Micro dosing For Testosterone Replacement Therapy Explained! Pros & Cons

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today we’re going to talk about
something that is starting to get more
popular in the TRT scene and it’s called
micro dosing but before we do we have to
do the medical delivery before labonz
you’ve managed to add to the medical
disclaimer I am NOT a doctor this is not
medical advice I’m not telling you to do
anything I’m just reporting back what I
see in the TRT community most TRT
protocols that come from the
manufacturer or from doctors are having
men inject not very often at all so for
instance if DNA it’s 200 milligrams
every two weeks force us and on it’s 250
milligrams every three weeks with an
deca no 8 it’s like 10 weeks so the idea
in the medical community is that it
seems to be that they don’t want people
injecting or having to inject too often
because that’s an inconvenience to the
patient but with a lot of these
protocols men also have to take a eyes
and other stuff in order to keep
estrogen down they also get more of
spikes and then valleys and spikes and
then valleys so what a lot of men have
started to do and it’s starting to gain
a lot of popularity is called micro
dosing and what that basically is is
taking the amount that you would
normally take in a week and split it up
into seven shots one per day and the
thought process behind this is that it
mimics the body’s natural testosterone
production a lot more closely than let’s
say doing it two weeks and then two
weeks it’s almost very almost no
fluctuation at all
so for instance let’s just say that your
protocol was 140 milligrams to make this
easy on camera you would instead take 20
milligrams per day and inject it usually
with an insulin needle you would still
get the exact same 140 milligrams per
week but you’re getting it seven times
instead of just once a lot of men that
I’ve seen on Reddit and Facebook groups
they are switching over to micro
noticing mainly because they are having
issues with estrogen or they didn’t want
to take an AI on top of their trt
because AI can have side effects just
like any other medication and they don’t
want to take in extra medicine if they
don’t have to now as this is a newer
phenomenon and it’s not really anything
that’s prescribed by a doctor or
recommended by manufacturer of
testosterone of any kind there are no
Studies on it so no one really knows all
we can really go off of is what people
say people feel and their blood test
results I’ve seen a lot of men post that
they went from once a week to every
seven days and now they don’t have to
take any AI and their estrogen is in
check I personally have never done micro
dosing I don’t personally see the need
for it right now but I totally see why
it can work and I can see the thought
process behind it and I feel that it’s
sound the only inconvenience is doing it
every day now when you’re doing it with
an insulin needle like a 29 gauge or 28
27 it’s not that bad it really doesn’t
hurt at all I mean it’s really easy to
do it’s just that you have to remember
and do it every single day most men that
are doing micro dosing are doing it one
of two ways they’re either doing it
subcutaneous and belly fat or butt fat
or they’re doing what’s called shallow
i.m or intramuscular and so they’re
probably using a little half-inch
syringe 29:27 gauge and they’re going
shallowly into their muscles so maybe
it’s in a quad or to their shoulder some
people do their chest there’s you can
pretty much do it in any of the bigger
muscles because it’s just such a little
amount of liquid
you know let’s say 0.1 per each day is
not going to fill up the muscle and make
it super sore you may still get some pip
or post injection pain but it’s less
likely because it’s just less volume in
the muscle itself could micro dosing be
a solution for higher estrogen it could
it’s possible I’ve never personally
tried it I’m just going
based on what I’ve seen online but the
idea is kind of this let’s say you’re
doing one injection every two weeks the
thought process with the estrogen levels
is that you get a big boost of
testosterone testosterone goes up
there’s tons of it in your body right
now and a lot more of that converts over
into estrogen turning into a higher
estrogen level in your body which could
possibly give you symptoms the thought
process of micro dosing is you just give
your body a little bit every day it
doesn’t have a lot to aromatize into
estrogen not one massive amount at one
time so less of the testosterone gets
aromatized into estrogen this could lead
to a higher testosterone levels because
less of it is aromatize into estrogen
and also lower estrogen levels because
less of the testosterone is aromatize
into estrogen so I definitely think that
it’s a sound concept and I think it does
make sense biologically our bodies make
testosterone every day and we use it up
