Aromisan / Exemestane Testosterone Replacement Therapy Guide TRT

alright guys welcome to the channel
today we’re going to go over
aromasin also known as eczema stain but
fun fact for this video we’re gonna go
with aromasin because i don’t feel like
saying eczema stain 20 times let’s get
so Rubis ends a little bit different
than some other AIS so it inhibits
aromatized enzymes in the body just like
the rest of them but it can also block
aromatization as well so this means that
it can prevent the formation of estrogen
completely instead of just suppressing
it aromasin can lower estrogen serum
levels by 85% which is actually 5%
higher than her index aroma singh was
approved by the fda for medical use in
the year 2000 so an interesting thing
about aromasin is that of all the AI
medicines used in CRT is the only one
that has been shown to raise igf-1 which
is insulin like growth hormone now it’s
interesting is that igf-1 actually plays
a pretty critical role in muscle growth
and muscle repair so here’s where it
kind of gets interesting so I really
actually know works and there’s nothing
wrong with the rim attacks and unless
you’re having really bad side effects or
it’s not working for you then you may
look into other ai’s but if you’re very
interesting in muscle growth as I am you
may not be but if you are aromasin on
paper sounds like it could help you get
a little bit more out of your workouts
because when it raises if it does raise
that igf-1 then there’s hanhan you could
build more muscle this doesn’t guarantee
they didn’t do super deep heavy Studies
on this because listen this is men’s TRT
you know these always a odd medicines
were made for breast cancer so they’re
not testing it on guys to see that he
can get jacked and juicy at the gym but
in some studies they did they did notice
you know the high GF one raising a
little bit just something to take into
consideration so rumors it does have
some side effects hot flashes headaches
hair loss joint and muscle pain and
overall tiredness so aromasin may have
actions with st. John’s wort seizure
medications barbiturates HIV medications
and medications that are used for
seizures so speak with your doctor let
them know everything that you’re taking
so there’s no interactions no surprises
as always work with your doctor I’m not
a doctor I’m just on YouTube just some
guy so if you are taking a remedy X and
you’re thinking about trying aromasin
the way you can kind of figure out the
general dosing is that 25 milligrams of
aromasin is equal to about one milligram
of Rimet X so if you take half a
milligram of remedy X then the general
conversion is 12.5 milligrams of
aromasin another thing about aromasin is
that should be taken with a meal most a
is those are we matter with a meal or on
an empty stomach
but with aromasin they say to eat take
it with a meal so does eat something and
then take it pretty simple so the last
thing Martin covers price so 725
milligram pills aromasin cost about $35
using the good rx app now if you were
taking half a milligram of Arimidex this
same protocol with aromasin would last
about 14 weeks so you’re looking at $35
for 14 weeks whereas Arimidex is about
nine dollars so Armisen is a little bit
more expensive but if you’re having
issues with Arimidex or if you’re
interested in an IG f1 and getting it
possibly it’s a little bit more games
out of your workouts and you’re willing
to pay the extra 25 bucks aromasin may
be a good choice for you may be a good
choice in general but overall remedy X
is the most popular with doctors
probably the easiest to get prescribed a
lot of them may have not heard of
aromasin but hey you can share the video
with them hook you really up with a like
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thanks for watching work with your
doctor get your levels tested

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