American Physicians College Issues New TRT Guidelines

what’s going on guys test your levels
here we’ve got some new guidelines from
the second largest medical group in the
United States
the Americans College of Physicians and
if you’re guessing this has something to
do with trt now they basically said that
the only reason that men should be on
trt from naturally decreasing
testosterone levels from age should be
so the American College of Physicians
came out with some guidelines they
apparently did very little research on
trt and they looked at studies that
contradict any of the studies that I can
find on Google I’m sure they have
different settings than what I can find
on Google because that’s just secret but
in their new guidelines they basically
say the only reason that you should be
on TRT
is if you have edy or severe libido
issues they quote that you could get a
heart attack you can get a stroke so
this is probably something that your
doctors going to read and this is going
to spread a lot of misinformation to
doctors who respect the American College
of Physicians and yeah so that’s fun and
it’s also and blasted out to Forbes and
Reuters and all those news agencies so
it’s all over there so let me read this
to you and I’m gonna give you my
thoughts and we’ll have some fun but
before I start and before you get your
pitchforks out and start writing this
does not affect men who have something
wrong with our hypothalamus the
pituitary gland or their testes that
causes low testosterone all they’re
saying is this guidelines are for men
that are just on TRT due to low
testosterone because of age so if you’re
50 60 whatever and your testosterone
levels are low just because you’re
getting older this is what they’re
saying and they’re saying that you do
not need to be on TRT and it has no
benefits and is dangerous
older men whose testosterone levels have
dropped over the years she’s only given
testosterone replacement to treat edie
according to new guidelines from the
American College of Physicians sales of
treatments for low testosterone or low
tea tripled from 2001 to 2011
you will buy direct-to-consumer
advertising promising that it’s the it’s
the Fountain of Youth the trend reverse
in 2013 the studies were published
suggesting the treatments carried risk
of stroke and heart attack rotary and
popular driven by direct-to-consumer TV
ads dr. Robert McLean said he’s the
president of the American College of
Physicians you can’t watch cable TV
without seeing an ad saying hey check
your teeth we all know this is marketing
test software placement as a kind of
Fountain of Youth I personally have
never seen a trt ad on TV not one single
one I’ve seen tons of new geniux
I’ve seen tons of whatever the other one
extends and all those other BS
testosterone boosters I’ve never once
seen a prescription medicine added for
testosterone I don’t know maybe I just
missed them I see medicine ads every
single day for lexapro and for all these
antidepressants and SSRIs but I’ve never
seen one for TRT I don’t know maybe you
have I’m sure they’re out there but I’ve
never seen them so that’s BS right there
ACP developed its recommendation based
on a review of the latest evidence the
studies looked at the effectiveness of
treatments for IDI physical function
quality of life fatality depression
cognition serious side effects such as
heart disease stroke increased risk of
death the recommendations are designed
to give doctors guidance on how to
advise men about the treatments based on
the review the ACP found that men with
age-related low testosterone who had IDI
might get a slight benefit from the
treatments but the evidence is lacking
to support their use to improve energy
physical function or cognition although
some individual studies have suggested
that testosteron placement therapy might
increase the risk for cardiovascular
events evidence from the 14 trials
reviewed by the acp was too weak to
allow for any firm conclusions on park
safety as to whether the treatment
increased the risk of prostate cancer of
death the researchers concluded there
was not enough evidence to make a call
the evidence is still early and minimal
where I think we’re still lacking
evidence in many areas is in long-term
evidence as far as potential risks we
may in a few years have that evidence
about cardiovascular
season prostate cancer and other issues
this is only what we know right now so
if you remember I did a video on a bunch
of studies heart attack prostate stroke
and cancer for men on CRT and almost all
of them show a marginal or no increased
risk for those nasty things I’m not
really sure what research the ACP
actually looked at it doesn’t sound like
they looked at a whole lot because all
the stuff that I could find
so that trt is pretty darn safe and
probably 10 times safer there are a lot
of these medicines that you’ve seen ads
for certain medicines that have side
effects like this abilify is not for
everyone call your doctor if your
depression worsens or if you have
unusual changes in behavior or thoughts
of suicide antidepressants can increase
these in children teens and young adults
elderly dementia patients taking abilify
have an increased risk of death or
stroke walking eating driving or
engaging in other activities while
asleep without remembering it the next
day have been reported abnormal
behaviors may include aggressiveness
confusion agitation or hallucinations
stop chantix and get help right away if
you have changes in behavior thinking
aggression hostility depressed mood
suicidal thoughts or actions seizures
nor worse murder blood vessel problems
sleepwalking or life-threatening
allergic and skin reactions as with all
fillers there is a rare risk of
unintentional injection into a blood
vessel which can cause vision
abnormalities blindness stroke temporary
scabs or scarring tudi is not for
everyone call your doctor if you have
unusual changes in mood behaviors or
thoughts of suicide
antidepressants can increase these in
children teens and young adults elderly
dementia patients taking ‘la to DES have
an increased risk of death or stroke
call your doctor if you have fever stiff
muscles and confusion as these may be
signs of a life-threatening reaction or
if you have uncontrollable muscle
movements as these may become permanent
high blood sugar has been reported with
‘la to DES and medicines like it and in
some cases extreme high blood sugar can
lead to coma or death other risks
include decreases in white blood cells
which can be fatal
dizziness upon standing seizures
increased cholesterol weight gain
increased prolactin levels impairment in
judgment or trouble swallowing so I did
