Ashwaganda Benefits – So Many Studies! Does Ashwaganda Raise Testosterone Levels?

Ashwaganda Benefits – So Many Studies! Does Ashwaganda Raise Testosterone Levels?

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so today we’re going to talk about
ashwagandha and the reason i wanted to
cover this is because it’s in almost
every supplement sold that to raise your
testosterone levels from like get roman
there’s hundreds of them on the market
and they all tell ashwagandha super
raises your test levels you know
anyway so i did want to do some research
on it i honestly i found out a lot of
stuff about ashwagandha that i never
knew and it does seem like a really
really good supplement but is it really
really good for raising your
testosterone levels is it going to get
you from 300 to 900 well let’s jump in
withania somnifera commonly known as
ashwagandha or winter cherry or indian
ginger or think it’s ginger is an
important medicinal plant that has been
used in indigenous medicine for more
than 3 000 years some herbalists refer
to ashwagandha as indian ginseng not
ginger ginseng the plant extract has
many bioactive compounds that exert
antioxidant anti-inflammatory
activities the plant extract and its
bioactive compounds are used in the
prevention and treatment of many
diseases such as arthritis impotence
amnesia anxiety cancer neurodegenerative
and cardiovascular diseases and others
sounds really good
but but if you look at almost any
supplement they look really good so but
i’ll go through some more of the other
benefits and then i’ll list some of the
side effects and issues with it
ashwagandha appears a promising safe and
effective traditional medicine for
managing schizophrenia conics chronic
stress insomnia anxiety memory and
cognitive enhancement
obsessive-compulsive disorder rheumatoid
arthritis type 2 diabetes and male
infertility and bears fertility
promotion activity in females
a growth promoter activity in children
and yeah so a lot of good stuff it has
revitalizing action on the nerves bone
marrow and reproductive organs regular
consumption is believed to
senescence which i have no idea what it
is rectify abnormalities in the sense
organs and hypotrophy of muscles
rejuvenate the reproductive organs and
increase fertility is also useful in
stress weakness nervous exhaustion
sexual debility geriatric problems
memory loss muscular weakness insomnia
and cough
so it sounds really good and when i sat
down to do research for this video i
thought it was going to be a pretty
quick video i was just going to look at
a study or two about cortisol
testosterone but there was a lot more to
ashwagandha so that’s why this video is
probably longer but here are some of the
issues with ashwagandha and things you
should look out before before you start
taking it obviously always consult your
doctor before taking any supplements and
this is not medical advice i am not a
medical professional so they did one
study and they did show some liver
injury and five patients that was
associated with ashwagandha use
liver function tests were elevated alt
ast total bureau reuben and alkaline
phosphate phosphatase
so it may have some effect on your liver
ashwagandha has been shown to alter
thyroid function and increase thyroid
hormones which could be dangerous for
people with hyperthyroidism or an
overactive thyroid
it also could potentially interfere with
thyroid tests ashwagandha can increase
testosterone levels which could be
dangerous for patients with prostate
cancer if you have prostate cancer
obviously i don’t think you should take
something that supposedly can raise
testosterone levels ashwagandha might
increase drowsiness so the one of the
things that they do say it can help with
is sleep and we’ll look at a study here
in a little bit
but if you’re taking benzos barbiturates
or alcohol you know it may it may
increase that or you know have a
multiplication effect on that so be
careful with that ashwagandha is
immunostimulating which means it boosts
the immune system it’s just typically
pretty good but um if you do have like
an immunodisease or immuno
what is it overactive immune system
autoimmune that’s the word autoimmune it
could it could make some of those
medicines that you’re taking for that a
little less effective so definitely keep
that in mind and uh you know sown to
lower blood sugar levels which is a good
thing for most people but if you do have
diabetes that’s something you should
take into an account you know blood
sugar levels are there for a reason
why the did that just change i
pulled some snippets from some studies
on ashwagandha and there’s actually
quite a lot of them so i’m going to run
through that and then i’m going to look
at cortisol
anxiety sleep and then at the end
testosterone levels so in a small study
with 58 participants those who took 250
to 600 milligrams of ashwagandha extract
for eight weeks had significantly
reduced stress and levels of stress
hormone cortisol so that’s one of the
main things that people talk about with
