MK-2866 Ostarine – Benefits, Sides & History | Cutting / Maintenance SARM

MK-2866 Ostarine – Benefits, Sides & History | Cutting / Maintenance SARM

what’s going on guys tester levels here
thanks for being here thanks for all the
support on the channel
today we’re going to talk about a really
cool compound and i can’t mention its
or the family of compounds that it’s in
within the first 30 seconds because we
don’t want to upset
lord youtube so we’re gonna jump right
in we’re gonna do a quick medical
and then we’ll uh let’s get into this
really cool compound that’s
extremely popular with younger kids uh
instagram instagramers tic tackers uh
it’s kind of like the the first thing
that you try if
you’re trying to i don’t know let’s
let’s jump into it
it’s all about humanity
so today we’ll be talking about osterine
you’ve probably heard it called either
austrian or mk2866
but it’s actually has a couple has a
couple of different names it’s uh
inobos enobosarm uh
gtx and s22
so it’s got a lot of different names no
idea why but uh it’s an interesting
compound and it’s a sarm
and it’s one of the first arms ever
created and it’s
pretty much gone through more clinical
trials than any other sarm
so it’s the most researched the most
data behind it
it’s actually gone to phase three
clinical trials
where supposedly it didn’t work the way
they wanted it to work so
they just scrapped it crazy thing is
they spent 35 million dollars on this
and one trial they’re just like nope
doesn’t work even though it does work
but we’ll get into it so austrian was
being developed by a company called gtx
and in 2007 it entered phase two
clinical trials
and at that point they signed an
exclusive exclusivity
license with merck pharmaceuticals you
know merck they’re a big massive company
and uh in phase two trials it went
really well
and what was it designed to do it was
designed to help with
muscle wasting and osteoporosis so
the idea behind it is that for people
who have muscle wasting conditions you
know like cancer
hiv whatever it may be horrible diseases
it’s designed to help them grow muscle
and not waste it
and also uh they were using it to treat
help treat osteoporosis so
it’s designed to help strengthen the
bones in 2011 they did a double-blind
study with men and women and they were
given austrian to see
what benefits it gave them and it gave
them improved muscle mass
and improved physical activity without
any of the negative side effects of
sounds pretty cool that’s what this
whole serum family is these are all
medicines that were designed
to mimic the muscle gain and some other
different stuff that testosterone can do
without the side effects of testosterone
i mean obviously if you’re a woman
and you have a muscle wasting disease
yeah they can give you tests they can
give you deca but you’re going to get
those you know manly traits and
negative side effects that a woman
really wouldn’t want in 2013 they did a
phase 3 clinical
trial on people with lung cancer and
for whatever reason they didn’t find
that it worked the way they wanted it to
and that’s how it got scrapped and like
i said they spent 35 million dollars on
it’s a lot of money to throw away from
one clinical trial and it didn’t say
anything about them having side effects
and you know
you know 20 of the people died from
taking austrian or anything they just
said it didn’t have the efficacy
that didn’t do exactly what they wanted
to do or as well as they wanted to do
who knows but every study that they’ve
done on it has shown that it grows
and with very minimal side effects if
any at all i mean every single child has
shown that it’s gained
muscle so why do you think tick tockers
instagrammers and all that
are using it to gain muscle and
the reason that uh osterine is so
is because it’s one of the mildest sarms
and you wouldn’t think okay well the
mildest one
would be the most popular you’d think
the strongest one something like rad or
would be the most popular and they are
popular but austrian is a very mild
so it’s not as strong you don’t not
going to have as much of a hair loss and
the water weight you’re really not going
to have any water weight on it
and that’s why we’re going to get into
why it’s used so much so it’s kind of
like the beginner
cycle you know the the beginner you know
austrian you know all these kids think
oh there’s no side effects from austrian
it’s you know it’s mild it’s fine
that’s where i’m going to start and
that’s where most of them do and
they’ve been using austrian mk2866 as
let’s see here in october 2018 ufc
fighter sean o’malley tested positive
for mk 2866
in july 2019 nfl football league player
taylor lewin failed the drug test for a
nobos arm or
austrian so it made its way i mean
that’s just you know
two years and one year ago you know
these guys are getting popped for using
you know austrian
so it’s it’s out there people use it
it’s very common
very popular so obviously the very mild
side effects are what a lot of people
like about it
it’s generally well tolerated by almost
but where austerity mk2866 really shines
is in cutting cycles so obviously if
