Canadian Man Locked Up for Opposing 14 Year Old Daughters Gender Transition! WOW!

what’s going on guys
tester levels thanks for being here
today normally don’t cover this type of
but i figured i want to branch out a
little bit and this article
really jumped out at me i know a lot of
you out there are parents and fathers
this is just a really interesting
situation and it’s it’s just a very
muddled situation there’s not really a
good answer for it it’s complicated
but i thought i would share it spread
the word out there kind of how it’s
uh with certain things over in canada
but i’m gonna do a quick medical
disclaimer just to be
super safe because uh yeah sensitive
it’s all about humanity
i’m gonna put my own disclaimer on this
video that
if you’re watching this video and i say
something wrong or i misstate something
or i don’t say it the right way
just know that i’m not saying it to be
rude or
in any way shape or form just look at me
as some old dude that’s not in the loop
i wasn’t raised around this stuff i i
don’t haven’t studied it and i don’t
plan to
so just 100 ignorance on my part so the
long story short here i’ll give you a
brief summary and we’ll jump into a
little bit more of the details
um a 14 year old girl i’m assuming the
parents are separated
but she wants to transition into a man
and going through the school system and
counselors and another facility she was
able to do this
and the dad was not for it he was
against it
and he’s basically he’s been in jail for
from what i can see at least 18 days in
uh because he defied a gag order and he
did i believe an interview
uh discussing the situation um but we’re
gonna jump into the
you know the logistics of it but it’s
pretty interesting
and you know it raises a lot of
questions on march 16th hoogland was
jailed for contempt of court after
british columbia attorney general issued
an arrest for him
a judge on march 19th denied his
position for his release
he will remain in prison until april
12th which is yesterday
as i’m recording this the date of his
trial and faces up to five years in
prison if convicted
despite the canadian government’s effort
to silence hoogland his story
has brought to light the dangers for
parents in the country
who resist or question school officials
therapists doctors
intent on fast-tracking gender dysphoric
into medical treatments and surgeries so
here’s a little back story
hoogland said his daughter suffered
mental health issues and began acting
out in fifth grade
she started seeing a school counselor
and cut her hair by seventh grade she
was going by a male name at school
hooglin’s knowledge with support from
the girl’s mother hooglen’s ex-wife okay
so they are separated
she met with wallace wong a transgender
psychologist who works in british
columbia and california
in 2018 wong referred hugon’s daughter
to a facility that would prescribe
cross-sex hormones there’s another thing
you know that
ties into our tr teeth stuff is that
lots of guys out there with clinically
low testosterone who get turned down
you know i’m not saying that it’s easier
for them or they shouldn’t be able to
get it
but it’s just it’s it’s a weird parallel
where you know a 14 year old girl
uh you know gets sent to a clinic to get
whereas males who have clinically low
you know get turned away so often but
that’s not what this video is about
let’s move on hooglen’s objection to his
daughter taking testosterone lead to a
court battle
testosterone treatment carries known
risks including infertility bone damage
i don’t know about bone damage i’ve
never heard about anabolics giving bone
damage if anything they’re
used to help with osteoporosis and bone
blood clots and strokes yeah that’s
anyway increased blood cell count among
other effects and it can for women
it can permanently lower a woman’s voice
and cause her to have facial hair for
the rest of their life
there’s other stuff too there’s other
things that grow i mean there’s a lot of
side effects that happen when women take
testosterone that’s just the way it is
in 2019 the british columbia supreme
ruled that hooglen’s daughter then 14
could take the hormone drugs without his
the judge barred the father from
referring to his daughter by her birth
i think you imagine not being able to
call your daughter by her the name
that’s on her birth certificate
we’ll get into more of that later i’m
going to do a whole commentary in my man
room but
let’s go keep going or feminine pronouns
and from speaking publicly about the
situation which he did which is
why he’s in jail and could face five
years a subsequent ruling allowed
hooglen to refer to his daughter as a
but kept him under a strict gag order
which he defied so
february he called his daughter’s
experience state-sponsored child abuse
i had a perfectly healthy child a year
ago that perfectly healthy child
has been altered and destroyed for no
good reason his lawyer said his decision
to go public was a principal
position of civil disobedience his
position is that he lost any sense of
involvement participation and control
over his now 16 year old child he’s not
any of this for that child’s benefit but
he wants to raise the issues for parents
of other young girls because up until
recently the mainstream media has not
discussed it
hughen’s story caught the attention of
canadian academic and clinical
psychologist jordan peterson and other
yeah yeah yeah peterson told his 1.3
million twitter followers
that hooglen’s arrest was inevitable as
the nation moved toward adopting bill c6
which would bar counselors from helping
people overcome
unwanted gender dysphoria and same-sex
attraction and would strip
away parental rights for children who
wish to identify as the opposite sex
brewer respects who glenn if people
don’t hear these stories there’s no way
to address the issues i hope the court
realized this is a huge violation
of his rights as a father pretty
interesting story
and i’ll give you my thoughts in my man
i’m not really interested in you know
whether the girl
really wants this whether she’ll regret
it anything of that you know whether
it’ll save her life who knows i don’t
know i don’t know who this girl is
she’s now a man so i guess i have to
call her man
anyway what interests me about this is
the canadian government is basically
telling this father that he has no
choice in this at all
i mean i don’t know about you when i was
a kid when i was under 18
you know hey i had my parents telling me
what i could not and could not do
and i had the government telling me what
i could not do dad can i have some of
your cigarettes
not until you’re 18. you’re too young to
make that decision dad can i drink your
no you’re too young to make that
decision dad
can i buy a firearm not until you’re 18.