ashwagandha is cortisol
and also the cortisol and testosterone
ratio or you know how they interact with
each other what’s more participants who
took the ashwagandha supplements
experienced significant improvements in
sleep quality compared with the placebo
group and we’re going to look at that
that’s going to be a separate study as
well another study in 60 people found
that those who took 240 milligram
extract for 60 days had significant
reductions in anxiety compared to those
who received placebo treatment pretty
interesting one analysis of research
included 12 studies in men and women who
took ashwagandha between 120 and 1250
per day the results suggest the herb may
enhance physical performance including
strength and oxygen use during exercise
that’s pretty interesting i want that
in one study male participants who took
600 milligrams of ashwagandha per day
and participated in the resistance
trainings for eight weeks had
significantly gathered grains gator
greater gains in muscle strength and
size compared to the placebo group i
also heard trend does that they found
that participants who took a gram of
ashwagandha extract daily for 12 weeks
had greater reductions in depression and
anxiety than those who took a placebo
doesn’t sound bad study from 2012
stressed that adults who took 600
milligrams of ashwagandha for 60 days
reported a 77 reduction in symptoms of
depression while the placebo group sort
of recorded a 5 reduction sounds pretty
good like if that’s what i was looking
at this i was like damn i didn’t realize
ashwagandha had all these different
benefits you know this is this one took
me a while to do research on a review of
24 studies including five clinical
studies and people with diabetes found
the treatment with ashwagandha
significantly reduce blood sugar
hemoglobin a1c insulin blood lipids and
oxidative stress markers like i was
looking at this one i was like damn that
sounds good that’s kind of like uh you
know the same kind of idea with uh
and possibly
curcumin turmeric in a study in 2008
adults experiencing stress took
ashwagandha for 60 days as a result they
had a significant reductions in
c-reactive protein and inflammatory
marker compared with those who consumed
a placebo the video before this and i’ll
put this on the screen i actually just
got c-reactive protein done hemoglobin
and an nmr
lipid test so
go watch that those are some really
important tests to get done this was a
study that they did a covid
so they had a medicine that had a half a
gram of ashwagandha and other herbs
twice per day for seven days this
reduced participants level of
inflammatory markers yeah whatever those
are compared with the placebo so that’s
interesting a study in 50 adults ages 65
to 80 found that taking 600 milligrams
of ashwagandha root per day for 12 weeks
significantly improved their sleep
quality and mental alertness upon waking
up i want that i sleep like trash i have
a hard time getting to sleep
so let’s go to cortisol and this i’ll
put this on screen here while i’m
talking to you guys so this was a study
that they did um one of the main studies
that i found so they basically measured
ashwagandha at 250 milligrams
ashwagandha at 600 and a placebo and you
see the baseline they both all these
groups started at about 16 points
whatever those are or 16 cortisol
and then you can see with the 250 it
drops down to 1474
and then at the end 1361
and then at the 600 uh started at 16
went down to 14.3 and then dropped down
to 10.8 10.9 so that’s a pretty big
reduction i mean that’s
that’s a lot and then the placebo just
went from 16.1 to 15.5 so that’s pretty
significant that’s a significant drop
compared to a placebo so i definitely do
believe that it does lower your cortisol
levels as with every supplement that i
review and do on this channel now i have
to go out and buy ashwagandha that’s
just another pill i’m going to add to my
stack which i’ll put a picture of on
there it’s getting out of control it’s
getting where i have to take like two
handfuls at a time and free
and jam these supplements but yeah it’s
pretty interesting on cortisol so let’s
jump over to
an anxiety test and they did some you
know they do some questionnaire that
measures your anxiety levels so
ashwagandha 250
everyone started at about 23 24
week four 250 dropped down to 21 and
then down to 20 at the end um then 24 at
600 milligrams down to 22 down to 20. so
it really wasn’t you know you take more
ashwagandha you’re gonna have less
anxiety doesn’t really seem to work like
that and then in the placebo they drop
down from 23 to 21 so
it’s not a huge huge difference there
but i mean it is it is somewhat you know
looking like it can help with anxiety
but it’s not like it doesn’t look like a
massive amount so cortisol yeah 100
the anxiety i think your mileage may
vary now this was interesting this one’s
sleep and this one is pretty significant
as well um so everyone started at about
you know a little almost six let’s say
uh 250 a day they dropped down to 4.95
down to 379.
