Are SSRI’s Messing With Your Hormones and Fertility? Real Studies!

so before you watch this video I want to
stress stress do nautical advice from a
guy in a tank top especially Bolcom tank
top do not change your protocol do not
stop taking any medicine
talk to your doctor that’s the only way
to do it
what’s going on guys welcome to the test
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so today I want to talk about
antidepressants and SSRIs but before we
do that we have to do a medical
disclaimer before about marriage I wore
this shirt today not to make you look at
my arms the whole video but I wanted to
stress the point I am NOT a doctor I
this is not medical advice would you
really take medical advice from a guy on
a tape top and as someone on reddit
recently commented on one of my videos
I’m not taking medical advice from a fat
kid wearing a gold chain and has spiky
hair and I totally agree with you sir
you should definitely not take medical
advice to me because I’m not a doctor
and this is not medical advice let’s get
started so it seems as a society that we
are definitely taking more
antidepressants and SSRIs and I’m going
to throw some charts up here from an
article that I saw showing that
basically a lot of people in the United
States are on antidepressants and SSRIs
they also tend to stay on them for a
long time and the scary part to me is
that this survey and information
contains data from children 12 years and
older so there’s lots of I guess kids in
the United States 12 and older who are
on antidepressants and SSRIs that’s kind
of a scary thing to me it seems that
society you know the more that we get
connected with the Internet and we live
in big cities with lots of people near
us and all the stuff we seem to get more
depressed and more crazy and all that
good stuff but hey this isn’t sociology
class so let’s move on specifically to
the SSRIs I’m gonna read you some
outtakes from some of the studies that I
saw while I was doing my research I’m
gonna probably skip over a lot of the
medical jargon because I’m not to be
able to say it and most of us don’t
really know what this means so we’re
over those parts selective serotonin
reuptake inhibitor selective saratoga
selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors
SSRIs use as a first line of treatment
in major depressive disorder are known
to exert negative effects on the
endocrine system and fertility aim of
the present study was to investigate the
possible endocrine disrupting effect of
six SSRIs fluoxetine paroxetine
and it’s active sk Pope s – Jesus s
sinhala pram sertraline and fluvoxamine
wow that was tough all six SSRIs were
found to exert endocrine disrupting
effects on the steroid hormone synthesis
at concentrations just around C max
although the mechanisms of disruption
were all different they all resulted in
discrete testosterone levels furthermore
all SSRIs relatively increased the
estrogen / androgen ratio indicating
stimulating effects on the aroma taste
our study demonstrates the potential of
SSRIs to interfere with steroid
production and indicates that these
drugs should be investigated further to
determine any hazards for the users with
the exception of the fluoxetine group
the testosterone levels were lower in
all groups compared with the control
group the total testosterone level was
significantly lowered in the circling
group which was 40 compared to the
control verse 15 these data suggests
that SSRIs have a negative effect on
testicular tissues this negative impact
is markedly greater in the paroxetine
group to determine the exact mechanism
of action of these drugs on testicular
tissue well-designed randomized
controlled clinical studies are needed
on a larger population all three
compounds were found to interact with
the estrogen receptor
fluoxetine had dual properties weak
estrogenic at lower concentration and
anti estrogenic effect at higher
concentration sertraline shared the same
properties with fluoxetine but also
increase the ester all mediated
transcriptional activity paroxetine
presented only one type of effect the
ability to increase the ester
estradiol mediated transcriptional
activities SSRIs have been shown to
cause bedtime dysfunctions in patients
with an incidence of over 70 percent all
of these demonstrated effects may
suggest an endocrine disruptive effect
of SSRIs on the hypothalamic pituitary
gonadal access on bedtime steroid
metabolism or on estrogenic and
androgenic receptors as SSRI use can be
associated with low free testosterone
serum levels rodents study demonstrated
that flx
can have sexual brain differentiation
sexual behavior testicular development
and sperm production in rat offspring
exposed this is an interesting one but
it was only done on four people so it’s
not like it’s gospel it’s not two
thousand three thousand people it’s four
people four men so the median age of
these men were 40 years and their mean
testosterone levels to 77 all had a
rapid and dramatic recovery from major
depression following testosterone
augmentation basically TRT three of the
four subjects who underwent
discontinuation of the testosterone
under a single blind placebo treatment
began to relapse into depression so
that’s pretty interesting that you know
in this study of these four people
testosterone to help them with their
depression not saying it’s gonna help
you in any way not medical advice in any
way shape or form this one’s really
interesting and I’ve seen this a lot
online a lot men go into the doctor’s
office complaining of many of the
symptoms of low testosterone and instead
even they even though they’re given a
blood test it’s shown that low
testosterone they’re misdiagnosed as
being depressed and given
antidepressants and SSRIs and as we see
here going down that can actually make
things worse in theory in the studies
not medical advice
I don’t do medical advice the American
Association of clinical endocrinologist
alerts us to the prevalence of
misdiagnosis in its adult male
hypogonadism guideline the patient is
normally placed on antidepressants
instead SSRI drugs have been found to
cause low free testosterone as well
sexual dysfunction low free testosterone
is indicative
hypogonadism all that being the case why
are we surprised that SSRIs and other
drugs causing hypogonadism of which
there are many lead to depression loss
of hope and ultimately yeah especially
in the young an already confused
situation is exacerbated with the
introduction of SSRIs as they slowly
demolish endocrine health whilst the
