TRT Heart Study of other TRT Heart Studies – TRT Heart Studies Debunked!

A recent study, studied how previous heart studies on the effect of Testosterone replacement therapy effects the heart and other cardiovascular issues shows that these previous studies were carried out in not the best ways. Why would the medical system complete poorly constructed studies on TRT and the heart to make it look worse then it really is?

what is going on guys thanks for being
with me today
today we have pretty interesting study
it’s a study that looked at other
studies and was like yo
your studies are garbage but i’ll do a
quick medical disclaimer and jump right
it’s all about humanity
so we’ve got a study here testosterone
therapy and cardiovascular risk
a critical analysis of studies reporting
increased risk
so these guys mohit kara martin miner
whatever uh they basically they just
broke down these studies
of trt and low testosterone uh the ones
that said that you know guys on trt are
more risk for cardiovascular risk
they say okay let’s let’s look at this
information let’s see you know it’s
it pisses me off because there are all
these studies
you know that supposedly causes prostate
cancer stroke
heart issues and it’s just crazy it’s
like they’re trying to scare guys into
staying with
low testosterone but these guys they’re
nah b let’s let’s look this up
let’s get down with this
so treatment of adult onset hypogonadism
with exogenous testosterone therapy to
raise serum testosterone levels may
increase cardiovascular risks in
whereas low endogenous t levels are
associated with increased cardiovascular
risk and mortality
so they basically we’re going to
critically evaluate the studies
reporting that increased cardiovascular
risk associated with trt
and to provide an overview so here’s
their results
numerous studies in the literature
demonstrate positive benefits of using
however since 2013 some publications
have suggested a link to increased
cardiovascular risk
with trt a number of these studies
retrospectively analyze insurance claims
using diagnosis codes procedure codes
and prescription information
many reviews published since have
pointed out
the methyl methodological flaws
and debatable conclusions of these
studies so
basically these studies were done using
methods that
they should never have been done almost
as if they wanted to reach a certain
they wanted to put out studies showing
that trt
increases cardiovascular health and
scaring guys
that have no choice but to be on trt or
else they feel like
absolute garbage why would doctors do
this i don’t know
but it’s really weird so let’s go on so
basically what they’re saying right here
a careful assessment
assessment of the patient’s current
health is that you know if the patient
has some type of cardiovascular issue or
super prone to it or is super overweight
whatever that
you know they may want to defer the
treatment pending the resolution of
risks for cardiovascular so strength and
in this review we provide an in-depth
analysis of studies reporting increased
cardiovascular risk with trt
many of the studies were not well
well-designed randomized
double-blind prospective clinical trials
but rather post
hoc analysis of cohort data these
studies may reflect
bias in how treatment and non-treatment
decisions are made
or reflect conclusions based on widely
methodological flaws conclusion
appropriate patient selection supported
by low
pre-treatment t levels and monitoring t
levels during treatment with the goal of
achieving and maintaining
physiological levels all contribute to
the safe and effective use
of trt in men with adult onset
so what the guys why
on i believe it’s on jatenzo one of the
risks is cardiovascular
why is the medical community trying to
scare us and thinking that we’re going
to have heart attacks
if we go on trt when they just said
whereas low endogenous testosterone
levels are associated with an increased
cardiovascular risk
so these guys they’ve looked at all
these shitty studies
saying that trt causes heart
and then they went and looked and they
said well no it’s actually low
is are associated with increased
cardiovascular risk
and mortality so
so if you have low testosterone an
increased risk
for heart attack and death but if you’re
on trt
basically what they’re saying is that
these studies that they put out are
why is the medical system trying to
keep guys with super low
testosterone levels that we feel like
trash i mean is it you know a weaker
a weaker population is easier to control
do they just want they don’t want this
toxic masculinity that
helped build this world um
i don’t know let me know in the comments
why do you think that they’re putting
out studies
medical places are putting out studies
saying that
trt causes heart attacks and they’re
shitty review methods they’re using
shitty studies
and why would they do that it’s just
crazy i mean i’ve put out a couple
showing new studies discrediting old
it’s almost like you know like when they
did studies on
cigarettes and the tobacco companies
paid for them
this is like back in the day when
doctors used to be using ads for
you know and they their studies came out
saying that cigarettes were pretty safe
because they had a financial reason to
now why
would medical places put out shitty
using methods that are not normally used
actual good studies why do they put this
out saying that we’re gonna get
heart attacks
makes no sense to me anyway guys just a
little rant i thought you guys would
find that interesting
you know i know when you’re talking to
your doctor about trt he’s like well it
could cause
prostate cancer stroke and heart attacks
you know so
you know maybe we should hold off you
know you’re at a 200 level but you’re
low normal
according to some new lab method with
lower testosterone every freaking year
but um i don’t know found it interesting
i hope you found it interesting as well
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don’t like being little so
uh if you like the video click on the
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thanks for all the support
don’t listen to all this freaking
garbage trt is pretty safe
if you have a healthy lifestyle and you
don’t go crazy and you don’t try to
you know you’re trying to bulk up and
juice up a little too hard
anyway guys as always you’re awesome and
get your levels tested
don’t listen these studies

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