BPC -157 Body Protective Compound Peptide!!! Heals Injuries and Protect the Body!!!

what’s going on guys tester levels here
today we’re going to talk about a pretty
exciting peptide called bpc157
a lot of you guys have recommended it to
me i’ve seen it on a lot of forums on
um this stuff seems on paper really
really good
it’s all about humanity
i did have a chance to try bpc157
and later on the video i will share my
experiences with it
but let’s start off with the sciency
stuff so i can read this off my computer
and then we’ll transition into the man
room so i can tell you about my
experiences with it
so bpc157 stands for body protective
and it is a peptide that is synthesized
from our natural gastric juices
bpc157 is a pentadeca peptide composed
of 15 amino acids
it is a partial sequence of body
protection compound that is derived from
human gastric juice
researchers have conducted numerous
rodent studies on bpc157
that show it has protective effects
extending beyond the stomach
and intestinal tract bpc150
has been shown to benefit ulcers in the
stomach intestinal damage
inflammatory disorders bone and joint
and growth rates and organ damage it
also has some influences on the brain
researchers have observed marked
protective effects when bpc157 is
administered to rats
alongside a research toxin or damaging
so that’s pretty interesting right there
they’re finding that by taking this it
can come in either capsules or
liquid same ideas hcg where you’ve got
you know the little vial with the life
and eyes powder in there
and you reconstitute it with water and
uh you inject it
and what’s interesting about bpc is that
it seems like it’s more of a
spot healing compound to where
i had shoulder injury so i use it on my
shoulder as close to the injury as
and with a little insulin syringe you
just do a little bit every day
and we’ll get into the dosing and how to
mix it later on when we’re in the man
this observation was confirmed in rats
with limb damage
after a week of treatment with bpc157
there appeared to be more blood vessels
in the damaged limb than in control
and that’s one of the things that on
paper bpc does is it brings more blood
to the area where it’s hurt or injured
or damaged whatever
and it just it heals it heals tendons
it’s uh it’s pretty amazing and what’s
really cool about it
is a it’s naturally produced in your
i didn’t get any side effects at all
from it i mean if you
told me i was taking it i wouldn’t know
the difference but
it’s inside your stomach and what it
does is it protects
your stomach lining your intestines it
protects all that stuff from the acids
in your stomach
from the acidic foods that you eat and
whatever else it kind of
i don’t know if it actually forms a
protective barrier but it’s in the
lining of your stomach and intestines
and it supposedly protects them from all
that damage that they would normally
from your gastric juices and food so
really cool on paper
bpc157 appears to have protective
effects on brain tissue when
administered to rats
either drinking the water with it or
alongside the toxin cooper zone
by reducing the amount of damaged cells
in numerous brain regions including the
cuprizone is a toxin used to mimic the
damages seen in multiple sclerosis and
potentially schizophrenia
so in rats at least in rats they found
that bpc157 is neuroprotective
even when they’re administering a toxin
to try and damage the brain
it seems like bpc157 helps
kind of prevent that from happening more
research is needed to clarify whether
bpc has multiple mechanisms of action
but current research suggests it
influences several growth factors
involved in angiogenesis the production
of blood vessels and other factors
involved in
regeneration following damage since bpc
is derived from a protein in the stomach
it is often used to help treat stomach
such as fistulas ulcers inflammatory
conditions such as arthritis
bpc has been shown to help people with
organ damage
it’s also ideal for nagging injury where
the tissue needs to be rejuvenated
it appears to work by accelerating the
rate of angiogenic repair
angiogenesis is a key dynamic process
for wound healing as it allows the
formation of new blood vessels from old
and is involved in the organization of a
microvascular network
and then here’s just some things that i
found that this supposedly helps with
accelerated wound healing muscle
ligament tendon nerves
anti-inflammatory has been shown to
decrease pain in damaged areas
increases growth hormone receptors
promotes the outgrowth of tendon
cell survival under stress and the
migration of tendo
tendon fibroblasts improves digestive
may improve blood pressure and nitric
oxide production
protects and heals inflamed intestinal
leaky gut and has also been shown to
help with ibs
inflammatory bowel syndrome and it
protects the liver from toxic insults
alcohol and antibiotics and promotes
healing so that’s pretty cool helps
protect your stomach even more
when you take it this is just seems like
a really awesome compound i mean it’s
naturally made in your body it’s
made to help keep all your tissues
working well
and keep prevent them from getting
damaged so if you were to take more of
i mean the idea is that it’s going to
help heal your body
but there’s also another one called
and tb 500 works a little differently
i’m going to have a video on it and i
actually have some in my
freezer right now waiting to be