limitations of some studies reference
are obvious in terms of numbers and
perhaps testing methods there must be a
serious question raised as to why these
patients are not being properly
evaluated for hypogonadism before
putting them onto antidepressants so
that’s interesting in a few ways the
first one being that the endocrinology
society put this out but from what I see
online a lot of men who see
endocrinologist eventually realize that
they don’t really know anything about
TRT and a lot of them get turned away by
endocrinologist with low testosterone
numbers so that’s interesting
and it’s just it’s a it’s one of the few
medical things that I’ve seen come out
from a medical society or whatever they
are that actually is pointing out that
hypogonadism and lo T’s misdiagnosed a
lot in a lot of different ways and they
seem to always be put on medicines that
are advertised on TV and that have reps
that come to doctors so take that for
what it is yeah moving on with that said
new research comes up all the time
finding new things about antidepressants
they really aren’t well understood many
antidepressants medications are now
linked to the development of diabetes
birth defects etc although there are no
formal studies to link antidepressants
with low testosterone many people taking
these drugs are convinced that they are
the root cause there is really only one
very small scale study that found a link
between an antidepressant induced sexual
function and low free serum testosterone
I actually found these are all excerpts
from studies so there obviously are a
decent amount of studies but maybe this
was written a long time ago I don’t know
but it’s interesting to see that SSRIs
are sorry to be shown to cause a lot of
other stuff this one doesn’t really have
anything to do with SSRIs
but some
just did some experiments on neutered
adult male rats
the rats developed depressive like
behaviors that were reversed with
testosterone replacement they also
identified a molecular pathway and I’m
not even gonna read it in the
hippocampus that plays a major role in
mediating the protective effects of
testosterone this suggests that the
proper function of ER k2 is necessary
before antidepressant effects of
testosterone can occur it also suggests
that this pathway may be a promising
target for antidepressant therapies so
to end out the study based thing there’s
a couple studies here I’m just basically
reading the effects of the SSRI
some of these are rats some of these are
human tasks dose dependent reduction in
sperm count motility and increase in
abnormal sperm heads the fluoxetine
treated rats had a reduction of weight
in weight of sexual organs decrease in
sperm count and motility decrease in
plasma testosterone and FSH and a
decrease in the number of females that
were impregnated to men seeking
infertility evaluations who demonstrated
marked improvements semen parameters
after withdrawal of their
antidepressants the assimil Oh cram
treated showed a significant decrease in
sperm count and motility and an increase
in abnormal morphology the circulating
treated men had significantly reduced
sperm count increased abdominal
morphology increased DNA fragmentation
but no change in beauty the paroxetine
treated men should reduce testosterone
estrogen levels but no change in semen
parameters an increased DNA
fragmentation was found so while I’m not
telling you to change your protocol in
any way shape or form I just wanted to
bring some of these studies of medicines
that are widely widely prescribed and
are just getting prescribed more and
more and more and I think there really
needs to be a lot more Studies on this
and I know that the pharmaceutical
companies aren’t going to do this
because they’re not going to pay to do a
tennis that may make their medicine less
attractive to doctors and customers not
patients customers were customers to the
pharmaceutical companies so there’s two
things that are really really scary
about this the first off is that doctors
are prescribing these powerful not
heavily studied medicines on kids
12 years old I mean that’s really scary
I mean if it’s been shown in a couple
different studies that they could
possibly lower your testosterone ruin
your swimmers possibly you know inhibit
fertility later on in life and they’re
giving them to kids that are 12 years
old I mean that’s just I don’t know
that’s scary to me the other part that’s
really scary is the amount of times that
hypogonadism is misdiagnosed as
depression and people are put on SSRIs
when they really had low testosterone
there’s a couple factors that play into
that and I think you probably already
know what they are
the first one is TR T is testosterone
and that’s scary and that’s what
bodybuilders use and people get roid
rage heart attacks strokes prostate all
that good stuff all that stuff most has
been disproven but your doctor probably
doesn’t keep up on that testosterone is
not something people research that much
unless your tester levels and you have
an awesome YouTube channel with awesome
subscribers so on one side the doctor
could prescribe you testosterone or he
could prescribe you an SSRI he knows all
about the SSRIs because he’s been to
Ruth Chris he’s seen the presentation he
gets lunch from the reps you know hey
how are your patients on Prozac doing oh
you’re getting good results oh really
okay great great well I’ll come back in
a week we’ll bring you some lunch it’s
just really scary that God it’s so scary
to me that a doctor would rather
prescribe a medicine that messes around
with your brain chemistry over a natural
hormone that is made in the body that
happens to be low for whatever reason in
this patient it’s just so sad that the
social stigma of testosterone is so
strong that a doctor would rather
prescribe a medicine that has crazy side
effects I mean 70% of men have issues in
the bedroom that are taking SSRIs that’s
crazy to me instead of a hormone your
body naturally produces that has good
effects on the body such as muscle
strength energy all that good stuff it’s
just so crazy to me that we live in this
type of world but anyway guys I just
wanted to present you some studies that
I found while doing research on SSRIs
once again not medical advice
talk to your doctor don’t listen to a
guy in a tank top and a gold chain and
spiky hair who might be slightly chubby
who’s really just bulking but anyway
guys thanks for watching
you’re awesome and as always get your
levels tested

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