Top 10 Supplements for Men | Best Supplements for Men | Best TRT Supplements

Top 10 Supplements for Men | Best Supplements for Men | Best TRT Supplements

Mens Multivitamin –

Vitamin D3 & K2 –

Vitamin C –

Fish Oil –

Red Yeast Rice –

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Zinc –

Boron –

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what’s going on guys tester levels here
today i want to go
over my personal top 10 best supplements
men it’s not necessarily for trt but
before taking any supplements
please consult your doctor and we’ll do
a quick medical disclaimer and jump
right in
it’s all about humanity
number one is going to be a multivitamin
i know there’s like studies that say
like oh
not all of it gets absorbed and you know
it’s a waste of money
but for the cost of multivitamins i
think it is extremely important
i feel that the multivitamin you know
fills in any gaps in nutrients that you
didn’t get
from your diet throughout the day
they’re extremely cheap
yeah your body’s probably not going to
process all of it my thought is that
if your body needs it and you take a
pill then that has
all that vitamin or mineral and you know
your body is able to grab it
it’s going to yeah it’s not going to
grab all of it you’re going to pee some
of it out that’s just the way it is
but i just think it’s overall i think
it’s a great idea to make a multivitamin
the next one is kind of a twofer because
you can get a supplement that has
vitamin d3 and vitamin k2
now vitamin d3 is a pro hormone you
only get it from the sun that’s why it’s
added to milk and some other foods
because most of us don’t get outside a
lot like we used to
people back in the day had outside jobs
and did stuff outside and played outside
nowadays we sit in front of our
computers we go to work in front of a
and the only son we get is from the car
to the house and the house to the office
not in that order but it’s extremely
important vitamin d3 does a lot of stuff
in the body
and it does help with testosterone
levels you’ll see a lot of people
taking vitamin d3 on top of trt but it’s
a great supplement to take
if you’re not on trt and or just anyone
in general vitamin d3 is extremely
and since we don’t get out in the sun
and the sun can cause skin cancer
vitamin d3 is a fantastic supplement now
a lot of companies supplement to this
with k2 as well
because they both work hand in hand and
do lots of great things
they both help with hormones they both
help with the immune system
they both help with bones they both help
with the brain so they do a lot of great
stuff and i think it’s a fantastic
supplement to take if you’ve consulted
with your doctor
and you’re going to see as i go through
the list there’s lots of things that are
going to be repetitive
heart health immune system brain health
so a lot of these supplements help with
you know your heart which is the most
important thing in your body and your
immune system which is another really
helpful part of your body that you need
vitamin c super important we get it we
can get it from lots of vegetables and
but a lot of people don’t get enough but
it helps with your immune system and it
is a very powerful antioxidant
so anything that antioxidants help with
vitamin c is going to help do that
it can also help lower blood pressure
can help with brain health and cognitive
and it may help prevent cancer fish oil
fish oil supplements extremely important
they have the omega-3 fatty acids which
your body needs your body craves
it’s actually an anti-inflammatory when
i got prolotherapy which is where they
basically inject
sugar into in between your joints and
it’s to make your body feel
like it’s inflamed and then your body
tries to heal that area
one of the things they tell you not to
take for two weeks is fish oil
because it’s anti-inflammatory so you
want that anti-inflammatory response
in your body to help heal things so they
don’t want you to take fish oil
which is going to help with the
inflammation or the perceived
fish oils or omega-3s can help with
heart health
skin health brain health and they’ve
even been shown to reduce
liver fat as you get older sometimes you
get fatty deposits on your liver
they’ve shown that fish oil may help
reduce this so fish oil
extremely important fantastic supplement
i take it every single day
red yeast rice this is one that the
mainstream media and a lot of people do
not know about
red yeast rice is a supplement that is
basically they use to create tons of the
statin medications
if you’re taking a statin medication to
help lower cholesterol
there is an extremely good chance that
it was derived or created from
red yeast rice red yeast rice in itself
contains statins
so if you’re looking to lower blood
you know you can take the statins the
