Human Growth Hormone / HGH Benefits, Side Effects, Cost, History

what’s going on guys texture levels here
today we’re going to talk about human
growth hormone it’s a really interesting
compound it can do lots of different
things in the body it has some crazy
side effects sometimes some people say
it makes them feel fantastic it’s super
expensive but before we start if you’ve
used human growth hormone and your trt
Protocol or use it at all
please let me know how you liked it what
it did for you and if you would consider
recommending it to other people that
need it because I just find it very
interesting and I don’t have any
personal experience with it so let me
know in the comments the fall of bones
you’ve managed
it’s a really interesting compound so
I’m gonna jump in and let you guys know
what it is how it works what it does
where there’s side-effects all that good
stuff so let’s get started
human growth hormone is a small protein
that is made by the pituitary gland and
secreted into the bloodstream growth
hormone production is controlled by a
complex set of hormones producing the
hypothalamus of the brain and in the
intestinal tract in pancreas growth
hormone also stimulates production of
igf-1 and increases the concentration of
glucose and free fatty acids the
pituitary puts out growth hormone and
levels rise following exercise trauma
and sleep under normal conditions more
growth hormone is produced at night than
during the day this physiology is
complex but at a minimum it tells us
that sporadic blood tests to measure
growth hormone levels are meaningless
since high and low levels alternate
throughout the day now that’s really
interesting because doctors are only
supposed to be able to prescribe growth
hormone if men are deficient they’re not
allowed to prescribe it just because
someone’s on CRT it’s interesting
because the blood tests are pretty much
pointless since the body just
sporadically just bursts it out just
bursts it out it’s not like testosterone
when you try to get your tests in before
like you know 9:00 in the morning so you
have a real accurate reading so you
could go in there and take a blood test
thirty minutes later your body’s like
they’ll eat some more growth hormone
boom so it’s interesting that the tests
are basically pointless but it’s only
supposed to be prescribed for people who
are deficient in growth hormone but
scientists who carefully measure overall
growth hormone production report that
arises during childhood peaks during
puberty and declines from middle-age
onward early on they were trying to make
synthetic HDH but the technologist
wasn’t really there yet so where did
they get it
cadavers yep I’m assuming they did took
the to take land out and I don’t know
distilled it down however they did it
and that’s how they did it so if you did
growth hormone back then it was from a
cadaver kind of weird in 1962 they
finally did synthesize human growth
hormone in the United States in 1996
they actually proved it for medical use
if you have a growth hormone deficiency
which we’ve covered is really hard to
test for so it’s a kind of a gray area
what else I found interesting is that
growth hormone deficiency is pretty rare
so it’s not a very common thing like low
testosterone my guess is that there’s a
lot more people on human growth hormone
who don’t really have an actual
deficiency in it but it has some other
benefits and that’s why people take it
roughly six thousand new cases of adult
growth hormone deficiency or diagnosed
each year in the u.s. to put that in
perspective about four hundred and
eighty one thousand cases of low
testosterone are diagnosed annually the
true growth hormone deficiency is
uncommon and it typically occurs only in
patients who’ve had damaged servitor
tear gland or to the area and the brain
that controls the glands such as a
traumatic brain injury some studies say
men lose 14% of their growth hormone
others by up to 50% every 7 years
according to a study in the Indian
Journal of endocrinology and metabolism
by the timer 65 you’re generally
secreting less than one-third of the
amount of growth hormone than you did
when you were 35 so human growth hormone
is measured the same way that HCG is and
I use international units so one
milligram of HGH equals three I use and
transversely one IU equals point three
three milligrams so here are some of the
benefits of HGH and what’s really
interesting is that it covers a wide
range of things in the body because this
is a hormone that’s using your body
mainly when you’re in puberty to help
your body grow so the grow ligaments
muscles bones all that good stuff so
it’s interesting how it has so many
facets that touch different parts of the
body increases calcium retention and
strengthens the increases in
mineralization of bone increases muscle
mass through sarcomere hypertrophy
promotes lipolysis increases protein
synthesis stimulates the growth of all
internal organs excluding the brain
plays a role in homeostasis reduces the
liver uptake of glucose promotes
gluconeogenesis in
liver contributes to the maintenance and
function of pancreatic isolates and
stimulates the immune system so it’s
just interesting that there’s so many
different things in the body but what
also comes along with that are lots of
different side effects in different
parts of the body so you know while
certain organs may be better if they’re
a little bit bigger there are certain
ones that are not like the heart so here
are some of the side effects prolonged
growth for most excess thickens the
bones of the jaws fingers and toes
result in heaviness of the jaw and the
increased size of the digits referred to
as a crow Magali a crow gamma Li afteron
yeah accompanied problems can include
sweating pressure on nerves which is
includes carpal tunnel syndrome muscle
weakness excess SHBG which will lower
your free testosterone insulin
resistance or even a rare form of type
to be teased and reduce sexual function
so it can do a lot of different things
keep in mind while all these side
effects are on the table your all of
your organs are enlarging so it’s pretty
wild it’s pretty wild compound adults
with bona fide growth hormone
deficiencies benefit from gh injections
they enjoy protection from fractures
increased muscle mass improved exercise
capacity and energy and a reduced risk
of future heart disease which is
interesting because it enlarges your
heart but there’s a price to pay up to
