Is Your TRT Protocol Trash? Peaks and Valleys!

what’s going on guys test your levels
here welcome back to the channel today
we are we talking about Peaks valleys
and frequency of injection of different
testosterone esters we’re going to be
covering sepia Nate’s ustin on and undec
those are the three most popular and
we’re going to be using a website called
steroid calc calm and I’ll leave a link
right there in the description for you
guys if you want to plug in your
protocol and see how it looks but we’re
looking at some graphs today and what
these graphs show is how much in theory
testosterone is released in your body
every single day as as it goes on as it
goes throughout the cycle until you
inject again and I didn’t mean cycle
like that
I just meant time cycle let me know in
the comments what’s your protocol does
your protocol do you consider it good
did you change your mind and you
possibly rethinking it after seeing some
of these graphs and if you could give a
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reason so if you don’t click on that
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the like button so I’m gonna switch over
to my office here because I don’t want
to print out 20 different graphs and be
looking down on the whole time so let’s
get into it alright guys so we’re in my
office I wipe down my greasy head so it
doesn’t reflect too much light for you
guys but before we start we have to
discuss what half-life is so let’s just
take sip unique for example it has a
half-life of about 7 to 8 days and what
a half-life means is that if you
injected 100 milligrams in 7 to 8 days
you would have 50 milligrams in your
body and then 7 to 8 days after that
you’d have 25 milligrams so it’s not
like a half-life of 7 days you go from
100 to 0 100 to 0 100 of 0 it’s a
half-life so it kind of it fluctuates
and that’s basically what half-life
means so a lot of protocols the actual
recommended protocol for sipping 8 is
200 milligrams every two weeks so what
that means is from 200 you’re going to
go down to 100 after seven to eight days
and then 57 to eight
you’re gonna read up to 200 so the 50
milligrams is good for you then that’s
okay but if it’s not your testosterone
level is gonna actually get really low
toward those last few days so let’s look
at some charts here so we’re going to
start off with undec Inouye deca domain
is a long-acting ester I believe the
recommendation is like a thousand
milligrams every eight to ten to twelve
weeks depending on whether it’s a VE or
the other one we’re gonna look at undec
in a way that ten weeks so on a ten
weeks you can see you start up here
fifteen milligrams that’s being released
every day that’s not your testosterone
level this is not your testosterone
level this is just how much of your body
how much testosterone your body is
actually able to grab from that oil and
circulate through your body so you can
see here we start off at fifteen and at
the end we’re right at about two and a
half then we go back up to fifteen and
then we start creeping down so you can
see you probably start to feel pretty
good the first few weeks first few days
whatever and then just as the months go
by and the week’s go by it starts to get
lower and lower so let’s look at a
decade away every four weeks so as you
can see you start off a little lower but
it seems to be a little more smooth and
then you come back and it’s a little bit
more smooth so now we’re gonna look at
two weeks so I split up the dose from
eight weeks to two weeks and I’ll show
you that on screen and you can see we
start to it starts off a little low but
then it slowly builds up and you can see
this this baseline kind of here where
the blue is you can see where the blue
is pretty stable you’re getting the
medicine more frequently and you’re not
getting as many peaks and valleys it’s
starting to level out a little bit and
now when you look at on deck in the wave
at one week you can see that it does
take a little while to ramp up but when
it does you can see how that’s real
smooth so that’s you know a peak and
Valley like this not a peak and Valley
like this you don’t want to put your
hormones on a roller coaster and deck in
a way I heard mixed things about it some
people like it I saw a guy that said he
does weekly has great results but I’ve
heard a lot of horror stories from
people on that 8th 9th 10th
whatever week they just feel like trash
but this is very popular in Australia in
the UK it’s it’s widely used over there
sometimes it’s the only thing you can
get so it kind of is what it is but I
wanted to point out this peaks and
valleys theory so now let’s move on to
suss and on so sustenance is usually
about 250 milligrams every three weeks
and as you see on this graph you can see
this starts off high light around 50 and
at the end I mean it’s almost nothing so
you can see this huge drop and then a
spike then huge drop and that’s not
ideal for your horn others now I don’t
know what the people who have made
sussing on we’re thinking when they
described this protocol or when they
figured out this protocol but on paper
