Kisspeptin-10 Peptide – Better than HCG?

Kisspeptin 10 also known as Metastin triggers the pituitary gland to release Gonadotropin Releasing Hormone which in turn triggers the production of Luteinizing Hormone (LH) and Follicle Stimulating Hormone (FSH.) Both of these can be important in increasing your testosterone levels and keeping your boys working. Some say that Kisspeptin is even better than HCG for guys on TRT.

what’s going on guys
texture levels here thanks for being
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love you guys you guys are awesome today
we’re going to talk about another really
cool compound that’s naturally occurring
in your body
it’s thought to do a lot of cool stuff
we’re still within the first 30 seconds
of youtube and we can’t upset
lord youtube so we can’t really say too
much in the first 30 seconds
so i’m gonna run a quick medical
disclaimer and we’ll jump right in
it’s all about humanity
so the compound we’re talking about
today is called kispeptin or metastan
and we’ll touch on you know my taste and
why it’s called that in a little bit
so it’s a naturally occurring protein in
humans that plays
important roles in hormone signaling
during puberty and reproduction
it is also thought to affect mood and
promote angiogenesis and regulate kidney
it’s found in the brain and is also
known to suppress tumor growth and
or the spread of cancer so that’s really
cool right in itself
peptide is of great scientific interest
for its ability to influence
gonadotropin releasing hormone
now this is where it comes into trt so
hcg if you’re not familiar with hcg what
it does is it mimics luteinizing hormone
to keep your boys as close to the normal
size as they can
to increase the volume of the finale of
but it’s you know it’s mimicking
something that’s at the end of you know
this whole cycle of hormones
where kispeptin actually goes in and
it’s you know right there on the front
it kind of goes into the brain and tells
the body to release this gonadotropin
releasing hormone
which then trickles down to luteinizing
hormone and follicle stimulating hormone
so you know you can you can imagine if
you’re starting more at the top
then you know mimicking something on the
bottom there’s a good chance you could
get better results
now on the flip side if you
if your boys didn’t work you know you
could throw lh and fsh atom and they
still they just don’t produce
then this is not going to make any
difference for you but if your issue and
why you have low testosterone is because
you know your brain’s just not sending
the signal to your boys then
because peptan could work really well
and i think that
over time this is going to become more
of a thing in trt
especially if they continue to try to
mess with hcg for whatever reason
it got grouped into a whole act in the
to try to lower insulin and they call it
a biologic now so they have to have a
certain license it’s a whole thing
i mean they basically just broke
something that wasn’t broken but
that’s kind of what they do and that’s
why we pay them our hard-earned tax
gonadotropin releasing hormone is
synthesized in and released
from the gnrh neurons in the
it is the first hormone released in the
hypothalamic pituitary gonadal access
and controls the release of follicle
stimulating hormone and luteinizing
from the anterior pituitary gland so
kispeptin is used therapeutically to
menstruation in select settings as a
treatment for precocious puberty and
as a continuous infusion in certain
types of cancer
so they’re actually using this to treat
cancer or as part of the plan to treat
so that’s pretty cool i mean i wouldn’t
mind taking something
twice a week for trt that if i did
happen to develop a tumor of some kind
i’d already have something working in my
favor that’s pretty cool i think a lot
more research needs to be done into this
so obviously as long as your boys are
working and you’re getting more lh and
fsh to them
you’re going to produce more
testosterone you’re going to keep them
working you’re going to keep them doing
what they need to do
that’s where it helps prevent atrophy or
the shrinkage of them
and also like you said helps with the
volume of the finale of something
so that’s really cool right there but as
i said if your boys don’t work
it’s probably not going to do anything
for you so kispeptin is also
pretty interesting in that if you give
it to men and women you get a different
result you give it to men it increases
testosterone you give it to women it
doesn’t do anything for their
testosterone so that’s pretty cool
obviously they don’t have boys so i
could see where that would make sense
so they did a study on six men where
they administered kisspeptin via iv
and these guys showed a significant
increase in plasma testosterone nearly
after just 90 minutes that’s pretty cool
right there i mean that’s
it’s super small study i mean six people
that’s you know that’s not even a study
that’s just like
hey let’s let’s give this a shot we got
six guys right here let’s you know load
them up with some his peptide and test
their testosterone levels
but right there i mean that’s really
cool threefold testosterone
in 90 minutes kispeptin 10 appears to
achieve this feat by increasing
pulsatile release of luteinizing hormone
given at high enough doses kiss peptin
can cause such rapid pulsation
as to obscure the individual pulses
resulting in a continuous release of
luteinizing hormone
this finding opens the door for
potential uses of kiss peptin and its
analogs in a variety of settings from
pregnancy to low testosterone levels and
you know i spoke about this in my hgh
frag video and i find it
really cool these peptides they’re you
know a lot of them are naturally
occurring in the body
some aren’t but they’re basically
they’re being used
to use our own bodies to fix issues
within our bodies
so you know we’ve got the pituitary
issues not sending the sibling to the
