into one to
increase volume
and zinc is in almost every single one
of them so those companies
they believe that zinc does help now
here’s the thing with zinc
obviously it’s extremely important for
our body but there have been studies
showing that if you take
more than 40 milligrams a day it can you
know mess with your copper in your body
and can actually cause anemia
and there’s also another stat out there
that taking a hundred milligrams of zinc
every day for ten years
doubles your risk of prostate cancer so
i mean i would say if you’re going to
try this obviously consult your doctor
but i would stay below that 40
milligrams i would stay in the 30s
but it’s if you want to do this at all i
wouldn’t recommend it the next one is
maca root and
maca root is called the peruvian ginseng
and i believe tony huge has mentioned
this along with one we’re going to go
over next
and it has a lot of health benefits and
they’ve used it for a long time
so a recent review of five studies
showed that maca root
in infertile and healthy men improved
the quality of their swimmers in one of
the studies
it was a small study only nine guys
after four months of supplementing with
they noticed an increase in quality and
volume maca is
generally considered safe however you
need to talk to your doctor before
trying any supplements
so this next one is called pygm and i’m
going to scroll some amazon reviews
and i think one of them was like you
know why you’re buying this
it works i thought that was pretty funny
pygm is an extract from the african
cherry tree i’m sure there’s a
scientific name
but it comes from africa and it
supposedly has lots of health benefits
it may help treat benign prostatic
a good amount of studies have shown
pygin2 have many benefits for the
and we’ll get to why that’s important
for this specific cause a little later
pigeon can help to reduce the androgen
breakdown product of testosterone called
dht or dihydrotestosterone
which impedes healthy swimmer
development pyjama improves
prostate and seminal fluids the prostate
gland secretes fluids to maintain an
swimmer environment to support swimmer
health and reproduction
now i looked and i could not find any
any study anything scientific at all
about pygm
helping with volume there’s just i
couldn’t find it
if you can find it link it down below in
the description
but i could not find it so like i said
it has no
scientific study at least that i could
find that shows that it does
anything related to this except for that
it’s somewhat good for the prostate
but this is the number two supplement
that guys say
really helps um it’s pretty wild
they were talking about the pre volume
if you know what i’m saying and they
said this one really helps with that
at least some of the guys did but this
one’s the second most discussed one on
forum board and i guess i’ll have to put
a description now or a link
because i’ve mentioned it so many times
but yeah just
go there and check out these comments
it’s pretty wild so the last one and the
most discussed one is
lecithin i believe i’ve heard tony huge
talk about this
i’ll show some amazon reviews as well
lecherton it’s normally you’re going to
hear it called soy lecithin because
what the main supplement that was sold
for a long time was
i know a lot of guys try to stay away
from soy or they don’t like soy
so but actually the now brand which i
really like they’re very affordable and
i feel their products are quality
they sell a sunflower lecithin the pills
like brown they’re big brown and they
look they look weird
but um this is like the number one
supplement that guys talk about when
they’re trying to get more volume but
there’s zero scientific evidence
but there’s enough of a benefit another
that i found while researching this that
made me go out and buy a bottle
i obviously consulted my doctor first
but it’s cholesterol
and i’ll read you the stats supposedly
lexicon is really good for cholesterol
and as you know if you’re on trt
cholesterol is one of the biggest things
that we worry about and try to keep
in range or you know just improve
as we’re on trt as much as we can the
results showed a reduction of 40.66
and 42 in total cholesterol
between one month and two months of
treatment so 40
the first month 42 the second month
that’s total cholesterol
and 42.05 percent and 56.15 percent
in ldl cholesterol after treatment for
one or two months
so one in month one lowered their ldl 42
month two is down 56 percent now
this is just a study it’s a single study
uh it’s not
been done on thousands and thousands of
people but
hey if it’s working for them and
it may offer this other possible benefit
hey for like 9 10 bucks to let it last
like two months
why not so just so just like the pygm
lecithin no scientific study at all
showing that it does anything in that
general area
but it’s the number one talked about
supplement in this stack
that guys are saying you know this has
worked for me you know i found that
after trying all of these
this was the main one that helped so
i’ve been taking it for
about what five days now
and i’m not gonna report the results
back so i’m gonna do a whole video on
soy on sunflower lecithin
and uh i’m gonna you know just because
it’s the most popular one
listen i’m not taking all these
supplements i’m not spending you know 50
or 100 bucks to try to
you know do this holy grail stack but i
will try the number one talked about one
that also
has been shown to lower cholesterol
levels or bad cholesterol
so yeah that’s worth 10 bucks to me but
i have no interest in taking
you know i already take enough
supplements as it is so i’m just gonna
try the number one
so i’m gonna have links to all these in
my description i’m gonna try to find the
best value lowest price one for you guys
i’ll also have a link to that holy grail
209 forum page is pretty crazy but if
you want to
dive deep and get a little more detail
than i did here have at it
so to give you kind of a breakdown of
you know
which parts of your body make this final
the first one are the seminal vesicles
vesicles seminal vesicles two sac like
glands that lie behind your bladder
they do 50 to 65 percent of the fluid
in the final product so right there
that’s 50 to 60 percent
and then you have the prostate and that
is about
20 to 30 percent so that’s why some of
supplements mentioned that they were
good for the prostate and i guess the
thought process is if the prostate’s
doing its thing better then there’ll be
more of this volume
and only five percent are actual
swimmers so
you know i mean most of these
supplements said they improve the
not the quantity of the swimmers just
that they were healthier
better at what they do there’s also
another gland
that’s in there that doesn’t really
produce but it creates something right
to help lubricate so that everything can
yeah anyway so i’ll get into the i’ll
get into the amounts
of this stuff so this was just this
one-person stack
i don’t recommend copying this in any
way shape or form this is not scientific
this is just what one guy did and it’s
probably prompted a whole other guys
to try but it was l-arginine 1000
milligrams per day
zinc 50 milligrams per day which is
higher than that 40 milligrams that we
talked about
that can mess with your copper levels
and then mess with your blood
pygium was 200 milligrams per day
lecithin was 1200 milligrams per day now
what’s interesting about that
is on my bottle it says to take two a
day which is 2400
so that’s what i’ve been doing i haven’t
had any side effects i’ve had no issues
with it and i’ll report back the results
later because this stuff doesn’t just
change overnight
and then the last one the maca 350
milligrams per day
so that’s the stack he also threw in i
believe it was lysine
uh he threw in something else as well
but no one really talked about that one
at all and it also
talked about conflicting with arginine
so i left that one out but if you want
to do more research
there’s a link in the description so i
hope this video wasn’t too long i hope
you found it interesting
if you’re new and you want to hear my
results with the lecithin click on the
subscribe button
uh if you like the video click on the
like button helps out the channel
and let me know if you’ve tried any of
these for this specific reason
let us know in the comments because yeah
scientific studies are cool
but real world application and real
world results
are i personally think not more
important but
more accurate so if you tried any of
these let me know in the description if
it worked what didn’t work
so that’s about it guys as always you’re
and get your levels tested

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