this looks horrible and I’ve seen a lot
of people say that this is horrible
so let’s move on to susta non every for
every 14 days so every 14 days you can
Steve that still got a huge peak and a
pretty big drop and then a huge peak and
a pretty big drop and a huge peak
they’re gonna feel really good for that
first week and then one that starts to
drop out on week two you’re not gonna
feel as good and you’re gonna feel good
do you see where I’m going with this
take a rollercoaster we don’t want that
yeah this is also pretty boring behind
me I just painted this room recently let
me know if should i spruced it up a
little bit shy TRT it up I don’t know
what I don’t know what that actually is
but let me know in the comments so now
we’re gonna go to suss it on every seven
days now you can see here that there’s
still some peaks and valleys but it’s
better it’s better now I’m not
personally a huge fan of sustenance some
people love it in general I have heard
great things
overall I’ve heard kind of 5050 but you
can see where it at least trying to
limit the the peaks and valleys a little
bit and if you’re not familiar stuff
Sanada has to fast at the esters and
then to slow at Clacton esters the idea
is to get your testosterone up really
quickly and then
longneck investors kind of carry you
through the three weeks two weeks
whatever but you can see the difference
here now we’re going to move on to
pretty much what the main thing that we
use in the United States which is city
mate which has a 7 to 8 day half-life
and we’re gonna look at the recommended
dose by pharmaceutical companies and you
can see peak in a ballet peak in a
valley peak in a validate I’m not sure
why I’m really moving my mouse with the
peaks and valleys because you guys can’t
see that on screen but hey that’s what
I’m doing so you can see you know two
weeks you’re doing the 200 and you’re
feeling good you’re feeling good and
then toward the end you’re not feeling
so great and then you’re feeling good
you get the idea this is the second
third one we’ve done so you guys get the
idea by now so now we’re going to look
at sipping eight one week Pacific eight
one week we’re getting a lot less peaks
and valleys it’s getting better
it’s a lot of people do 100 milligrams
per week and that seems to be good for
them but you can see there are some
peaks of valleys but it has a 7 to 8 day
half-life so it’s not as bad now we’re
going to switch over to sipping eight
twice weekly which is what I do I do 100
milligrams twice a week Monday Thursday
I don’t worry about Monday morning
Thursday evening I do Monday evening
Thursday you made some people are a
little more meticulous about it they
want to get it exactly three and a half
days I’m not too worried about it I
don’t notice a difference but you can
see on this chart here so you can see
you can see a lot less peaks and valleys
you can see the solid blue here that
starts to build up and the solid blues
about seven and a half so the idea is
that you want your body to have a
constant supply you know we can’t have
it like this but want to have it like
this don’t want this this you feel good
yes you feel bad this you feel good this
you feel bad and the other thing that I
was mentioning earlier in the video is
when you spike your testosterone levels
through the roof your body has a ton of
it you know you a lot of that aromatize
us into estrogen so you may have a huge
spike in estrogen you don’t feel great
on that you break out a bunch of acne
you’re feeling emotional all that good
stuff and then you know you’re kind of
your testosterone you feel like trash
again you’re feeling like trash up here
and the trash down here where you could
be feeling good right in the middle
there now the next chart we’re gonna
jump into is sippy Nate every day I
don’t personally do this a lot of people
do do this they do it usually
subcutaneous they’ll do a little tiny
shot every day they basically take for
me there’d be two hundred divided by
seven not doing the math in front of you
but it’s about twenty thirty milligrams
a day
yeah yeah that’s about right 25
somewhere in there so I would take 25
milligrams and I would inject it
subcutaneously every morning or every
night and you can see on this chart er
this does look really good there’s no
real piece of valleys there’s just a
constant climb until you reach a stable
level now a lot of people do this they
say that it helps them control their
estrogen so they don’t need a remedy X I
don’t personally enjoy doing this every
day I would not enjoy that it would
become a chore to me but hey it’s
something to try if you’re having some
issues with estrogen or you just really
want your testosterone levels to be as
level as possible that’s something to
try it’s not personally for me I haven’t
found a need for it yet but some people
do and some people also say I can’t
argue that a daily dose of testosterone
is more like how your body creates
testosterone you know you create a lot
of testosterone when you sleep you kind
of use it up throughout the day and then
you make more at night so I can see the