we get some more kids peptide in there
it signals that and it gets that whole
process going
i mean imagine if you could just you
don’t have to take testosterone you
could just take kiss peptin
i haven’t personally taken it i don’t
know anyone who’s taken it as a
but it’s really really cool that there’s
a possibility this may work
and it does i mean it seems to work on
but i mean it’d be pretty cool i mean if
you could just take hispeptan and be
good to go
it may not be the case it may not work
that well it may you know your pituitary
gland might get burnt out on it and you
know the results decline over time
but from what i’ve seen it seems like it
could be a good add-on to trt and it may
just be better than hcg
who knows another interesting thing
about kispeptin is
you know they found in certain animal
tests and trials
that it controls energy levels and you
know energy levels and reproduction kind
of go hand in hand so these doctors are
saying they’re not surprised
that mistas or metastasis yeah
metastatin and kispeptin
you know can regulate and affect energy
levels in the body
so 20 years ago it was discovered that
kispeptin is capable of suppressing
of melanoma malignant skin cancer by as
much as 95
95 and yet this is something that the
majority of the world
has never even heard of i don’t know
it’s kind of odd huh 20 years ago
so into year 2000 95
suppressing the spread of malignant skin
but i don’t know i don’t hear anyone
talking about this
it appears that the peptide produces
this effect by reducing cancer cell
there’s also some question as to whether
kispeptin can reduce cell adhesion and
thereby prevent cancer cells
from sticking to other tissues and
invading them
so i mean 20 years ago they figured out
that you know it helps you know stop the
or stop the growth of skin cancer by 95
but they also believe that it can keep
other cancer cells from you know jumping
one spot to another and starting to mess
up that area
or organ so why don’t we know about this
why isn’t this why can’t you buy this at
like walmart
i know they don’t sell peptides at
walmart but they should
screening of a variety of matastic
cancer types reveal that breast bladder
gi prostate pancreatic ovarian skin and
thyroid cancer all show changes
generally decreases
in kispeptin levels confirming that the
peptide plays a role in the spread of
pretty cool i’m not sure why this isn’t
another interesting thing about
kispeptin it appears that certain
analogs to kisspeptin are important in
the areas of the brain responsible for
memory consolidation
and for the orientation in 3d space
research and mice suggest that
administration of these peptides can
help to reverse the learning and
navigational impairment
often seen in ethanol intoxication so
they’re basically saying
that they got these mice drunk they gave
them kisspeptin
and they didn’t have as many issues
falling over walking
navigating so i mean that’s that’s
pretty freaking pretty cool result right
i imagine if you know 20 years from now
we’ve you know even
you’ve broken up kiss peptan into even
smaller pieces
and like you’re at the bar you’re drunk
and they’re like okay well
gotta go home time to drive let me uh
get my
kiss peptan frag 25 boop
and hey you’re sober and you’re good to
go i mean i obviously don’t think that’s
gonna happen but
that’d be pretty cool you could party as
long as you want and then when you’re
ready to go home
or do something productive you just a
little kiss peptan
frag and uh yeah you’re back to normal
so this can pretty much cover kispectin
um you know who covered that it can
kickstart your pituitary gland
get some downflow lh fsh you know get
your boys going
um and possibly could raise your
testosterone levels high enough
just on its own it’s not being used by
really any clinics or doctors for this
but on paper it seems really good we’ve
also seen that it can affect your energy
um and that it plays an important factor
in that and we’ve also seen that
the majority of the research shows that
it can stop the growth of cancer
as well as the spread of cancer i mean
like i said i don’t know why this isn’t
on the news why is this not
being researched by like every like
pharmaceutical company the problem is
it exists in your body so what does that
mean well
okay it exists in the body so why would
a pharmaceutical somebody pick it up and
run with it
well you can’t really patent things that
are already in the body
you can only patent processes and stuff
like that so
you know a brand new medicine that no
one’s ever heard of before you know you
can obviously patent that you can patent
the process in making it
and it’s interesting as pharmaceutical
companies actually will like change the
way they make a certain medicine
or make one little alteration so they
can repatent it so that it doesn’t go
and something like this they’re gonna
have a really hard time or not be able
to patent
so why spend millions of dollars on
something that can raise testosterone
and help with cancer and help with
if you can’t sell it and if you do all
the research you get it approved now
everyone can sell it
doesn’t make sense financially and
that’s what’s sad about our medical
so that’s it guys kiss pectin really
really cool
naturally occurring the brain does lots
of good stuff it’s just uh not very well
known or
popular but it is available and if
you’re watching this i’m assuming you
have internet access
take a look online you know do some
research on it and uh
may find someone that you know has a
connection who knows
anyway guys that’s gonna do it if you’re
click on the subscribe button it’s free
and you can always change your mind
and if you found this video interesting
and i’ve
thoroughly found it interesting you know
doing the research
click on the like button helps out the
channel appreciate it
but as always you’re awesome get your
levels tested

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