No Arimidex Challenge! How did I feel with no AI for two weeks and taking Calcium D-Glucarate?

what’s going on guys test your levels
welcome back if you’re not subscribed
click on the button so I did a video on
calcium deep blue create the stuff right
here and supposedly it is pretty good at
controlling estrogen and it also removes
some toxins from your body it seems like
a pretty good supplement so in my video
on it I said maybe if you guys wanted me
to I would stop taking my REM attacks
and take two of those everyday which is
a thousand milligrams and so I did and
today is exactly two weeks from when I
stopped taking the remedy X so I wanted
to let you guys know you know what’s
changed what hasn’t changed and how I
feel this is definitely not medical
advice not in any way shape or form and
now I have to be a medical disclaimer
before about you
so after I put out that video I told my
wife that a lot of the guys commented
they wanted me to stop taking my REM
attacks and take this calcium gluconate
instead she’s like why would you do that
you’re an idiot mm-hmm she’s like you’re
dialed in your hormones are all good
you’re not crying during movies you
don’t have crazy acne why would you do
that and I said for my fans for the
people that subscribe because they
deserve better so I did and I dropped my
Arimidex started taking two of those and
I was not sure what would happen I was
questioning whether I break down acne
I’d be feeling different you know I’d be
more emotional all that good stuff but
to be honest with you I didn’t really
feel any different days 2 & 3
I felt like it’s kind of like not hot
flashes but I felt like a little warmer
at certain points when I wasn’t doing
anything strenuous like I would just be
like sitting on the couch you’re eating
something and I would just feel pretty
warm and so I don’t know if that was I
don’t know why it is to be honest with
you but it wasn’t crazy I wasn’t like
breaking out in sweats or anything like
that but I did notice that and then for
the rest of the time I didn’t notice
anything different I didn’t break out an
acne I haven’t been crazy emotional I
did watch Bambi and I did cry a little
bit close a lot less than I would have
normally if my estrogen was crazy
through the roof I do naturally have
high estrogen when I’m on TRT I think
the number was like 72 or something on
one of my tests when I was doing this
exact same protocol but without HCG and
without a remedy acts so overall I can’t
say that the calcium deep blue car has
lowered my extra June at all or anything
like that I haven’t gone a blood test
and I’m not due for another blood test
so like I said this isn’t scientific I’m
just going your bro science pure just
how I feel personally you may have
completely different results but overall
I feel really good I don’t feel any
different I haven’t noticed any changes
at all and to me while that doesn’t
prove that this lowered my estrogen at
all I mean in some ways I kind of feel
like it did a little bit just because I
don’t feel any different
when my estrogen creeps up I’ll start to
break out I’ll get a little bit more
emotional I’m not even really a good
person to do this test on because I
don’t really have high estrogen symptoms
outside of the acne and being a little
bit more emotional I know that a lot of
guys do have symptoms well made her
estrogen creeps up too high
I personally don’t back in the day I may
have used testosterone at higher levels
than what would normally be considered
TRT and I didn’t even know about rim
attacks at that time I didn’t even know
what that was and I did turn pretty
beet-red my co-workers used to ask me if
I you know how was the boat how was the
beach and I was like I didn’t go I’m
just a red dude but overall I’m pretty
impressed with how I feel with just
taking the calcium deep blue curry and
Noah REM attacks just because I’m a
complete idiot and I hope you guys will
enjoy this I’m gonna do it for another
two weeks in my experience you know acne
the acne you see today was because of
hormone levels like two weeks ago so I
want to see over the next two weeks
whether and I breakout at all whether I
start feeling a little bit more
emotional I want to give this a full
month to really see what the effects are
and if I feel feel not new scientific
results if I feel like it kept my
estrogen in control so that’s not it
guys not a whole lot to talk about
nothing really happened still feel good
now that may suggest that calcium the
glue crate may help you know lower your
estrogen levels a little bit I can’t
prove it but based off how I feel I kind
of feel like it seems like a pretty good
supplement so I’ll see you back here in
two weeks and we’ll go through this
again and see if anything’s changed so
thanks for watching guys love seeing you
guys here if you’re new click on that
subscribe button you’re awesome and as
always get your levels tested

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