thought process there I can see it it’s
sound it makes sense I don’t think this
would hurt you in any way shape or form
I just don’t think it’s entirely
necessary you know I think twice a week
works for most people but everyone
responds to this differently so you have
to do what is best for you it could be
once a week could be twice a week could
be every day it could be every five days
but I just wanted to show on paper why
these these long protocols every two
weeks it just puts you on this roller
coaster and it’s not ideal at all and
I’m really surprised that doctors still
adhere to this but it’s obviously
they’re just looking at what the
pharmaceutical company says and the
little pamphlet they haven’t done
research but it is what it is now this
next one I’m going to
is a remedies so remedy ex has like 48
hour half-lives so when you see what
you’re doing the same thing same idea
peaks and valleys you got a lot flowing
in your system then you have almost none
then you have a lot and you have almost
none back and forth back and forth so if
you’re doing bi-weekly injections let’s
say so you take your Arimidex on Monday
and you do the injection and then you do
another one on Thursday well you get
that spike in testosterone and you have
less Arimidex there to help block the
conversion of estrogen so you can end up
with higher estrogen and that can become
an issue with you now we’re going to
look at Arimidex twice a week now you
can see there still are peaks and
valleys because it’s only a two day
half-life so unless you were taking a
little tiny fraction every day you
wouldn’t be able to eliminate it but you
can see even on the lows you still have
more remedies floating around your body
to help block the estrogen so this goes
to say with almost any medicine that you
know taking something splitting up the
dosage and doing it more frequently it
seems to be a better idea in my opinion
I’m not a doctor I just play one on
YouTube I’m just joking I’m not a doctor
in any way shape or form in my opinion I
personally feel that twice a week is
just fine but that’s just for me you
could be completely different and doing
every single bad it could be could be
the difference between you feeling like
trash and feeling great so I wanted just
to bring this up to show you on paper
that you know these peaks and valleys
are real you’re going to testosterone
does not just last forever you know just
because the farmer school company came
out with this protocol 50 years or 40
years ago doesn’t mean it’s good
that’s just what they tested in clinical
trials 50 60 years ago and that’s what
they still have on the labels today but
as we can see from this calculator and
whoever created this calculator is
really good you should check it out
steroid cal calm you can plug in your
protocol with most stuff it doesn’t have
HCG on there but it is what it is but
it’s pretty thorough you can see as the
frequently you do injections the more
steadily the tests officers released
into your blood and transferred through
your body so once again Peaks and now
those peaks and valleys we don’t want
them we want to stay as stable as
possible and in the most convenient
protocol you know every day some people
do it not for me but if you want to do
that and you want to give it a try and
see if it stables out your levels and
helps you grow ties less estrogen and
you can cut out a remedy X give it a
shot okay it’s not gonna hurt you
injecting the same amount throughout the
week just more frequently so I want to
finish out this video I did the
calculations of all the fluctuations so
start with a sus anon and I tracked
these from the peak to the valley so for
sustenance for 21 days doing an
injection every 21 days
the peak was fifty thirty and the valley
was one point two which is a 97.7%
fluctuation so day one they’re getting
fifty thirty day 21 they’re getting one
point two so that’s a huge huge
fluctuation for sus anon injecting at
her 14 days Vicky was thirty six point
six and the valley was too which is a
94.5% fluctuation tad bit better but
still not ideal in my personal opinion
sussan on every seven days the peak was
twenty-one and the valley was three
point six so in eighty two point eight
percent fluctuation so just by switching
from once every twenty one days to once
every seven days you’re just letting
your cutting out about 15 percent of
fluctuation I’m still not really sold on
susta non but that’s the only thing you
can get the only thing they’ll prescribe
you then you have to make the best of it
but once again that’s just me that’s
just on paper and I’ve never personally
taken sustenance so I can’t speak badly
about it now let’s jump to on deck
anyway and the calculator only goes up
to eight weeks but IV recommends ten
weeks after the starter doses and if you
want to look that up there’s lots of
the starter doses are so for eight weeks
for undec Inouye the peak was fifteen
point one and the valley was two point
four which is an 84 percent fluctuation
now he jumped to the four-week the peak
was ten point six and the valley was
four point two five so that’s a 60%
