Is Low Testosterone the New Normal? Men’s Testosterone Levels Down 25% in 17 Years!!! New Study!

what’s going on guys t while here
coming at you trying something a little
different i’m gonna try some
professional youtuber magic
where i can switch from this screen to
uh to show you my computer and having a
little picture and picture screen
uh but it may not work so hang in there
with me
it’s all about humanity
so today i wanted to talk about
something i had a little shower thought
don’t picture me in the shower please
don’t so i thought to myself
is trt like the new normal is it more
normal to need trt than to not
and i thought to myself and i’ve already
done a video on this
i mean everything that we eat basically
has food dyes in it
uh the water that we drink from wherever
basically has female birth control in it
because it’s recycled and cleaned and
all that but they can’t get out all the
medicines and
lots of girls take birth control these
days you know i thought to myself
we sit inside all day we don’t get
enough sun we don’t get enough vitamin d
we don’t exercise enough back in the day
and the life expectancy was so much
shorter you know if you get an infection
it was pretty much you were dead you
know any other type of ailment that
we can treat today but back in the day
we couldn’t you’re kind of dead so
you know when we’re living into our 60s
when a lot of men
back generations and generations ago
only live to like 40 or 50
you know maybe they started to get low
testosterone at 40
and then you know they kind of kicked
the bucket so it wasn’t that big of a
but now we’re living into our 80s and
90s so
the low testosterone is really starting
show up and impact our lives so
just wanted to make a video on this
because there’s guys out there that
wives think that they need testosterone
in order to
find their their wives attractive
wives out there that think that men are
just taking testosterone to try to get
big and jacked or to cheat
and to get better results and uh you
know there’s lots of guys suffering out
there with low testosterone
but it’s it’s still viewed as dangerous
and there’s all these side effects and
it’s crazy but
women can get estrogen like candy not a
big deal you know they go through
menopause so
they need this but men go through this
too and i’ve got some articles that i
think you’ll find interesting
and we’re going to switch over to my
computer right now
so first article that i found
was a study that they did a study looked
at 4
000 men ages 15 to 39 from 1999 to 2016.
researchers found the average
testosterone level
in 1999 was 600 and it went down to 450
in 2019 2016. so that’s a 25
drop in 17 years i don’t think you can
attribute that to natural causes
i don’t think that there’s no way a 25
drop in testosterone in 17 years
is not due to our environment we’ve got
garbage in our food we’ve got air
pollution we’ve got
birth control hormones in our water you
know we got all kinds of preservatives
in our food
it’s just it’s it’s bad for our bodies
and it affects
females as well but this is a male
once i hit like 2 million subscribers
i’m almost there
like 1.96 anyway once i get there and
more people know about trt and how
important it can be
the world to be a better place so
yeah so this article you know this is
important because low testosterone has
associated with lots of comorbidities
other medical problems overall health
heart health
and all that and i’ve got another
article that highlights some of that
stuff as well
so this is a study of 2 400 men
and they are studying the prevalence of
basically two or more chronic conditions
we found
a large dose response relationship
between age-specific low total
testosterone and moderate total
testosterone levels and multi-morbidity
even after adjusting for obesity and
muscle strength capacity
which means that men should be concerned
about declining total testosterone
even if it has not reached a level to
warrant clinical diagnosis
300 or lower this study showed a robust
association between testosterone and
multiple medical morbidities that could
influence the way we think
about testosterone in general practice
while these findings cannot prove
causation it does spark the need for
better clinical awareness and more
it’s just more and more doctors seeing
that lower testosterone levels
equals a lot of bad medical issues in
diabetes osteoporosis heart issues
e.d all that stuff can be taken care of
like 36 dollar medicine
crazy this i’m not going to read all
this to you
but long story short they found that men
with lower testosterone levels had
higher rates of depression
so another interesting thing they found
and i’ve seen this in other articles is
when most men go into a doctor
and explain all the symptoms they have
they’re usually diagnosed as depression
but these doctors don’t take a look at
their hormone panels and see
or even know that low testosterone could
cause this depression
so what do they do they give them
antidepressants and ssris which have
