Subcutaneous is better than Intramuscular for Testosterone / TRT Shots. Change My Mind

what’s going on guys test your levels
here welcome back to the channel
today we’re recovering seven advantages
of switching to sub-q but first we have
to do some Liggett Ori medical
so before you begin you know TRT is
almost always then administered
intramuscularly it’s been done since the
Russians figure this out and that
snorting it and taking pills that work
they started injecting it into muscles
mainly the gluts or the quads or your
deltoids and that’s been going on for
years and it even says on your bottle
intramuscular only but as a lot of
people have learned recently
testosterone can be absorbed by fat
cells and that’s where subcutaneous
comes in it’s the same way that people
with insulin or have to use insulin do
it they just do a little insulin needle
into theirs into their fat and they’re
good to go and testosterone works the
same way so I just wanted to put
together a video giving you seven
reasons why sub-q may be better for you
than intramuscular so the first one is
easier injections you know I don’t know
about you but I kind of have a hard time
getting over to my to the quadrant on my
glue the right one and I’m worried about
putting out in the wrong spot deltoids
similar issue it’s I mean I can do it
but it’s just kind of an awkward angle
and you’ve got your quads I used to do
my quads a lot back in the day this quad
my left quad does not like them muscle
twitches up sometimes it kind of gets
happen you kind of feel like you’re
going through something and sometimes
bleed a lot and I just don’t like that
so with sub-q you can either do it in
your belly fat usually about an inch
away from your belly button or you can
do it on your butt fat which I recently
switched to and I basically just kind of
sit down and I see where my butt fat is
I swab it and Boop and it’s really easy
I’m sitting down doing it while I’m
watching TV I don’t have to stand up and
do all that stuff so overall it’s just
an easier injection that’s just that’s
my opinion on it so the next reason with
subcutaneous injections you can use
smaller needles so I know a lot of you
guys are harpooning yourselves with 23 s
and 25 you know one and a half inch
or 1 inch and you don’t have to do that
yes it’s a lot easier to draw and you
can do everything faster but at the end
of the day you don’t have to be stabbing
yourself with you know pretty thick
needle so you can do it for muscular
testosterone shots with pretty much
anything 30 gauge or lower I’ve got 20
nines and they do take a little time to
draw and a little time to inject I
recently jumped over to 27 gauge 1/2
inch and I find that this is a really
good sweet spot you can pull you can
draw up pretty quickly and you can
inject pretty quickly even though I do
recommend staying with the slow speed
while you’re doing subcutaneous because
the oil has less places to go so
sometimes if you do too quick you kind
of feel like tightness a little bit of a
little pressure and you want to go slow
if that happens all right so the next
reason is that you don’t have to there’s
no aspirin there’s no nerves there’s no
arteries and fat so I know you’ve met
most people you don’t have to aspirate
but some people do and when you do so
cute you don’t have to do that
you don’t have to worry about hitting an
artery you don’t have to worry about
hitting vini you don’t have to worry
about a tendon anything like that
because it’s just bad so you just pinch
up a little bit you can do that or not
and just go right in and boom and I’ll
usually let the the needle sit after I’m
done for about 10 seconds just pull it
out there’s usually no blood or very
little blood and it’s a really easy way
I wish I had found this earlier and not
had to harpoon myself the next reason I
prefer sub-q over intramuscular is PIP
or post injection pain so when you’re
putting oil into a muscle a lot of the
time the next day you’ll be sore and if
you’re working out you know if you’re
pinning yourself and then the next day
you’re going to the gym to go do some
legs and your leg is super sore you’re
not gonna get a very good leg workout in
and who wants to be in pain anyway you
know it’s I just it’s so much easier and
because you’re injecting into fat you’re
never gonna have to worry about about I
never have to worry about pain and your
muscles so it’s really it’s really nice
that way I don’t have to worry about
okay well I’m doing legs tomorrow I hope
I don’t get sore or I hope you know
don’t have to walk up a bunch of stairs
tomorrow with my glute you know killing
so I just overall it’s super easy and
you never have to worry about post
injection pain now with sub-q sometimes
you will get a lump you’ll get a lot of
lump under the skin where you injected
the next day usually it’ll be a little
tender but it won’t be warm or read like
an infection you just can kind of feel
it and it’s a little bit tender and it
usually goes away within 24 hours now I
have noticed with different brands
sometimes you’re more prone to getting
these lumps so I was using one brand for
a little while when I first started and
and I would get lumps a little bit more
but now if the new stuff that I got from
Walmart for thirty-six bucks using with
good rx that I haven’t got at once and I
haven’t gotten it at all since I started
injecting into buff that so hey that’s a
plus but if you do get a little lump you
know there’s really not much you can do
don’t freak out it will usually go away
within 24 hours it’ll just be a little
bit tender if you press on it so but
don’t freak out it’s not going to kill
you this next one may be a little
controversial but some studies are
beginning to show that when you inject
testosterone fat it gets absorbed by the