dad can i join the military
not until you’re 18. dad can i take
gender changing hormones that’ll
permanently alter my body
ask your mother one of the parts of the
story that really stuck out to me was
the canadian government like basically
just straight up told this dude
like you cannot call your biologically
born daughter
by her birth name like that’s
like could you imagine like you have
your daughter you named her susie q
and the government just told you that
you can’t call your daughter
susie q that’s pretty wild like
that is pretty insane
and then they’re going on to talk about
this bill it’s i don’t know the canadian
bill c6 or whatever
we’re basically like parents cannot go
against what counselors have to say
and what psychologists have to say and
what these
clinics or whatever you want to call
them that do all this gender you know
changing stuff like i mean you’re not
able to have a say
so let’s say like you have a daughter or
a son and they’re 14 years old i’m not
14 years old i didn’t know my ass my
elbow when i was 14.
i mean i i didn’t know i asked my other
when i was 18
and 21 and i barely know my ass with my
elbow now at 39.
you know let’s just say you have a 14
year old daughter or son
and they go to school they get involved
with you know a certain group of kids
that are you know
feel this way or feel their different
gender and they get
interested they feel the same way they
go to a counselor
the counselor you know agrees with them
they send them to a clinic
the clinic agrees with them and gives
them you know testosterone or whatever
hormone they use to you know for men to
transition females
i mean can you imagine like if you you
go to the clinic and you’re like
yo what the did you give my
daughter like i’m about ready to beat
your ass
and they’re like well it’s a loss sir
it’s a bill like you can’t do but
this is my daughter this is my daughter
or this is my son
sorry sir you can’t do anything like i
understand why this guy you know broke
you know the silence that the government
made him you know
imposed upon him and now he’s facing
five years in jail
can you imagine you know just you can do
nothing there’s nothing you can do the
government is just like
nope this is what’s happening this is
what you know your 14 year old daughter
wants and because the therapists and the
clinics all say that she does
we’re giving it to her and you have no
say like can you imagine how
frustrating that would be
i mean let’s move on
because that’s just insane to me i don’t
make this video too long so i’m just
going to explore a situation where this
this type of situation could be abused
and it could mess up the child for life
in america there’s a couple different
without red flag laws i don’t live in
one of them i never would
but the basic gist of it is let’s say me
and my wife are going to get divorced
and it gets
ugly my wife can go to a court and say
my husband’s crazy as my husband is
a threat to someone
even though i mean not at all just
normal going about my day should go to
tell them i’m nuts tell them i’m violent
whatever the judge is like
well based on the one side of the story
that i hear i’m going to grant that
and you know what happens the police
come to my house and they confiscate all
my firearms until i can prove that i’m
not crazy as hell
so hey that’s pretty wild in itself just
think about that and break that down
but let’s say that you and your wife you
you’ve got a 14 year old daughter 14
year old son
things go south you know it gets ugly
and at the same time
you know your daughter or son feels they
may want to change their gender
and let’s say the wife knows that you’re
very against that
but your wife brings them to the
counselor and brings them to the clinic
and just to spite you and i know this is
an extreme example
but don’t act like you haven’t seen when
couples or
you know when couples get divorced
gets crazy as hell
so i mean i’m not saying this has ever
happened but i think this could happen
i mean imagine that if the wife or the
the father
you know went along with this and didn’t
question it and just went along
because they knew it would piss their
spouse off or their ex-spouse off
now imagine the kids 14 years old gets
the transition goes through that whole
and completely changes their body for
the rest of their life you know
i mean they can’t go back i mean i’m
sure there’s some ways you can
you know kind of fix it but their bodies
are permanently altered
so in the end you know kind of a spite
thing between husband and wife
could mess up a child and the
government’s involved and
yeah pretty crazy let me know what you
think down below
i’m interested to see what you guys
think i mean it’s just a crazy situation
and what’s weird about you know hormones
is that
if it was any other thing a judge or
whoever could say well let’s wait till
uh you know this child is 18 years old
and let them make the decision on their
what’s crazy about the hormone you know
the hormone and the gender
is that by the time that child turns 18
they’ve already started puberty or gone
through puberty or you know
at some stage of puberty to where you
know now
if they wanted to do that the transition
you know they already have a lot of the
characteristics of whatever gender they
were born
you know if they’re a man they probably
have facial hair they probably have body
if they’re female well yeah you guys
know anatomy what am i trying to
teach you
about anatomy you guys know what all the
different parts are and how all that
but it’s just crazy it’s just a weird
situation where i don’t think there’s a
correct answer
um but i’ll leave you with this i sure
as hell don’t want the government
involved in it but that’s about it guys
let me know what you think in the
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know by clicking on the like button
because this is a topic that’s super
touchy and if i get like 100 views on it
i’m sure it’s not making another one
because this is is not really a space i
want to be in but this article jumped
out at me and i was like this is pretty
damn crazy so
as always you’re awesome and get your
levels tested

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