a little bit throughout the day and then
the cycle repeats
so the thought process I feel is very
sound here’s why a lot of men don’t like
doing it first off as you already know
it’s an everyday thing so every single
day you’ve got to get out you got to
wipe your bottle down you got draw a
little bit you got to wait for the
injection site down and then you got it
a jack and that’s about it doesn’t take
a whole lot of time but it is a process
so a lot of men don’t like doing that
just out of convenience and if they’re
not having crazy issues with estrogen or
they’re okay with taking an AI that may
have possible side effects then they’re
not going to jump to a seven day routine
when a twice a week routine is working
for them another downside to micro
dosing is that you go through a lot of
pins and a lot of alcohol swabs which
are generally pretty cheap I mean the
pads I’ve got a link to them in the
description I mean they’re super cheap
it’s like four bucks for four hundred or
something like that
now the syringes can be a little bit
more keep in mind you’re gonna be using
three hundred and sixty five of them
whereas I’m using one hundred and four
so it’s gonna build up you’re gonna have
to probably get a sharp spin
you’re gonna have to figure out a way to
dispose of them and you’re gonna be
using a lot of pins from what I’ve seen
100 insulin syringes depending on where
you go usually about 20 or $40 it
depends depends on where you are
now here’s another possible downside to
micro dosing and why I tend to see more
experienced veteran TRT guys doing it
and when you’re cutting a dose into
seven different individual shots let’s
say for 200 I think I did the math I
think it’s like 28 or 27 you’re gonna
try to pull 27 milligrams which would on
an insulin syringe would be 1 ml almost
another half an ml so it’s easy to get
confused and to not be accurate and your
dosing so if you’re new to this or
you’re not super diligent and you’re not
really looking exactly where that line
is you may think that you’re doing your
exact protocol when you may be doing
more or less so the next time you get a
blood test you may be doing I’ve
accidentally done some more that week by
accident and you go and you get a blood
test and you pull a pretty high number
and now your doctors like hey whoa
that’s a little high maybe we need to
cut down your dose when in theory if you
had just done it exactly the exact
dosage you probably would have been
within the range that you’re supposed to
be in so to wrap this up
I think micro dosing like I said I think
it’s a good theory I think it works I I
don’t see why it wouldn’t but there is a
convenience factor and also a little
extra cost of going through a bunch of
syringes and trying to pull that exact
dosage out now I personally in my
opinion this is not medical advice
obviously I personally really only think
you would need to look at micro dosing
if you are having issues with estrogen
if you’re not having high estrogen
symptoms or you don’t
aromatize a lot of testosterone into
estrogen I don’t know if micro dosing
and the inconvenience we’re doing every
day and the extra cost would be worth it
for you it’s obviously a personal
decision but if you are having issues
with high estrogen where you have to
take a lot of AI or you want to
discontinue AI and you want to try to
lower those ester the numbers without
having to take something I think micro
dosing is something that you can
definitely look into and possibly try
now it’s a personal decision this is not
medical advice this is just I’m just
taking information that I see online I’m
relaying it back a few guys so you guys
can do your own research and decide if
something’s right for you it’s
interesting that trt well in the medical
community it’s still long intervals
between injections you know sipping a
once every two weeks us every three
weeks I’m deck annoyed every ten weeks
so a medical community they’re still
kind of in the past let’s say but it’s
interesting that as the years go by and
has more and more men on TRT a lot of
people are doing more frequent
injections and having better results so
I think that’s definitely interesting
and I think obviously I mean micro
dosing once a day is pretty much the
ultimate frequency I can’t see anyone
doing twice a day but hey but it
probably is someone out there doing it
but it’s interesting to see the gaps
between injections getting smaller and
smaller and smaller and you know once a
week to every everyday seems to be a
pretty good spot for most men so it’s
just interesting to see that we’re
learning so much more about hormones now
and how they work and it’s just really
interesting so I thought I’d share with
you what my producing is the pros and
cons and you can see if it’s something
that you want to look into so thanks for
watching guys as always get your levels

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