body a little bit slower not much but a
little bit slower now this can be
advantageous because we always want our
hormones to be as stable as possible
like I said it’s very minor but if it’s
like 5 or 10% slower that absorbs into
the body in theory your state your level
is gonna be a little bit more stable now
if you’re just starting now and you’re
doing your first shot or first couple
shots this may not be advantageous to
you because you want your testosterone
levels to get up up to where they need
to be as quickly as possible so maybe if
you’re just starting out maybe start
a.m. for maybe 2 weeks 3 weeks and then
you can switch over to sub-q and fear
your levels would have already pretty
much you know got up there and now they
can stable out and now you get that
advantage of the testosterone getting
into your body a little bit slower so
you kind of have a little bit more
stable levels so it could be
advantageous if you’re me could be not
advantageous if you’re just starting out
the next reason I like sub-q over I am
the needles are a lot cheaper because
they’re just cheap little insulin
needles you don’t have to get one needle
which is like a eighteen gauge or 20
gauge to draw and then you have to have
the tips which whatever size you’re
using and you don’t have to do the
switching and all that and there’s two
extra little parts that cost a little
bit more you know the needles are bigger
usually the drawing the actual casing
plastic casings a little bit bigger both
instantly those it’s usually a hole in
one little piece they’re usually really
cheap and sometimes more accessible at
pharmacies your local pharmacy
distributes a lot more insulin than they
do testosterone so what do you think
they stock more needles for insulin so
if you’re ever in a pinch you know they
may not have 27 gauge they may have 29
or 30 but you can most likely pick
someone at your local pharmacy so that’s
nice and convenient you know you don’t a
lot of them don’t carry some of the big
stuff that you may use for intramuscular
but I can almost guarantee you they’re
gonna have some cut insulin you go
behind that counter the last and final
reason that I like sub-q over I am is
that you waste less testosterone the
little insulin needles they don’t have
that little luer lock cap that little
hub right at the end there that you can
never really get out I know some guys
put air behind it so they can get
everything I don’t really mess around
with that but with insulin needles I
mean the loss is almost nothing it’s
just whatever is in the actual needle at
the end just right there just that
little spot a little tiny needle
whatever is in there is what’s wasted so
actually with the insulin needles that I
got off Amazon for Christmas if you
remember that oh these are the 27 gauge
half and Jerusalem the others have been
worn they actually do have the luer lock
it was just I needed them quick for the
video and that’s what they had now I’m
probably gonna order a box of 100 from
some website but so I actually actually
after I injected last Monday I think it
was I pulled it back down and looked
exactly how much there was in there and
it turns out that for these particular
needles all the needles they may differ
it was point zero six milliliters
as you can see in the picture it’s three
notches on the point one milliliter so
it’s 0.06
mililiters now that doesn’t seem like a
lot that’s just a tiny little amount you
know whatever so we will say that the
bottles of all the test autobots are
overfilled to compensate for that in my
experience they’re usually not some some
brands may ones I’ve got or not there
correctly they’re pretty much exactly
what it says on the bottle point zero
six milliliters doesn’t seem like a lot
but just like everything else in life it
adds up over time so I did the math and
for every 17 shots that you do you’re
gonna lose point 1 milliliters fold if
you’re like me and you’re doing two
injections per week you’re doing 104
injections per year and then when you
add this up it all adds up to six point
two four milliliters that you’re wasting
throughout the entire year so that’s
about 60% of a bottle now I know it’s
tests officers usually pretty cheap and
it’s not a huge deal but the end of the
day why waste it when hey I think suck
use a better better way to do it but
it’s better for all the reasons that
I’ve laid out in this video I feel that
it has an advantage over intramuscular
and at the same time you’re gonna save
more tests so let’s say they did
overfill your bottle and you didn’t
waste any of it
you’re gonna be start to accumulate a
little bit and you’re going to have a
little bit extra if you keep up with
getting your prescriptions now why is
that advantageous because we’re all
following our protocols perfectly we’re
not taking any extra tests so what why
would we need extra well sometimes like
in 2019 at the end of the year there was
a shortage of sipping a so I had to wait
about three weeks to get it but luckily
I had extra so I wasn’t stressed out
about it now if you go and you do your
last injection and your bottles empty
and you go to a pharmacy and they say
sorry we’re sold out nationwide it’s all
on backorder we can’t get it for you
kind of sucks doesn’t it but if you kept
up on it and you didn’t waste any of it
you’d have some extra laying around for
a rainy day just in case there is a
shortage so you don’t have to go to
three weeks without your medicine
because you’ve got a little extra saved
up so anyway guys thanks for watching if
you’re new here click on that subscribe
button if you found this video in for
and helpful click on that like button
thanks for watching as always you guys
are awesome get your levels tested

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