How to Manage Estrogen Naturally on TRT! 5 Supplements in One!

How to Manage Estrogen Naturally on TRT! 5 Supplements in One!

what if i told you you may be able to
manage estrogen levels estrogen side
effects while on trt naturally and
without some of the nasty side effects
of ais if i’ve got your attention stick
what’s going on guys welcome back to the
channel thanks for being here thanks for
the support you guys are awesome um i’m
really excited to bring you this video
i’ve been working on this for a long
time and i think i found a really cool
solution to managing estrogen levels
without needing an ai you’re like oh
well my doctor has me on an ai okay all
right i’m not telling you to stop taking
anything that your doctor prescribed you
this is not medical advice i am not a
doctor i’m not getting into the whole ai
situation as to you know should you
always take it should you never take it
do only certain people need it long
story short is if you’re watching this
video there may be a good chance that
you are taking anastrozole aka remedex
to help block the conversion from
testosterone to estrogen in your body
now turning off a whole mechanism of
your body that’s a whole other thing but
what if i told you that there are some
natural supplements that are derived
from different fruits and vegetables
that can help manage estrogen levels and
also provide some health benefits it
sounds like a win-win huh so i’ve been
working on a formula of a combination of
different herbs
compounds that have been clinically
shown to help with estrogen management
and it’s called no ai and i’m pretty
proud of this product i’m really excited
to bring this to you um yes this is kind
of like an advertisement for a product
that i am selling on my website but i
think that once you start seeing the
ingredients some of the health benefits
um and you’ve probably heard some of
these if you’re in the trt like reddits
and you know subreddits facebook groups
you’ve heard of some of these herbs what
i did was essentially combine five of
them i think that this is going to be
pretty big i mean this is the first
product i have ever seen like this that
is all natural that can help lower
estrogen levels without the need of
taking kind of toxic chemicals i mean i
don’t think a remidex is going to kill
but it was developed for breast cancer
and it has some nasty side effects so
this website pretty much outlines like
you know all the possible side effects
and symptoms from taking aromadex and i
know you know every medicine that is a
prescription medicine has a laundry list
of stuff like this and most people will
not experience most of these if any at
all it’s just the way medicine is
there’s a couple that jumped out at me
that i had never really looked at before
weight gain joint bone or muscle pain
mood changes depression difficulty
falling asleep or staying asleep
nervousness hair thinning and there’s
two other things that arimadex has been
shown to do
you know it’s a breast cancer medicine
when doctors are evaluating okay you
know are we going to
give our patients something that could
cause bone density loss you know losing
you know your bone density which when
you get older can be really bad
and also has a negative effect on lipids
which testosterone does as well so
that’s a multiplier but when you’re
looking at it any patient who has breast
cancer you know hey what’s the most
important critical thing we need to take
care of right now we need to nuke this
lady’s estrogen levels so that we can
you know stop feeding this burst tumor
so we’re not too worried about
osteoporosis right now we’re not too
about lipid levels you know we’re
worried about keeping this person alive
so that’s kind of the thing on arimidex
you know like i said i don’t think it’s
a medicine that’s going to poison you at
trt levels to where your bones are just
going to fall apart but it does have a
negative lipid profile and then when you
take testosterone which also has a
negative lipid profile
that is not ideal and that’s one of the
reasons i really wanted to make this
always like to take the least amount of
medicines possible and as well as herbal
supplements that do have been shown to
have health benefits so let’s jump in
the first ingredient is one that’s most
commonly used for men on trt it’s
probably the first one that they see on
a reddit uh you know post about you know
natural estrogen management and it’s dim
dendalyl methane and it’s basically
derived and it comes from cruciferous
vegetables like broccoli cabbage
brussels sprouts cauliflower and you
would need you need to eat two pounds of
broccoli to get 20 milligrams of dim now
dim doesn’t actually block the
conversion from testosterone to estrogen
in the body that’s what an aromatase
inhibitor would do like arimidex
what dim has been thought to do is help
speed up your metabolism of estrogen in
your body
some research shows dim increases the
level of favorable estrogens
to hydroxy estrogen while reducing the
levels of less favorable estrogen 6
hydroxy estrogen so
you know dim it’s it’s like
if you were eating lots of cruciferous
vegetables you know they have lots of
some of the health benefits of dim helps
prevent the effects of estrogen on cells
slows some cancer cells lowers toxins
produced by your body’s natural
metabolism boosts antioxidants promotes
weight loss enhances memory improves
mood supports cardiovascular health
promotes good muscle development
improves prostate health for men
so would you rather take a remodex or
would you rather take them
just for myself i would rather take them
now uh the next one and i tried i felt
had the most benefit for me um i have
tried dim i personally like this one
better um but why wouldn’t i combine the
and before i jump into the next one you
know the dosages and i’ll put it on
screen the dosages for these uh you know
herbs in this formula they’re not like
you know a quarter of what you would
take they’re like full on dosages so
where you buy each one of these
supplements individually a it’ll cost
you more and b you know you’ll see like
the full like calcium d-glucarate one
gram so you know it’s i didn’t skimp out
on any of these ingredients and i
actually made the formula pretty
powerful to where i’m actually
recommending that you start with half
the dose
start with two see how you feel if you
still if you need to jump up to four but
if you’d only need the two you’re good
to go so let’s jump into calcium
d-glucarate calcium d-glucate is the
salt and and the commercial form of
glucaric acid which occurs naturally in
a variety of foods including apples
oranges broccoli and spinach calcium
diglucrate has been shown to speed up
the process of removing toxins in the
body in one study calcium d-glucate was
able to reduce the number of estrogen
receptors by 48
it has also been shown to lower serum
estrogen levels by 23 percent
it has but also been shown to reduce ldl