fluctuation so just by taking the exact
same dose cutting in half and injecting
it at two different times we lost twenty
four percent of fluctuation in the
amount of testosterone that’s released
in our body every day it seems pretty
good to me but we can do even better
so in decade away every two weeks the
peak was eight point six and the valley
was five point five that’s a 36%
fluctuation so we went from 60%
fluctuation to 36% just by splitting up
that Dennison for and doing it over two
weeks we’re gonna take it one step
further we’re going to test our levels
here so a deca no eight whatever one
week the peak was seven point seven and
that’s milligrams released into your
bloodstream first a valley is six point
two so a 14% fluctuation so from taking
the exact same dose once every eight
weeks and splitting that up into eight
shots doom once a week we’ve cut out
seventy percent of the fluctuation so
before we are fluctuating by eighty four
percent now we’re only fluctuating 14
percent so once a week for a decade away
I think it’s personally the best option
I don’t think you have to do in decanoic
bi-weekly I think you could get away
with every two weeks you probably get
away with every four weeks but I mean if
you’re just doing a pretty simple
injection you know I personally I just
like keep in mind level stay I just it
seems to work so much better now let’s
move on to sippy an eight so sippy me
every two weeks the peak was twenty two
point two and the valley was three point
four which is an 85 percent fluctuation
now we take that same dose we split it
in half once a week we had a peak of
fifteen point thirty any valley of six
point two
which is a 59% fluctuation so we cut out
26% of the fluctuation just by splitting
up the dose in town and doing it once a
week but we can do better now they don’t
have to be too much better once a week
works for a lot of people but my
personal favorite every three and a half
days or twice a week the peak was twelve
point four and the valley was eight
point two so a 34% fluctuation so just
by splitting it up into four shots
instead of one we’ve cut out 51% of the
fluctuation so for every day with sippy
me the peak was ten point three and the
valley was nine point six which is a 7%
fluctuation or almost nothing so if
you’re doing it every day I mean your
levels are there fluctuating by seven
percent as opposed to 85 percent so you
can see why frequency is so important
and I see too many people way too many
people on the Reddit and Facebook
prescribed that two-week protocol
lesibian eight and I think it’s a really
bad protocol and you know a lot of guys
they don’t know any better you know they
went to their doctor they just have the
idea okay I’m gonna get my testosterone
checked doc says you’re low or whatever
they have to fight to get it and we’re
just so happy to get it that doctors
like okay this is what we’re doing 200
milligrams every two weeks that’s what
Pfizer says that’s what bear says that’s
what to say and these guys are like well
okay great now I’m on TRT I’m gonna feel
awesome and they get their shot they’re
feeling good they eight nine ten eleven
twelve rolls around not feeling so great
then they get another shot and then
they’re feeling good and you see as
opposed to I’ve been probably waiting on
way too much but anyway I’m gonna finish
this out last one is a remand X I did it
just because it was on there and I could
so Arimidex every seven days peak was
point three nine Valley was point zero
four it’s a 90 percent fluctuation now
granted this is a short very short
half-life medicine so that’s to be
expected but by just splitting up the
dose of taking it twice a week which is
pretty easy cuz it’s
the peak was 0.24 and the valley was
point zero nine so it’s a 63%
fluctuation so we cut out 27 percent of
the fluctuation just by splitting a pill
and extra time and taking it twice a
week as opposed to once a week so in my
opinion steady hormone levels are ideal
I personally do not like feeling great
for a few days then feeling rough for a
few days then back and forth and you
know all your hormones are tied together
so when you spike your test you spike
your estrogen and you spike whatever
else is connected to it and then when it
tanks and it goes low now you have a
little estrogen you have below this
you’re below that and your body is just
putting it through a rollercoaster
whereas if you keep everything the same
everything kind of just levels out and
you should feel better
beings guide my video so anyway guys
that’s gonna wrap it up I hope you found
this helpful
I hope these charts really show you the
power of splitting up and keeping things
steady so if you’re new here and you
like the video click on that subscribe
button click on that like button helps
me out a little bit and leave your
protocol in the comments below I’m
interested to see what you’re doing how
it’s working for you and if this video
made you want to change it up a little
bit so thanks for watching guys
you’re awesome as always get your loves

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