prescription medicines or you can take
the base
which is the red yeast rice that you can
get on amazon i personally go with the
red yeast rice
my doctor actually recommended it to me
i’m getting blood work pretty soon so
i’m pretty interested to see
how much my cholesterol has dropped now
keep in mind
some people have bad reactions to red
yeast rice
because it can lower your cholesterol
too much or if you have anything
if you have anything where you’re
allergic or you have a bad reaction to
red yeast rice can give you a bad side
effect so be very careful and consult
with your doctor before trying
so as you’re seeing heart health brain
health and immune health are popping up
a lot because those are
one of some of the most important things
for our bodies so that’s why i like
these supplements and they have lots of
other benefits as well
magnesium is another very important
mineral in the body
magnesium is an anti-inflammatory as
well and it may help lower blood
magnesium has also been shown to help
reduce insulin sensitivity
so in a world where we eat lots of carbs
and are exposed to lots of sugar and
high produce corn syrup and all that
good stuff
you can build up in insulin resistance
which is not good
magnesium may help lower your insulin
zinc is another very important thing in
our body and our bodies do not store
zinc so we can only get zinc from our
and if you’re not getting enough zinc
then a supplement may make a lot of
sense for you
zinc can help with your immune system it
can also aid in wound healing
it is also an anti-inflammatory which
you’re seeing pop up a lot in this video
and it can help with your swimmers if
you remember zinc was one of the
supplements in my volume stack not my
stack but was on
was on reddit and they say that it can
increase the
motility it can increase the volume of
swimmers and just in general it helps
with the fertility
so this next one is really just for
guys on trt that have high shbg
this supplement is boron i’m not
recommending that you know everyone
needs to take this but
boron has been shown in some capacity
and some people react
better or worse to it but it helps lower
that shbg
and raise the free tee now i’ve seen
boron thrown around
uh in helping ed but the truth is
if ed if your ed is caused by low free
testosterone then boron may help
but in general unless that exact
you know is your situation boron’s
really not going to do anything for ed
the last one is vitamin b12 or a b
vitamin you know complex of a few of
them 3 6 9
12 but vitamin b helps give you energy
it actually helps get energy from food
so that’s a big one that can improve
your energy levels and who doesn’t need
more energy these days
it also can help with bone health heart
health skin health and brain health
you’re going to see that
in all these supplements you know a lot
of them help with your immune system
your heart your brain
i mean those are very important things
in your body you need these to live
you know your heart if your heart stops
you’re done that’s the end that’s the
end of the road for you
so those are my top supplements now i’m
not telling you to rush out and go on
and just buy all these and start taking
them you know i would start with
i think the top ones are going to be the
multivitamin the vitamin c
vitamin d and the fish oil those would
like those would be the top ones in my
personal opinion
now a lot of these you can get through
so you don’t necessarily have to
supplement them but
i did want to put out this video to let
you know my personal thoughts on the
best supplements for guys to take
now you need to consult with your doctor
and figure out which ones
you may want to try so that’s about it
just real quick wanted to let you guys
know you know which supplements
i like i’m personally taking right now
vitamin d3
i’m about to get a bottle of vitamin d3
with k2 because why not k2 is really
good for you
i take vitamin c i take the red yeast
rice with the coq10
i take fish oil every day i also take
nac for liver
i think that’s it do i take any more
that’s what i personally take let me
know in the comments what you guys take
what are your favorite supplements and
do you agree with all of these do you
think i should have put some other ones
higher up in the list
let me know let me know in the comments
what you think i hope we can get a big
discussion going and
you know open see so you guys can see
what other guys are taking
why they’re taking it if it’s been
helpful so that’s about it guys
uh if you’re new here click on the
subscribe button it’s free and you can
always change your mind
if you like the video click on the like
button would really appreciate it
you guys are awesome and as always get
your levels tested

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