New Compound BAM15! Weight Loss & Muscle Gain! Mitochondrial Uncoupler.

New Compound BAM15! Weight Loss & Muscle Gain! Mitochondrial Uncoupler.

but so i was scrolling through like uh
my google like article feed right and uh
and it was like the headline was like
new medicine can help uh you know help
people lose weight and gain muscle and
i’m like well that’s me right there i’m
clicking on this i don’t care if it’s
clickbait it may not be
and so
it actually it was it was an article on
sarcopenic obesity is a condition that
involves age-related muscle loss
accompanied by obesity so it’s basically
like you know as you get older you lose
muscle mass that’s just the way it is
and for a lot of people you know
especially people that get heavier as
they lose muscle mass they lose mobility
they lose bone density they’re more
prone to get injured stuff like that you
know [ _ ] getting old and uh i was reading it a new study in mice has shown that a drug called bam 15 can prevent the loss of skeletal muscle mass and function and prevent weight gain and i was like oh [ _ ]
and the study suggests that bam 15
achieved this by reducing inflammation
and improving the function of
mitochondria the power houses of cells
and it went on to saying it has like an
uncoupling effect and that reminded me
of dnp which i’m not super familiar with
but we had we’d mentioned bam 15 before
it’s relatively new
what is what is bam 15
so yeah that’s the fifteen is something
that i would love to try if anybody
wants to spend the sample uh
but be interesting real expensive
it is very very expensive uh but it may
come down as like more and more people
become aware of it it is a mitochondrial
uncoupler so
it’s very similar to dnp in that
aren’t increasing activity
levels in terms of like being more
active doing more cardio working out and
you’re not changing your diet and you
actually you’re like metabolic rate so
like the rate you’re resting uh
rate of which you burn calories
right you’re you’re a dude that’s this
fight that weighs this much is missing
this much much less you burn so many
calories just even at rest that
metabolic rate actually increases so
that you drop body fat with it um
dmp has some
peripheral effects right so if you’ve
got like a sniper right you can just hit
like one target but if you’re a shotgun
you [ _ ] up a lot of stuff right because the spread of the shotgun what is that stuff in the shotgun right it like goes much wider okay well bam 15 is far more targeted like a sniper where dmp has these peripheral benefits so everybody knows about the the heat from dmp by the way dnp is probably gonna be my stack for cutting uh hypothetically right um but dmp has a thermogenic type of effect and it increases your body temperature drastically uh where there’s not just the uncoupling of the mitochondria to increase like the your metabolic rate like we talked about having a car in first gear so if you put your car in first gear and you’re driving 30 miles an hour you can hear the engine right because the revolutions per minute your rpm is up higher right because it’s needs in first gear you need to go and say 4 300 rpms just go 35 miles an hour we’re in second gear maybe you could do that at you know 2800 rpm or something so dnp increases that in your body so that it keeps up the engine because you just have more revolutions per minute with the mp where from my understanding with uh band 15 at least in the two studies that i looked at it did not have that effect it also has an awesome effect on your blood sugar levels right dope like this is such an awesome compound i would love to have this just like on deck to utilize every once in a while like maybe once or twice a year uh very positive effects of increasing your insulin sensitivity um like weight loss uh just just like awesome imagine stacking magic stacking bam 15 or dnp and siba glue tied right sigma glue time is the diabetes medicine yeah but you reduces your appetite so it’s approved from the fda for like a fat loss type of thing because it sinks your accident so oh yeah that’s another thing you could potentially test mmm interesting what you just said sarcopenic obesity involves a decline in energy expenditure instead of excess intake of calories so like you’re saying so this that obesity it’s slowing down the the the metabolic rate kind of how the body is naturally burning calories can you can you explain that again it says sarcopenic obesity involves a decline in energy expenditure instead of excess of calories thus treatments that could increase energy expenditure could help combat the disease so that’s what you’re just basically they’re just saying that’s like the opposite of what bam 15 does bam 15 is increasing that metabolic kind of rate of where you’re burning calories um blah blah blah they’ve already shown that band 15 a mitochondrial and coupling agent could prevent obesity in young mice maintaining a high fat diet the present study to aim to assess the ability of band 15 uh for older and aged mice um blah blah anyway long story short it worked yeah they lost body weight they lost body weight and gained muscle so that’s pretty impressive now what is bam 15 is it a peptide is it just a powder it’s a it’s a powder as far as i know but it’s just uh it’s actually a derivative of like dnp in some way where it doesn’t have like the structure of it like a chemical level is a little bit different so it doesn’t have so bad 15 does not create increase your body temperature like dnp does dnp also has a another like negative effect i think with your like electrolytes or something um be causing some type of issue there or something and band 15 doesn’t have that effect as well but what’s really cool well what’s really cool about medicine um and grant i’m not a huge fan of the pharmaceutical industry but what’s cool is you know like um even like like uh aromatase inhibitors and like serums like there’s like first generation that did what they needed to do but had side effects then you have generation two that’s a little more targeted and then you have generation three and i mentioned interested to see like the sixth and seventh generation like what’s the fifth generation of bam 15 like did they distill it even further down to where it has no side effects or nearly none and it’s three or four times more potent you know so that’s interesting and i think we’re just at the infancy of medicine and knowledge of the body um in general i mean what you’re i’m taking a note here to actually do a separate video on this because if you think about bam 15 positive effects in your lipids positive effects in your blood glucose positive effects on your insulin sensitivity positive effects on increasing your metabolic rate right and then you say stack that with say um a growth hormone korea guy right like mk677 hexavariant memorandum cjc or something and then something like a glp agonist like a very small dose of like the sigma blue type where it reduces your appetite like that could be a stupid cutting agent right because cemu glutathione reduces your appetite it also improves your blood glucose levels it also increases your insulin sensitivity like this could be a long time anything right because we talked about earlier sugar and like high blood sugar levels can have it’s associated with like five to ten different types of cancer right like this could be that’s and you’re talking about a cutting stack that has no stimulants in it i mean you can obviously add that in but that’s a non-stimulant that’s that’s interesting so so i guess i mean bam 15 sounds pretty freaking awesome and it sounds really good for the population so sure as [ _ ] isn’t going to get approved by
the fda
but the [ _ ] eye drops that grow your eyelashes and can like permanently blind you they prove that [ _ ]
i’m like talking about this because like
so i just updated my cycle and i’m
getting excited about this because
i don’t have band 15
but i may or may not have some dnp for
fertilizing my planks and um
and i may or may not have seen blue tide
may or may not have something q677 so uh
might be
because then i can reduce the dose of
all of those right because if you put if
you’re putting the total because i think
about stacking like that right so if
you’re gonna stack
something the underground

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