Is Xyosted a Breakthrough for TRT Users? What is Xyosted, How Does Xyosted Work, Xyosted Price?

what’s going on guys welcome to the test
levels Channel today I’m coming at you
with some futuristic new-age TRT let’s
jump in
so zyo stead was approved by a year ago
by the fda and what it is it’s basically
an auto injector for testosterone and it
injects either 50 75 or 100 milligrams
it’s only for subcutaneous bees through
well I think this is a really cool idea
and it’s super nice just be able to
press this against your skin and it
injects a predetermined amount of
testosterone I also think it will help
men who are scared of needles or maybe
self injecting it does have two big
glaring issues which I’m going to cover
toward the end of the video so I’m gonna
show you a couple images of Zion aside
from their website and also a short
video on how it actually works it looks
as though it does a pretty decent job of
keeping men’s testosterone and healthy
ranges I do think it is a little low but
some men don’t and I wonder what happens
if a man is doing 100 milligram dosage
once a week and doesn’t feel good would
you just take a 50 would you just have
to live with it I’m just I would like to
know what happens in that situation now
this is yet another study done by the
makers of zyo said that subcutaneous is
a good method for testosterone
injections as I’ve showed in other
videos sungkyu and I am both absorbed
not the same with sub-q actually
absorbing a little bit slower
which can give you more stable levels of
testosterone apparently they use a
27-gauge needle
I would guess five-eighths or a half
inch and 99.4% of the injections were
nearly pain-free but as this device only
does sub-q that would be expected on the
bottom of this picture they show the
basic idea of how they dose this
medicine after six weeks of use so if
you’re over 650 they decrease you to the
50 milligram if you’re 350 or lower they
increase you to the 100 milligram and if
you’re 30 50 to 650 they keep you on a
75 milligram
gently squeeze the injection site to
create a raised area and hold that area
firmly until after the injection is
complete place the needle end of the
on the abdomen injection site keep the
auto-injector straight at a 90 degree
angle to the abdomen injection site
firmly push the auto-injector down on
the abdomen site and continue to hold it
down after you hear the click while
holding the auto-injector down slowly
count from 1 to 10 to allow all of the
medicine to be delivered keep holding
the auto-injector down for a total of 10
seconds so now I’m going to run through
an article written by a fine

