Deca Durobolin / Nandrolone Decanoate for TRT??? Joint Pain Relief???

what’s going on guys tester levels thank
you for being here today we talk about
nandrolone decanoic or decade Roblin and
it was her first spoken of or published
in 1960 and it was created by a company
called Organon and if you’ve heard that
name before it’s because they are the
ones that makes us anon and in 1962 they
actually marketed it as decade urabá one
and very quickly he became one of the
most used steroids in the entire world
the fall of bones you’ve managed
so deca is a very interesting compound
and bodybuilders have used it for a very
long time and is proven to work and it’s
starting to find its way into trt and
we’ll get into those reasons a little
bit later but I’m gonna give you some
backstory on that how it works what it
does and some of the side effects so
let’s jump in nandrolone deca no 8 or
deca is approved in the United States
specifically for the treatment of anemia
of chronic kidney disease in the UK it’s
approved for the treatment of
osteoporosis and menopausal women in
Australia it’s approved specifically for
treatment of kidney failure chronic
kidney disease anemia of kidney failure
aplastic anemia osteoporosis inoperable
breast cancer and for patients on long
term corticosteroid therapy the drug is
often used off-label to preserve lean
mass in HIV and AIDS patients and in
other wasting syndromes one thing that I
found interesting just from that first
paragraph was that in three different
pretty large countries its prescribed
for a bunch of different stuff so in the
United States it’s only for one and the
UK it’s only for another one and for
Australia it’s used for a whole bunch of
stuff I just shows you how each country
is kind of their own little world and
politics and pharmaceutical companies
and all that good stuff make it very
confusing for people
so in bodybuilding lots of bodybuilders
use this on top of testosterone and this
is because this is in part due to the
high ratio of anabolic to androgenic
effective nandrolone and its weak
propensity for androgenic and estrogenic
side effects so nandrolone deca it helps
build muscle it puts mass on you and
that’s what bodybuilders are looking for
but they’re already dealing with a lot
of estrogen from all the other stuff
they take so this aromatized is less
into estrogen and testosterone so if you
wanted to go if you’re at 500 tests and
you wanted to go up to somewhere around
750 but you’re having issues with
estrogen you can add deca and you’d have
more gear and more muscle building gear
flowing through your body but you’d be
having less estrogen so that’s why a lot
of them use it it’s also very powerful
and let me know in the comments do you
guys want me to
more stuff outside the TRT stuff that
wouldn’t be prescribed by a doctor so
you have a better idea of what it is how
it works
side effects all that good stuff let me
know in the comments some of the
uncommon side-effects of deca include
fluid retention lowered swimmers
testicular atrophy erectile dysfunction
gynecomastia yeah increased penis size
and I’m gonna want to say that clitoral
hypertrophy increased pubic hair growth
a lot of other stuff you can read it if
you want
so nandrolone there is a there’s a sharp
spike in nandrolone levels 24 to 48
hours after an intramuscular injection
of nebula followed by a study of Cline
to baseline levels which within
approximately two to three weeks the
bioavailability of nandrolone is 53 to
73 percent with intramuscular injection
and various within the site of the
injection with the highest
bioavailability seen when injected into
the gluteal muscle now I found that
pretty interesting that nandrolone has
different absorption availability rates
depending on the muscle and that’s the
first I’ve ever heard of a compound that
in different muscles it has different
stroke opensees and you know
availability so I found that pretty
interesting I also found this pretty
they said that nandrolone pretty much
works very well
sub-q very similar to testosterone it’s
something that 20 years ago no one would
even try and no one would have thought
it worked
although nandrolone decanate is usually
administered by intramuscular injection
is found to be similarly effective when
administered by subcutaneous injection
the pharmacokinetics of nandrolone via
subcutaneous injection closely resemble
those intramuscular injection however
subcutaneous injection is considered to
be easier more convenient and less
painful compared to intramuscular
injection that’s just another compound
that is found to work very well in sub-q
shots you can take deca shots and
insulin syringes and do it in your belly
or but that just like testosterone so if
you hate intramuscular needles and
you’re on tests and deca got a little
solution for you so cute nandrolone
undergoes aromatization into estradiol
similarly to testosterone though at a
rate of only about 20% of that of
testosterone or possibly even less
studies found virtually no aromatization
of nandrolone in men that goes back to
what I was saying about body builders
and why they love deca so much is that
they can take an extra compound that
will give them extra benefits and they
won’t have as much estrogen so they seem
to like that it’s been used by