levels which is of concern if you are on
trt a pretty good profile right there
what are some of the health benefits of
calcium d-glucarate supports liver
detoxification so for all you guys who
like to drink every once in a while
potentially inhibit some types of cancer
that’s always a plus
helps maintain already healthy
cholesterol levels
another concern on trt this next one
here is an interesting one that not a
lot of you guys have heard of and not a
lot of people talk about in fact i don’t
think i’ve ever seen anyone talk about
this in a trt forum it is called
indole-3-carbinol and it is also natural
and comes from different vegetables
indole-3-carbinol also known as i3c is
formed from a substance called
found in vegetables such as broccoli
brussels sprouts cabbage collards
cauliflower kale mustard green turnips
and rutabagas
actually breaks down into dim in the
body but not before helping to reduce
estrogen and possibly having anti-cancer
i3c has been shown to improve phase 1
detoxification of estrogens favoring the
less potent 2oh estrone pathway
i3c has been shown to exhibit potent
anti-carcinogenic properties in a wide
range of cancer such as lung liver colon
cervical endometrial prostate and breast
sounds like pretty good stuff so once
again all of these are in this formula
kind of the way i thought about this was
you know with like cycle sacs and i’m
not getting into it but you don’t stack
you know three things that have really
high estrogenic you know conversions you
know you stack something that really
doesn’t convert you stack something else
that does so you have a base so you’re
kind of hitting it from you know
multiple different angles so that was my
thought process here and this is why i
do think it’s going to be super
effective but the next one is grape seed
extract vitus vinifera 195 milligrams
healthy dose grape seed extract is
exactly what its name suggests it’s
basically ground up grape seeds grape
seed extract contains high levels of
proscinition dimers that have been shown
to be potent inhibitors of aromatase so
works in the same way as arimidex to
where it actually kind of blocks the
of testosterone from converting into
estrogen now do i think it’s as powerful
as aromatics absolutely not i mean
arumidex is a super powerful medicine
you know like one milligram have you
seen the caps or the pills they’re like
this big one milligram is enough to like
to drop your estrogen a lot you know
when they’re doing breast cancer it’s
one milligram a day that is a very
potent medicine do i think that grape
seed extract is you know as potent as
arimidex absolutely not but in
combination with these three other
things i definitely feel like this pro
this formula can help with your you know
estrogen management move on to grape
seed extract possible health benefits
reduce blood pressure improve blood flow
reduce oxidative damage improve collagen
levels and bone strength the exact
opposite of arimidex improve kidney
function protect your liver enhance
wound healing so i mean i’m not saying
that you know this stuff all these four
different compounds are you like you
know you’re gonna feel like a completely
new person and you know you’re not gonna
get cancer and all this but overall
studies have shown that you know in
certain people these these compounds do
good stuff and the last one and this
really has nothing to do with estrogen
um but it is actually a patented
compound called bioperin black pepper
piper negrum
so this is actually a patented product
uh it’s derived from black pepper but
they’ve done it in some way extracted it
made it super potent um that they’ve
actually been able to patent this
so bio parent is a patented highly
concentrated black pepper extract
containing at least 95 piperine in a
form that is well absorbed by the body
it has also been shown to increase the
bioavailability of many natural
compounds it is also a powerful
antioxidant and has exhibited many
health benefits they patent this stuff
for a reason
some of the possible health benefits
improve metabolism raise dopamine and
serotonin improve memory and cognition
and improve immune system
so as i stated this is not in here for
estrogen management what this is in here
for and this one is not a cheap
ingredient because it’s patented but it
is thought to help the bioavailability
of many natural substances you’ll notice
that it’s in a lot of different
supplements it’s actually in greg
ducette’s tercestrome builder turk
builder it’s in there because he
believes that it’s going to help the
bioavailability of tercesterone
speaking of tercastrone so because you
guys follow me because you support me
i’m put i put together a pretty badass
special for you guys if you buy two of
these these are 49.99 so it’s 100 bucks
if you buy two of these i’m gonna give
you free shipping
shipping is not cheap these days because
gas is expensive
i will also and i have a coupon code
that is
it’s automatic so if you add two bottles
of the no ai and you add either one of
these the liquid tercestrone which my
manufacturer says has a lot of
bioavailability or the traditional
you’re going to get this for free so
free these are both sixty dollars so you
buy a hundred dollars worth of no ai
hopefully get a lot of health benefits
help manage your estrogen and then you
can get another natural compound which a
lot of people believe helps grow muscle
put that together for you um it seems
like a pretty good deal on my end i’ll
put that on the screen too just so you
can see it yeah i don’t know you guys
let me know what you think in the
comments i mean i’m pretty happy with
this formula i’ve never seen anyone put
this together especially at these
and i think this is going to be pretty
let me know what you guys think
if you do purchase it it’ll send you an
email you know in like 30 days you can
leave a review if you could definitely
leave a review bad or good i want to
hear the feedback i’m really freaking
happy about this i i don’t like taking
more medicines than i need to i think
this is going to help and i think it’s
going to improve people’s trt so
that’s all i’ve got for you guys let me
know in the comments what you think do
you think that putting all five of these
compounds together in one supplement i
mean you can buy all this stuff you can
buy each one of these compounds it’s
gonna cost you more money and you’re
gonna have to remember to take multiple
pills instead of either taking one in
the morning one in the evening or two in
the morning two in the evening so this
bottle could be a 30-day supply could be
a 60-day supply
just depends on how you respond to it
but that’s all i’ve got for you guys let
me know what you think in the comments i
love you guys
let me know your feedback i really want
to know super interested thanks for
being here and as always get your levels
especially your estrogen

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