you’re cutting you’re going to be in a
caloric deficit
and when you’re lifting and trying to
gain more muscle you know your body
prioritizes those calories and when
you’re in a calorie deficit
your body is like okay well we’re going
to use those calories for you know the
main things that we need to live
and excess muscle and building of new
muscle is very low on the list
and your body needs to keep your brain
going your heart going
so it’s not as worried about building
muscle so this is where the austrian
comes in
so what a lot of guys would do is when
they’re in a caloric deficit and they’re
they’ll take austrian to either a gain
muscle while they’re cutting
or to just you know keep the exact same
muscle that they have
while they’re cutting so they don’t want
to lose the muscle that they already
have and have spent so much time
building up
so while they’re cutting they’ll throw
an austrian try to level that out
it seems to work very well for a lot of
people austrian is not like a bulking
agent you’re not just going to take
austria and just get
jacked and blow up like lgd 40 33 or
30 33 which is extremely hard to find or
um you know it’s mainly like i said it’s
very mild
it works but it’s mild so that’s why a
lot of guys use it in cutting just to
maintain that muscle mass
some other things that researchers have
claimed or
noticed while researching with austrian
improved stamina in the gym so able to
gain more reps more sets
improved recovery time this completely
makes sense as this compound grows
muscle so your muscles are going to heal
faster and bigger
austrian is a dry compound so unlike
lgd where you’re going to put on a lot
of water weight mk2866 is not going to
give you water weight it has almost no
water retention that’s another reason
why guys like it on cutting
you know why would you want to you know
cut and lose weight and then put on
you know four or five pounds of water
weight that’s gonna you know water out
your muscles and make them not pop
which is another thing people say that
it does i don’t i’ve never personally
tried it so i don’t know if it really
has a drying effect like rad
but a lot of guys say that when they’re
on it they feel like their muscles pop
a little bit more defined a little more
hard so that’s just some of the stuff
that people have
you know noticed while researching some
researchers claim that it heals tendons
and joints
um you know that’s just anecdotal
evidence there haven’t been any clinical
studies or any data to suggest that
austrian actually does do any healing to
joints and tendons
some people say that it does but it’s
purely anecdotal
you know it could be a guy goes in you
know gets a little injury or it’s just a
nagging little twinge
and he starts taking mk and you know a
month later you know that twinge goes
away and he’s like uh it was the mk
that’s what is the austrian that’s what
helped but there’s no clinical data that
backs that up
as with all asarms austrian can give you
some of the same side effects the lower
testosterone levels testosterone
another one same thing as testosterone
gonna possibly lower that hdl which is
the good cholesterol and raise your ldl
which is the bad cholesterol
some other very uncommon or rare side
effects that some people have reported
while taking offstring
is uh hair shedding gynoclemastia and
insomnia once again these are very rare
you know
you might take it and you know you get
insomnia your body might take it and it
helps them sleep so
but these are pretty rare so but
something definitely to watch out for
that’s about all i’ve got on austrian
really cool compound
i find sarms really interesting i think
eventually unless they’re suppressed by
you know the medical community
i think at some point you know there is
going to be a charm or a couple sarms
that are fda approved they’ve already
proven to work
i mean people are taking them left and
right i mean there’s tons of companies
that sell these sarms
and you know people aren’t dropping dead
from them and if they had crazy bad side
you know people wouldn’t take them but
that’s just my thoughts on it i think
it’s a
really cool uh kind of medicine uh
once again these selective ones you know
there’s these are selected androgen
receptor modulators
they go in and bind to that receptor
they don’t float around the body looking
for every little receptor
they go right there for the androgen
ones so it’s pretty interesting
same concept of peptides i think
peptides is going to be the future of
medicine as well
unfortunately most of them are not
patentable so there’s not a lot of money
behind them
but that’s the world we live in we’ll
just have to see what happens
so that’s about it guys austrian cool
as always you’re awesome and let me know
in the comments have you taken it did
you like it did you have any side
effects what were your results
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a lot of videos and uh
come along for the ride with me it’s
free you can always change your mind
as always guys you’re awesome and get
your levels tested

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