bodybuilders for ever since there was
bodybuilding maybe not but you know what
I’m saying
bodybuilders love deca and there’s
another reason they like deca and we’ll
get to that a little bit later on in the
video and why people are using it for
TRT one of the things you’ll read about
deca is a condition called decadent and
there’s probably lots of reasons why in
the body that it can cause erectile
dysfunction but one of the main reasons
is because it can be suppressive to your
testosterone system your ecosystem so if
you suppress your body’s normal
testosterone production and it doesn’t
aromatize into estrogen your estradiol
is gonna be super low and that can cause
edie along with high exergy levels so
it’s basically shutting down your system
you don’t have the extra hormones that
you would normally have that would
aromatize and flow throughout your body
so you end up crashing your estrogen
which can cause a whole lot of other
side effects so be very careful with
deca if you use it by itself or even
with testosterone you can run into side
effects so now let’s get into why
bodybuilders love deca and why it’s
starting to make its way into TRT well
deca supposedly can help with collagen
production and what it does are a lot of
people report that it does is help make
their joints for a lot less so if you’re
not a spring chicken like myself and
you’ve had previous injuries like my
shoulder I’ve dislocated it like four or
five times same one same one right here
and it hurts when you’re bench pressing
or weightlifting or just hurts in daily
life a lot of men would possibly
recommend trying a little bit of deca
added onto your trt protocol to help
with the collagen production and to help
not really necessary to repair but it
just makes your joints feel overall
better or at least that’s what’s
reported and I’m gonna get into why it
does that is nandrolone useful for
connective tissue where is it just
speculation without a doubt the
productivity of synovial fluid in the
joint significantly increases with the
reception of the steam
anabolic steroid there is a synovial
joint shell that produces a slightly
yellowish transparent liquid this fluid
serves as an additional cushioning for
the joint a kind of lubricant that
prevents friction between the cartilage
wear and other possible outcomes of the
lack of this component of connective
tissue and before I move on there’s some
people that say that dekaliter Cates the
joints there’s studies that show it
doesn’t that it’s more of a cartilage
thing so long story short we really
don’t know but many users report that
their joints feel a lot better when
they’re on dekha including John who was
my last TRT transformation video I’ll
put that up there so you can click on
that and watch that if you want to but
from the different studies that I saw it
does not look as though deca
can actually build or strengthen your
tendons or anything like that and why a
lot of body builders get hurt is because
they’re lifting too heavy their muscles
grow faster than their tendons so if
you’re lifting more weight then your
tendons can handle they can rip they can
tear they can do all that stuff and you
get injured some wrong impressions
associated with deca is that lubricates
the joints or stores water in the joints
and connective tissues this is
absolutely not true in reality
nandrolone stimulates a very large
amount of collagen synthesis much more
than other types of antibiotics steroids
some studies have also proved that deca
has a capability of increasing bone
mineral content in very large quantities
this steroid works to physically repair
tissue and doesn’t only hide muscle pain
Decade Roblin has a very positive effect
on improving collagen synthesis which in
turn helps in the repair of muscles and
recovery time so you can see that there
are some conflicting points of view as
to why deca makes your joints feel
better but but the bottom line is really
doesn’t matter how it’s doing it but if
it is doing it and it’s making you feel
better and your don’t have as much pain
and lifer in the gym Vanetta i think
that’s a good benefit now deca is not
usually prescribed for joint pains so
you’re gonna have hard time getting it
it’s also considered legal in most
countries without a prescription so
don’t ever do anything that would get
you in trouble now what are some of the
that people run on Decca well I’ve seen
people that do twenty-five to fifty
milligrams a week I’ve seen some people
do basically half their trt dose so if I
was on 200 I could do 100 milligrams I
would see you know what milligram was
giving me a benefit and stay on that for
a while and see if I continue to get
that benefit or it got better because
you always want to take the least amount
of medicine as possible so that’s about
it guys I found researching this very
interesting as it’s a steroid people use
to grow mass and also it has some side
effects that I hope your joints feel
better it’s a pretty interesting
compound so thanks for watching Eddie
the Eagle thanks you as well if you
liked the video click on that like
button if you’re new here we’d love to
see you back click on that subscribe
button I’ve got lots of other videos in
the works and ready to go live so as
always your awesome and get your levels

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