then uh in the 600 milligrams it dropped
to 410 and then to 305 and now this is a
quality like a quality of sleep thing so
the lower the better you know 5 being
bad one being fantastic
and in the placebo uh week four
drop down to five and then four point
eight nine so that’s a big difference
you know you know 3.05 3.79 to 489
that’s pretty significant that’s a
that’s a good drop so once again if
you’re having trouble sleeping this may
be a supplement to look into so now
let’s get into the testosterone one and
you know this is the one this is why
ashwagandha a bunch of guys are taking
it lots of companies sell you know
they sell supplements with ashwagandha
in it and a bunch of other stuff like
tong cataly boron stuff like that and
they claim that they’re gonna raise your
testosterone and as a guy if you’re not
into this you’re not you don’t know
about gear you don’t really know about
trt or you don’t want to jump into this
world sounds fantastic 60 for a month
supply i can raise my testosterone frank
thomas tells me that he’s a stud
in bed and the ladies love him because
of it
so that’s why it’s so popular that’s why
i wanted to do this video or one of the
reasons ashwagandha treatment was
associated with an 18 increase in dhea
which is kind of a mother hormone a sex
hormone involved in testosterone
production participants who took the
herb also had a 14.7
increase in testosterone than those who
took the placebo so that sounds
fantastic on paper 15
you know so if i’m at 300 that’s going
to put me at what 345 that’s about there
345 15 jump so while 15 i mean that
sounds fantastic on paper and marketing
boosted testosterone levels 15 increases
free testosterone but going from 300 to
345 it’s better but are you is that
going to alleviate all your symptoms is
that going to minimize the need for trt
are all those other herbs going to jump
you up to 900 probably not so actually i
want to jump into a fertility aspect
real quick i forgot this i put this out
of order on my sheet here i’m a bad
youtuber i’m telling you but a review of
four studies found that ashwagandha
treatment significantly increased sperm
concentration semen volume and sperm
motility in men with a low sperm count
it also increased sperm concentration
and motility in men with normal sperm
count so that’s pretty solid i mean
that’s i didn’t have numbers on that but
that sounds pretty good another thing
that can help increase semen volume is
sunflower lecithin look it up it’s
actually pretty cheap good supplement so
let’s jump into this one so this one
they did uh placebo and ashwagandha and
they tested a few different hormones and
this is interesting so we have the
cortisol um so
i’m kind of looking over here on the
right placebo mean both periods and
ashwagandha mean both periods i’m not
sure exactly how they did this study but
i think they jumped guys from a placebo
to ashwagandha and then they had guys go
from ashwagandha to placebo but i like
this one here where they’re both on the
same thing
um so cortisol 29 uh then when
ashwagandha 27. so good good statistical
drop right there
dhea went from 8.27 to 9.76
so pretty good solid junk
and testosterone they went from
309.9 to 355
again as i was saying you know
going from 309 to 355 that’s that’s good
that’s good progress but like i said
it’s not going to get you to 900 you
know and if you do have a medical
condition that is keeping your
testosterone levels low whether your
pituitary is not sending enough signal
or your boys are not making enough of
what you need you know i mean herbs can
help to a point but it’s not gonna it’s
not like you’re gonna if you go from 300
to 900 it’s just not reality i’m sorry
they also tested estrogen
which was kind of interesting you know
so let’s see here so estrogen went from
23.95 to 21.18
so it’s a pretty good drop too nothing
crazy but it’s a pretty decent drop so i
mean that’s i was that was that
something that you’d use as an ai i
don’t think so um but overall i mean it
seems to have a pretty good effect on on
most of your hormones you know lowered
cortisol raised dhea raised testosterone
lowered estrogen so do i think
ashwagandha is pretty good i do and i’m
probably be adding it to my stack not
for testosterone and not for estrogen i
actually have a supplement called no ai
i’ll put that on the screen it’s a blend
of five different herbs that have been
shown to help manage estrogen levels
but i’m just going to take it for all
the other benefits i mean it’s a pretty
solid thing i mean our ancestors 3000
years ago you know they weren’t using it
because it didn’t do anything they
weren’t going out of their way to
cultivate this herb prepare it chop it
up and eat it because they didn’t feel
any benefits at all so i think it’s a
pretty solid herb one of some of the
main side effects that i saw is
essentially with most supplements
diarrhea upset stomach kind of you know
annoys your stomach but that’s about
that’s about it you know of the normal
ones that i saw there are some more rare
ones that we saw earlier but what do you
guys think about ashwagandha have you
taken it have you taken a test booster
you know have you noticed any difference
do you think it’s complete garbage
annoyed that you wasted time and you
didn’t just hop on trt because you were
trying to go this natural herb route let
me know in the comments i’m interested
to know but i’ve got to go guys i’ve got
to go order some ashwagandha so that i
can get into the 900s
but as always guys you’re awesome love
you guys thank you for the support and
as always
get your levels tested

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