some hardcore digging on a website
called Google and I’m not sure if the
ACP is access to Google but I literally
typed in testosterone replacement
therapy energy testosterone replacement
therapy physical function testosterone
replacement therapy cognition and this
is what I found literally the first or
second wake were these studies that
basically say that it’s safe not saying
that it’s there’s no risk I’m not saying
that at all
but these studies are basically saying
there’s very little slim to little risk
for these for these diseases in these
conditions so I’m not sure what the ACP
research it doesn’t sound like they did
a lot of research I mean they’re the
second largest medical group in the
United States they were founded in 1915
but I don’t know who asked them to just
kind of give an opinion you know they
didn’t even they didn’t even cite the
research that they that they did they
didn’t cite any of the other studies
they didn’t say any of that stuff they
just basically came out with an opinion
piece hey we don’t see the benefits of
TRT if you’re just older and have low
TRT you don’t see the benefit but the
research doesn’t show there’s any real
risks but we just don’t know so I don’t
understand why they would put out
something like this it’s a real half
assed approach at medicine and medicine
reporting and journalism whatever it’s
just it’s ridiculous that such a large
of doctors did almost no research and
then came out with just an opinion piece
like I said there are medicines out
there with crazy side effects I
literally saw one for Botox for women’s
wrinkles or for men’s wrinkles whatever
and one of the side effects is permanent
blindness but if you went to your doctor
and you said hey I want rejuven or
whatever the heck it is they’re gonna do
it because they’re gonna make money but
you know when they look at testosterone
it’s well there’s a possibility that you
could have slightly increased heart
attacks or slightly increased stroke
risk but literally this medicine that’s
purely for cosmetic and vanity has the
potential to blind you to permanently
blind you yet they’re not they’re not
writing articles on rejuven people going
blind they’re they’re talking about TRT
and the slight possibility with the
little research that they did it’s crazy
to me I just don’t understand why
testosterone is under such an attack
just because people abuse it to get
bigger and stronger doesn’t mean that
everyone does that I’m sure your doctor
has no problem writing you an oxycontin
prescription if you just came out of
surgery yes some people snort it some
people inject it into their veins and OD
on it but not everyone does that
and when medicines are used for their
intended purpose by 99% of the people
they should be demonized by legitimate
medical I’m not even gonna say
legitimate because they obviously did
zero research on this crazy crazy crazy
crazy no once again this doesn’t apply
to men who have issues where their
bodies aren’t producing testosterone
they’re just saying that if you’re 50
years old and you don’t have a D but you
have brain fog you’ve gained a lot of
weight you have no energy you don’t have
good physical function or cognition that
TR T is not for you it’s only for if you
have II D or extreme abuse use that’s
their opinion based on the half-assed
research that they did and they’re a
little cute opinion piece that’s
probably read by a lot of doctors who
are now gonna say well the ACP these are
their guidelines
I’m not going above and beyond that
so if you’re feeling great on trt sorry
bud I’m taking you off now let me ask
you a question so if you’ve had high
cholesterol and you go into your doctor
and it’s either caused because you have
bad genetics that give you high
cholesterol or it’s because you eat like
garbage and you don’t exercise and you
have high cholesterol but in either
scenario you have high cholesterol is
your doctor going to tell you that he’s
not going to prescribe you a medicine to
help lower your cholesterol because the
risks outweigh the rewards in either
scenario if you have high cholesterol
due to genetics age or because you eat
like trash what the APC is basically
saying is well we’re not going to
prescribe you a medicine or a statin to
help lower your cholesterol because its
genetic it’s just that’s the way your
body is so the risks outweigh the
rewards you know the medicine doesn’t
really have any high risks but in the
research that we’ve done we’ve
determined that we just don’t know so to
be on the safe side you’re just going to
live in high cholesterol its genetic
it’s good it’s because of age don’t
worry about it that’s basically what
they’re saying about testosterone
they’re basically saying that hey it’s
natural if you’re 50 to have low
testosterone so we’re not going to treat
it because you could possibly have a
heart attack or a stroke we don’t know
yet the research doesn’t point to say
that but it’s just natural so just deal
with it doesn’t matter that you feel
like trash doesn’t matter your brain fog
doesn’t matter that you don’t have
energy to go to work and to hang out
with your wife and your kids because the
risks outweigh the reward even though we
don’t know what the risks are and the
research that we’ve done really doesn’t
point to anything bad but hey this is
America I don’t know why the 8pc decide
to weigh in on this I think it’s pretty
irresponsible for them to do very little
research like I said I literally just
typed in TR t energy and boom a study
shows up
TRT cognition study shows up TR t
physical function a study shows up
saying that it helps with all those
things yet the APC for some reason we’re
unable to find those I don’t know I mean
I have special access to Google
I don’t know if they pay the fee to get
Google but I had access to it
it took me under ten seconds to find I’m
gonna put those on the screen again just
to reiterate my point I don’t know why
testosterones have demonized I think
it’s about I mean with all the other
stuff that we’re being enlightened to in
2020 and yeah I’m mocking at all that
but a lot of stuff’s changing but for
some reason TRT is still demonized I
don’t know why it is I’m rambling I’m
gonna finish up this video I just got
fired up and I just don’t understand I
don’t understand anything apparently I
don’t understand how the world works but
it doesn’t seem to favor us who knows
why but anyway guys thanks for watching
if you liked the video drop a like if
you’re new here click on that subscribe
button we got tons more content coming
up anyway as always your awesome get
your levels tested

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