  • a company basically stock market stuff
    on zyo said zyo said possesses superb
    clinical profile as a trt and the hyper
    competitive market involving decade old
    generics price $25 a month the company’s
    management should be commended for their
    ability to grow sayest Ed’s
    prescriptions to more than seven
    thousand a month the drugs FDA
    restrictions regarding cardiovascular
    risk may be completely invalid as over
    100 studies have proven that trt
    actually decreases the risk of heart
    Ziya said may be one of the best
    testosterone therapies available
    when evaluated against competitors such
    as a V or Nobita or undec Inouye depo
    testosterone or testosterone sibian aid
    or test the power which are the pellets
    each and every single one of these drugs
    possesses disadvantages with put zyo set
    in the spotlight when competing against
    sector players as for no beedo incipient
    eight these are currently the most
    prominent competitors as I of stem
    however even these drugs have their fair
    share of drawbacks patients taken Abid o
    or simian eight have reported severe
    fluctuations in mood libido and serious
    risk of anaphylaxis respectively as
    shareholders should see science that
    possesses one of the best clinical
    profiles of all the sceptre players it’s
    superb efficacy low prevalence of
    serious adverse events and negligible
    risk of abuse makes it a leading
    candidate in a total addressable market
    estimated to be worth 2.2 billion
    dollars so one thing that stood out to
    me is the negligible risk of abuse so
    basically what they’re saying is we
    don’t want to give men testosterone that
    they can dose on their own because
    they’re going to abuse it which I’m sure
    some people do but 99% of people on trt
    are just happy to get any testosterone
    at all and they’re gonna dosed it the
    way they’re supposed to do so they can
    feel better but once again this is one
    of those stigmas that are attached to
    steroids so as I’ve said sounding pretty
    good right now
    it’s an auto-injector it’s got some type
    of testosterone that’s keeping men’s
    testosterone levels really sable with no
    side effects it’s better than sipping a
    it’s better than a deck
    it’s better than the pellets and what
    kind of crazy testosterone is this it’s
    a good stuff this is gonna revolutionize
    trt so I did some research on this and
    it’s a proprietary blend of long-acting
    esters that’s formulated in a specific
    proprietary carrier it’s an app that
    guys it’s an Anthony it’s one molecule
    off from sippy made an and fate was
    invented in 1953 you gotta be kidding me
    this thing is a fancy sub-q injector of
    an anthe come on that’s the best the
    pharmaceutical companies can do for us
    these days repackage and anthe that’s
    been around for over 50 years 60 years
    yeah let’s move on let’s move on I asked
    admit the auto injector is super nice
    just to be able to pull the cap off wipe
    your stomach with alcohol press it for
    10 seconds boom you’re done that’s
    I like it and now that we know that it’s
    a manthe and an innovate super cheap you
    know we got us a suspect that this can’t
    be that much money so let’s figure it
    out so a 10 mil bottle of Anantha is
    about 30 to 40 dollars so let’s do the
    math let’s say I’m taking the highest
    dose worn 100 milligrams a week so in a
    month that’s 400 milligrams that’s 2 ml
    of 200 milligram concentration and
    Nantais so in a month that’s 1/5 of a 10
    ml bottle of an AM fate let’s just say
    the AFA let’s round up to 50 bucks so
    it’s 10 dollars worth of tax rural
    medicine each month so let’s just say
    we’ll add 20 bucks for each auto
    injector so that’s an extra $80 on top
    of the $10 for an ante so it’s about 90
    bucks a month
    definitely a premium when you compare it
    to just insulin syringe and a 10 ml
    bottle of an ante but I personally
    wouldn’t pay that premium because
    testosterone injection sub-q are pretty
    easy but some of you might and it might
    be a great option for you now here’s the
    cash zài of state is not $90 a month
    it’s not $150 a month it’s over $500
    with the good rx at $500 to inject $10
    worth of Anantha that’s the
    pharmaceutical companies for you that’s
    the way the American Medical system
    it’s literally $10 retail of actual
    medicine packaged into an auto-injector
    which has already been created it’s
    already in use and it’s $500 and there’s
    7,000 people taking this per month
    think about the markup on that just
    think it’s insane and you know why
    doctors like it because there’s
    negligible risk of abuse and they don’t
    have to have there not to lose sleep at
    night over if their patients can inject
    a little insulin needle into their
    stomach because they can do with insulin
    but testosterone that’s a whole
    different ballgame that’s a steroid and
    I don’t want my patients trying to
    inject that scary test officer into
    their belly fat this isn’t going on for
    a long time with the pellets the sprays
    the gels the patches they’re just trying
    to find a way a new way to administer
    testosterone when the tried and true way
    is injections
    the problem is injections are cheap
    they’re $25 to $50 a bottle and they
    last two months three months possibly
    four months depending on your dosage so
    they’re just repackaging testosterone in
    two different ways that seemed safer and
    less scary than injections and more
    doctor friendly because it’s just a
    spray in the nose or it’s a patch so
    it’s it’s be us basically the
    auto-injector is cool maybe 90 bucks a
    month maybe I mean just for the
    convenience factor but 500 bucks for ten
    dollars worth of anything that was
    invented in 1953 not for me not test
    your levels of prudhoe nope and if
    you’re all entire said I’m not trying to
    make fun of you or anything like that if
    that’s all your doctor will prescribe
    you and you’re willing to pay the 500
    bucks and you feel better
    that’s fantastic but I would definitely
    tell your doctor listen I can do an
    insulin shot in my stomach once or twice
    a week and if I can save $450 a month
    and I’m gonna do that but anyway guys
    just want to bring this to you was gonna
    put it in
    TRT on the news but I thought this was
    merited its own video I hope you enjoy
    it if you’re on site instead get off so
    I said thanks for watching guys love
    having you here you’re awesome
    I’m gonna put some videos up here I’m
    gonna put subscribe button right there
    click on subscribe button if I possibly
    just save you 450 bucks and if you liked
    the video you found entertaining a like
    is always appreciated thanks for
    watching guys as always get your levels
    tested just not on zyo stead

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