Does TRT Cure Anxiety? How does Testosterone Replacement Therapy effect Anxiety?

what’s going on guys test your levels
here today we’re going to cover a topic
that I see posted a lot on Reddit and
Facebook and it’s in regards to anxiety
and the question is usually how long
does it take anxiety to disappear on trt
so I’m going to help answer that
question today
so before we discuss whether trt can fix
or eliminate anxiety we kind of have to
look at anxiety and what exactly it is
anxiety is a multi-faceted thing there’s
not just one thing that causes it it can
be caused by outside stresses it can be
caused by a hormone imbalance in your
brain a chemical imbalance in your brain
something traumatic that happened to you
like post-traumatic stress disorder
there’s a lot of things that can cause
anxiety and testosterone is not a
cure-all for everything while it is a
very important hormone for men and women
it is not a medicine that does
everything for everyone so let’s jump it
to anxiety a little bit I didn’t do a
lot of research on this as there is not
a lot of research on this so in this
video this is not medical advice this is
just my personal opinion my personal
experience and what I see online so like
I said we get lots of questions on these
different groups when is my anxiety
going to disappear and for a lot of
people it can take up to 32 weeks to see
any notice and anxiety at all you know
people think that they just do their
first or second shot their testosterone
levels are up and they should start
feeling the benefits instantly and it
doesn’t work like that everything in
your body is combined and interacts and
is connected with other stuff so when
you have a low testosterone for however
long and now you have a normal amount it
takes a good amount of time for all
these other things to balance out and
level out and work with each other so
it’s not an instantaneous thing before
if we get into my opinion and my
personal experience we kind of need to
discuss what would be considered
eliminating anxiety it’s not something
that you can just eliminate like I said
it can be caused by lots of outside
stressors I stressed about my job I
stress about all kinds of stuff and
taking testosterone getting my hormone
levels balanced isn’t gonna stop that
mortgage bill from coming in the mail
it’s not gonna stop the stressors of my
website or my business or the boss being
a dick and really riding me that’s not
to change that’s life so if testosterone
can eliminate anything it’s going to be
kind of the more internal anxiety that
you bring on yourself not the stuff that
you’re stressed out about that you can’t
control it’s more of when you’re
creating a stressful feeling and anxiety
inside yourself through your own little
thoughts and testosterone does help some
people with that it doesn’t help
everyone I have seen a good amount of
people say they’ve come off of
antidepressants and anti-anxiety
medicines after they’ve been on TRT for
a good amount of time and they’ve
improved their life and they feel
overall better and they don’t feel like
they need the medicine anymore now I’ve
also seen a lot of people say that it
does absolutely nothing for that anxiety
they didn’t notice a single change they
didn’t notice any difference at all if
you’re watching this video you’re
probably watching it you probably search
YouTube this TRT cure anxiety and you’re
looking to see if taking trt can just
fix your brain and fix how its wired fix
all the chemical imbalances that you may
have or may not have and I’m gonna tell
you straight up it may not help you at
all it may completely cure you and this
kind of goes back to a lot of other
stuff in PR teen hormones everyone’s
different some people feel fine at a
certain level some people have feel
great on high with higher estrogen
levels some people feel everyone’s
different so I can’t tell you whether it
will help you were not I’m just gonna
tell you to have a realistic expectation
that it may not if you ever look at
medicine commercials they say that you
know eighty percent of people taking
whatever had you know their psoriasis is
gone but that’s 80 percent there’s
another twenty percent where that
medicine did absolutely nothing and you
have to take that in account while
testosterone as I said earlier is a very
powerful hormone and it is needed and it
can help so many aspects of your life
it’s not guaranteed to fix all of them I
think some of the anxiety curing is a
little bit overblown
and I think people have kind of wishful
thinking and you know the trt cures
anxiety I’m auntie Artie and I feel like
it’s cured my anxiety and if it did
that’s fantastic and some people it does
100% it does but some people does
nothing I’m one of those people I don’t
have extreme anxiety I don’t take
medicines for it I just I mean generally
I live kind of a stressful life I I
don’t get a normal paycheck like other
people do I have a couple different
places where I get money from and if a
couple of them aren’t doing good I make
less money and I stress about that
so for me TRT did absolutely nothing to
change my anxiety not a single bit I
don’t feel a difference with anxiety in
any way shape or form
but you may you may feel a hundred
percent better in life I feel a hundred
times better I have so much more energy
I sleep better my libido is pretty solid
and just I just feel better in general I
have a better outlook I feel more driven
all that stuff but it did not change my
anxiety levels at all I don’t really
have much else to say on the topic it
can help you it cannot help you it may
it may not everyone’s different we don’t
know till you try if you were to ask me
what I take TRT if I didn’t need it to
try to fix anxiety I would say
absolutely not in my opinion I think the
benefits for anxiety on trt are a little
overblown but yeah there are people that
is cured or they feel they’ve been cured
100% so just like everything else we’re
all different there’s no black and white
it’s a gray area
some people would help some people it
doesn’t would I try to get on it just to
fix that one aspect no if I needed it
and I was gonna take it what I expect to
be cured anxiety no I think that’s a
little I think that’s a little I don’t
think you can really cure anxiety I
think you can definitely lower it but
you have outside life stresses so you
can’t just cure it it’s not something
that cure it’s not you know what I’m
saying so anyway guys I think that’s
gonna wrap it up overall it can help you
it may not didn’t help me it’s helped
others I wouldn’t jump on expecting that
result but if you do get it and
awesome congratulations that’s what we
want we want and then feeling better you
want then that better lives just feel
better in life and just be more manly
but anyway guys that’s gonna wrap it up
I’m gonna put some videos right here I’m
gonna put subscribe button right here I
thank you guys for watching I love
seeing you here I love seeing all the
positive comments really appreciating it
and that’s about it
so thanks for watching guys you’re
awesome get your levels tested

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