tons of side effects
instead of treating the root cause which
is low testosterone
testosterone 36 dollars ssris and
a lot more just follow the money i’m not
a big conspiracy theorist but i am a big
proponent of follow the money and it
could just be ignorance on the doctor’s
but they do not have a testosterone
scipione wrap that brings them to panera
and ruth chris
this is another article this is out of
ireland uh
the cost of treatment at this dublin
clinic is four grand a year
that’s pricey i’ve heard uk is pretty
expensive too
it’s because of their medical system but
uh basically what i wanted to pull from
this is
ask whether slowing down and some of
these changes might not just be a normal
part of aging
hail of whatever is it normal to lose
your teeth and hearing when you age and
do nothing about it
if so i do not want to be normal that’s
you know it’s why would you not treat
even if it’s a natural thing you know i
mean it’s a proven fact that men’s
testosterone levels
get lower as we age that’s proven 100
lots of other things happen as we age as
well but do we just sit around and say
i’m getting old no need to treat that
there’s no reason to take care of that
i’m just getting old
i mean i’m not gonna get caps on my
teeth that all fell out i’m just gonna
go around the rest of my life
gumming applesauce because i’m getting
[ _ ] it why not i mean who wants to eat a steak when i’ve got this delicious mott’s applesauce this guy’s just pointing out okay yeah testosterone gets lower as you age but let’s take care of it let’s treat it let’s get those numbers up those are rookie numbers insert mean this article is more about it’s like male menopause and they’re basically saying that you know women the menopause is more understood and it’s more well known so when a woman walks in saying i’m getting hot flashes of going through the change doctors say well let’s look at your hormone panel let’s give you estrogen or progesterone if you need it male menopause they’re saying is a pretty real thing once we hit a certain age some of it some people had a 30’s with low testosterone but anyway you know men get go through a similar change where our hormones change our hormones get lower and we start to decline and there this article is trying to bring to light that you know male menopause is a real thing it needs to be talked about more in the community prescriptions of testosterone continue to rise from 2002 to 2016 prescribing of testosterone has increased by 20 percent costing 20 million dollars a year and i’m pretty sure this is over in the uk so it’s the nhs so it’s costing the government 20 million and trust me they turn down a lot of guys over there i mean you have to have clinically low tests you have to jump through hoops to get it because the government’s paying for it that’s you know socialized health care versus what we have ours is jacked up theirs is jacked up no one can figure out health care but that’s another video plus testosterone and testosterone and decanoid join the list of the top 10 most commonly prescribed treatments in england and wales people are starting to get the hint men get low testosterone it’s bad for us doctors are starting to understand that having low testosterone causes health issues i mean insurance companies are so crazy they don’t want to treat low testosterone even though it could save them so much money in the future but they don’t see that they’re short-term it’s all about the profit they don’t see it on the back end you know and part of the problem is like things like zyosted and jatenzo which cost crazy amounts of money insurance companies don’t want to pay for that but at the same time later on in life they’re gonna be paying for heart attacks diabetes medicine osteoporosis all that other stuff it’s just uh you know sometimes these articles and stuff the information that’s out there just doesn’t make it up the corporate ladder for someone who makes decisions that involve money and what prescriptions they give out and i got one more for you i’m not going to read this whole thing long story short it’s saying that health officials are starting to understand that low testosterone is bad for men’s health i already said all this it’s just another article saying that a lot of medical researchers are starting to pick up on this when men whose main hormone is testosterone gets low [ _ ] happens shocker that makes
makes we got to do crazy studies to
figure that out that
a level that was once here is down here
and the guy doesn’t feel good
we have to uh do 10 studies to figure
out that if we get him back up to where
he was before when he was feeling good
maybe that would help i don’t know crazy
anyway guys i hope this format works out
i hope i’m able to switch from screen to
i don’t know how that’s going to work
but i hope it does because then i can be
a professional youtuber
so that’s all for today guys as always
you’re awesome
and get your levels tested

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