reconstituted but um
tb500 seems to go and float around your
body and
find places that are injured and helps
heal them whereas tb 500 like i said
earlier is more of like a spot
kind of healer so you know i wouldn’t
put it in my forearm to try to heal my
so let’s jump into my man cave i’m going
to talk about the reconstituting the
and where you can get this because it’s
uh it’s
really cool and i think it helped my
so let’s move over there all right so
we’re back in the man cave so let’s
discuss where you can get some bpc157
i got mine from umbrella labs and about
50 bucks per bottle
and they come in little bottles of 5
there are other sellers they even sell
this stuff on amazon
but when you start to look at the
reviews uh seems to be a lot of
fly-by-night sellers
no one really knows if it’s real i went
with umbrella labs because i trust them
from my research with rad140
sometimes you get what you pay for so
you may be able to find it cheaper other
not saying not to try it but i trust
umbrella labs that they have real stuff
and sometimes good stuff costs a little
bit more
so let’s talk about how you dose the uh
bpc157 because it’s kind of confusing
and actually maybe it was one of you
guys that watched my channel but i was
talking with someone on instagram and
they told me exactly how to do it
so your bpc15 is going to come in a 5
milliliter little vial a little bit
smaller than the 10 mil
and it’s going to be the life and eyes
powder which is just white powder at the
it’s the same process as hcg but if
you’re not familiar with it
you’re going to mix a certain amount of
bacteriostatic water
which is sterile water into that bottle
don’t shake it you have to refrigerate
it peptides just like hcg are fragile
so treat it like a little baby like you
would a little baby
and uh so here’s how you do it so you
take that five milliliter bottle
and you’re gonna put three milliliters
of bacteriostatic water in there
and i’ll do the math here so five
milligrams is five thousand micrograms
if you mix that into three mls of water
you’re going to come out with
1 66
micrograms per milliliter now the common
dosages of bpc15
are 250 micrograms to 500 micrograms
per day so in order to get that from
that concentration maybe i’ll throw some
math on the screen here
0.15 milliliters is exactly equal to 250
so you got 5 000 broken down into three
is one six six six that’s a bad number
um but then you break that down you
multiply that by point .15
and you come out with 250 micrograms so
on paper if you were to run 250
micrograms per day
you’re going to be running this for 30
days straight if you jump up to 500
micrograms per day this is going to last
15 days now
let me be real with you guys this
compound is really cool
and it definitely did help fix my
shoulder i was having
shoulder pains right in the front of my
shoulders when i do
chest when i do shoulders i was limited
to just the
lateral raise machine just low weight
high reps because it hurt
i’d work out and the next day it would
hurt but i started taking this i took a
few days off from the gym
and i baby my shoulder a little bit and
now my shoulder’s feeling really good
and tomorrow’s chest day so we’ll see
but i feel like this compound has
some really promising effects on healing
is it like a magic pill
where you know you’re just totally
jacked up and you think that you know
running this for 30 days is just going
to fix you
i don’t feel like that’s the case
but i think it will definitely improve
whatever injuries you have
and you may have to run it for a little
bit longer i personally ran it at the
250 micrograms for probably the first
10 days and i didn’t want to jump to the
i’m kind of of the train of thought that
less is more
and maybe the longer that i was running
this compound it would heal my shoulder
a little bit more
so i want to do it a little bit longer
than the 15 days so i jumped up to
0.2 milliliters every day right here
right into my shoulder right where i was
feeling the pain
i used the same 27 gauge half inch
insulin syringes
super easy shot be sterile use alcohol
but bpc157s it seems like really good
stuff and i’ve seen so many of you
comment on this on how it’s
such a good compound for healing and i
also talked to a doctor
at a trt clinic and i asked him about
this just kind of feeling him out see
what he knew and he was like oh yeah
bpc157 and also tb 500
are both really really good and he
actually gives it to a lot of his
patients who have nagging injuries
and he says that he has great success
with it
so i think this is a really cool
compound i don’t know why
this is not like an fda approved thing
considering that it’s
made in your body i also mentioned
earlier i had zero side effects
i didn’t notice anything at all except
the healing which i’m pretty happy about
i’m going to do i have a bottle of tb500
in my freezer waiting to be
i’m gonna take a week off i’m gonna give
it a try and i’ll let you guys know how
that goes
so in the comments let me know have you
tried bpc
did it help you do you want to try it
let me know in the comments guys
and if you like this video a like is
always appreciated
helps show my videos to more people on
youtube helps me grow
but as always guys you’re awesome and
get your levels tested
and i’ve got a discount code for
umbrella labs in the description
so see you guys later

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