30% of patients experience side effects
that include fluid retention joint
muscle pain and carpal tunnel syndrome
again growth hormone acts on many
tissues throughout the body in children
and adolescents it stimulates the growth
of bone and cartilage in people of all
ages growth hormone boost protein
production promotes the utilization of
fat interferes with the action of
insulin and raises blood sugar levels
growth hormone also raises levels of
igf-1 a team of researchers from
California conducted a detailed review
of 44 high-quality studies of growth
hormone in athletes the subjects were
young the average age of 27 and
physically fit eighty-five percent were
male total of three hundred three
volunteers received growth hormone
injections while 137 received placebo
after receiving daily injections for an
average of 20 days the subjects who
hormone increase their lean body mass
which reflects muscle mass but can also
include fluid mass by an average of four
point six pounds that’s a huge gain but
it did not translate into improve
performance in fact growth hormone did
not produce measurable increases in
either strength or exercise capacity and
the subjects who got growth hormone were
more likely to retain fluid and
experience fatigue than were the
volunteers who got the placebo so I saw
this pop up in a couple of these
different studies that while they put on
weight and it wasn’t fat they didn’t get
any stronger than they weren’t able to
exercise more so it seems like a lot of
that’s water but it’s interesting I mean
twenty days four point six pounds and
you didn’t gain any muscle or at least
measurable muscle it’s pretty wild it’s
pretty interesting
several studies primarily involving
patients with growth hormone deficiency
have suggested a crucial role in gh in
both mental and emotional well-being and
maintaining a high energy level adults
with G H deficiency often have higher
rates of depression than those without
while G H replacement therapy has been
proposed to treat depression as a result
of G H deficiency the long-term effects
of such therapy are unknown growth
hormone has also been studied in the
context of cognitive function including
learning and memory gh and humans
appears to improve cognitive function
and may be useful in the treatment of
patients with cognitive impairment that
is a result of G H deficiency a Stanford
University School of Medicine
meta-analysis of clinical studies on the
subject published in early 2007 show
that the application of GH on healthy
elderly patients increased muscle by
about two kilograms or about four point
four pounds and decreased body fat by
the same amount however these were the
only positive effects of taking growth
hormone no other critical factors were
affected such as bone density
cholesterol levels lipid maximum oxygen
consumption or any other factors that
would indicate increased Fitness
researchers also did not discover any
gain in muscle strength which led them
to believe that gh merely let the body
store more water in the muscles
other than increase muscle growth this
would explain the increase in lean body
mass patients with diabetes or who are
susceptible to insulin resistance or
glucose intolerance should use the
lowest starting dose of 0.3 to 0.6 IU
per day regardless of age subcutaneous
injections are usually administered in
the evening to mimic physiologic
nocturnal chloroformed them secretion
now here’s where it gets a little crazy
growth hormones not cheap the average
patient it costs about $9,000 a year let
that sink in for a second $9,000 a year
that is a lot of money and that’s
probably why a lot of rich people or on
whether they need it or not because hey
they’ve got the money it’s not green
it’s nothing but on average from what I
saw it cost about $50 for a milligram
and that’s three I use so that would
last maybe a week and it’s super rough
that you can’t find it on good rx I
don’t really know how to get the pricing
for this my doctors definitely not
writing me a scrip for this and I’m not
gonna be filling on so now there are
other alternatives to where you can get
HGH which I will not mention because
that would be illegal and you should
never do that ever but it’s it’s an
expensive compound I don’t know for
whatever reason it costs a lot to
synthesize this stuff it’s also widely
counterfeited so when I was doing
research for this video I found two
compounds that are secreted Coggs
secreted Oggs of HDH they’re pretty
cursors so they’re the stuff before HGH
and the thought process is if you take
more of the precursor your body will
make more of the HGH and they are called
iMore formalin and sir me sir Merlin –
Merlin and sir more Ellen – Marilyn –
more Alan and sir more Rao sir more
Ellen they’re called aibum or Ellen
Aipom or Ellen and sir more Ellen –
mirela and sir Marella I know I messed
that up but we’re going with it
they’re known as growth woman secreted
God a compound which is not growth
hormone so
but promotes and triggers the production
of growth hormone in the human pituitary
sir merlin costs about $300 for a 50 day
supply so multiply that by seven you’re
looking at 2,100 bucks for the secrete
agog a precursor to HGH pretty expensive
the eye boomer Alain costs up to 50 for
a 50 day supply so a little bit cheaper
but not that much I’ve never tried any
of these compounds mentioned in this
video I just did some research found
some general information on HGH
I think HGH is out of reach for most
people just because it’s so expensive
it’s crazy and I found it interesting
that there’s not a lot of real human
growth hormone deficiencies I think a
lot of these you know fancy TRT things
that kind of cater more toward rich
people you know will give them what they
want and if they’ve heard the HGH
there’s all this crazy stuff and it does
do a lot of good stuff and if someone’s
willing to pay for it hey you know let’s
give you a test until you come back to
fishing boom there’s your script and
you’re good to go so I hope you guys
found this interesting the chemistry in
the body is super interesting for me
especially the hormones and human growth
hormone it’s just it’s wild does a lot
of different stuff and a lot of
different places in the body so if you
liked the video click on the like button
if you’re new here click on the
subscribe button got a lot more stuff
coming at you and as always you’re
awesome and get your levels tested

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