Femara / Letrozole Testosterone Replacement Therapy Guide TRT

today we be covering an aromatase
inhibitor called letrozole commercially
known as for mana so femoral interferes
with the estrogen receptors instead of
actually stopping the production of
estrogen it inhibits the enzyme in the
adrenal glands that actually produces
the estrogen so something to keep in
mind if you’re taking letrozole or
pramana is that it can increase your
cholesterol so if you have issues with
cholesterol or you don’t if you’re
taking this as an AI you should
definitely get your Bloods taken
regularly to make sure that your
cholesterol levels are staying good
because you don’t want them to get too
high or too low so something else about
for Mara is that it can decrease bone
density and this is similar with lots of
aromatase inhibitors so definitely keep
that in mind if you have a history of
osteoporosis in your family it may you
may have to keep an eye on that and as
always work with your doctor when taking
any types of medications so a lot of
people compared tomorrow with Arimidex
or anastrozole
and there are some similar side effects
to both and there are some different
side effects that are specific to
so some of the side effects that are
similar in both is nausea vomiting and
headaches so some of the side effects
that are specific to Fermanagh and not
really a REM attacks would be fatigue
muscle aches diarrhea constipation and
chest pain so Arimidex and Fermanagh
should not be taken with tamoxifen also
known as nova tax so nova decks can
actually lower the levels in the
therapeutic effects of letrozole or REM
attacks so if you’re taking either of
those and you’re also taking for mana
just know that those levels of either of
those medicines are going to be lower
and they’re gonna work not as well so
just keep that in mind when you’re
working with your doctor so a typical
letrozole dosage is gonna be half a
milligram to 0.75 milligrams two to
three times a week but as always consult
with your doctor about the
any medications so a typical one month
supply of Amara or letrozole is between
12 and $25 on the good rx app some
people say that letrozole is not as hard
on cholesterol levels as some other AIS
that are used in TR t but there’s a lot
of evidence to back that up so just take
that with a grain of salt so let’s draw
is pretty similar to a rim attacks and
cost and side effects but Arimidex is
way more popular with doctors it’s
usually a little bit cheaper but if
you’re having issues with the rim index
if the rim adepts isn’t working for you
where you have bad side effects on a rim
letrozole is definitely something that
you and your doctor could work together
and try to see if it works better for
you than Arimidex so that’s pretty much
what I have for you on letrozole
commercially known as for mana it’s very
similar to a remedy X and cost even
though it rim in X is a little a little
bit cheaper and the side effects are
somewhat similar but if a remedy X isn’t
working for you well or you’re having
side effects from it lecture hall is
something that you could definitely talk
to your doctor about trying
instead of Arimidex so that’s what I’ve
got for you today I’m going to leave
some videos right here I’m going to
leave a subscription button right here
if you liked the video if you want to
learn more about TRT and you want to
support the channel I’d really love it
if you click on the like button on the
video and click on that subscribe button
you’ll feel better once you do as always
guys consult your doctor get your levels

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