Let’s Talk About ED! Mental Causes, Physical Causes, Ways to Fix Erectile Dysfunction!

what’s going on guys test your levels
today we have to talk about a rough
subject and it’s ed
that sucks and i’ve seen a lot of you
are suffering from this
from reddit and from the facebook groups
so i’m gonna do my best to
help you try and fix the situation in a
few different ways
but ed it can come from so many
different factors
i see so many guys online they’re like
i’ve been on trt
for a month and why is my ed not fixed
and it’s not just from testosterone and
before we start and do the medical
disclaimer i’m not a doctor
don’t listen to me i know nothing i’m
just presenting information that i find
it’s all about humanity
so as a man one of the things that we
take great pride in
is our boy and when your boy’s not
you can feel like less of a man you can
feel ashamed
i mean it’s not only that guys have to
to get the activity that we’re looking
to get
and then the time comes and you can’t
make it happen
it’s not like you’re a girl and you can
be like oh well i guess i’ll try again
tomorrow and call it billy
you know we have to work for it whether
in a relationship or not men have to
work for what we’re looking for what
we’re seeking
and when you can’t do it horrible it’s
horrible so i’m gonna try to help you
guys out
first off for anyone that’s embarrassed
about it it’s very very common
it happens to a lot of men and i’m gonna
give you some statistics
it’s even happened to me fortunately for
it was caused by a good friend of mine
mr jack daniels
it’s also happened to me two other times
and i’m not sure if this ever happened
to anyone else but
i’m pretty sensitive to caffeine and i
think one one or two nights i was
jamming some monsters
and i felt great and then i crashed
right in the middle i crashed i felt you
know that shaky feeling
where your blood sugar feels super low
and almost instantly
that was the end of that so about five
percent of men over 40
have complete ed it’s about five percent
of the population over 40.
so that’s pretty significant so it’s
more widespread than you think
and then when you hit 70 years old 15 of
all men have complete ed
meaning that just doesn’t work that’s
so mild and moderate ed meaning that
sometimes it works sometimes it doesn’t
um it goes up about 10 for every decade
that you live
so if you’re 30 years old about 30
of men in their 30s have experienced
this once you hit 40
40 percent of men have experienced this
and it goes up so
by the time you’re 70 70 of the male
population has experienced this
so you’re not alone it’s very common
it’s very big business as well you’ve
probably seen ads for roman
and keeps and hymns and all that it’s
big business because it’s
fairly common so don’t be embarrassed
about it but we’re gonna get you fixed
so like i said there’s lots of causes
for ed’s physical
mental food big one is blood circulation
if you don’t have the circulation going
on in your body well
there’s not going to be any blood
getting to uh mr winky
so we’re gonna start with the physical
causes the physical causes of
ed and there’s a long list of them so
this is why when
i see men who just start taking trt and
they’re wondering why they’re not cured
it’s because there’s a lot of stuff
we’ve got heart disease
clogged blood vessels high cholesterol
high blood pressure
diabetes obesity metabolic syndrome
which is a condition involving increased
blood pressure high insulin levels
body found around the waist and high
cholesterol so pretty much a compilation
of all that bad stuff
obviously isn’t good for your boy
parkinson’s disease
multiple sclerosis certain prescription
tobacco use peyronie’s disease
alcoholism and any other forms of
substance abuse
not getting enough sleep and sleep
disorders treatments for prostate cancer
or enlarged prostate
surgeries or injuries obviously and the
very last one is low testosterone
so lots of factors go into ed on just
the physical side that’s just the
physical side
so if you have high blood pressure or
you have diabetes is out of control or
you’re severely overweight all of that
can play a factor
so just like any other health thing get
more exercise
eat healthier lose weight so out of
those i mean if you have a certain
you know you can’t just cure your
disease and be good but any of those
things i’ve listed on there if you’re in
that category or have that or do that
if you can stop doing that or work to
lower a particular level or whatever you
need to do to get healthier
it’s definitely not going to hurt it’s
going to help your overall well-being
and could help with your problem but
it’s a lot tougher than just taking a
pill and
masking the symptoms you actually have
to put work into it so it’s not easy
you may have to make some severe
lifestyle changes but
they’re for the better so not a bad
thing to do
so now we’ll move into the mental side
of it and remember you could have a
physical side and a mental side and
those two combined are causing the
so if you’re depressed you’re super
stressed out you have anxiety
you’re having relationship issues all of
that can play a factor in this
libido in general is driven by your
and your brain and if your brain if
you’re not getting enough sleep if
you’re under a crazy amount of stress
if you have anxiety that you’re not
taken care of all that stuff can play a
huge factor
i think mental is what gets a lot of
god damn it another huge thing with the
mental aspect
of ed is once it happens once
for whatever reason the fear of it
happening again
can sometimes cause it to happen if you
ever gone into a situation
worried about failing were you more
nervous or less nervous if you went in
knowing that it’s going to go well and
that’s tough
because once it happens once you’re
expecting it to happen
and sometimes your brain makes that
outcome happen
because you’re so worried about it and
thinking about it and getting anxiety
about it
there’s no simple cure for this but if
you can get into your head that it’s
going to work and
be positive and just tough
it’s tough i can’t there’s no way i can
just make you not worry about this
it’s it’s a weird thing our brains are
complicated and
once something happens and it’s negative
the next time you go to do it
you’re nervous about it you’re expecting
it to happen and sometimes that makes it
if you get up there on the free throw
line and you miss the first shot
it’s going to be much tougher to make
that second shot because you already
missed the first one
but if you make that first shot you
already you know you’re doing good
so that second shot comes a little
easier because you’re not stressed about
about missing the first one so let’s
move on to some
foods that have been shown to help with
and the first one’s pretty interesting
it’s actually watermelon and you
wouldn’t think
how could watermelon help with ed well a
lot of this food stuff comes down to
blood circulation
and nitric oxide this sweet refreshing
fruit has a compound that can have
effects similar to ed meds on your blood
it may even rev up your drive studies
most of watermelon is water but the rest
is loaded with lycopene an antioxidant
that’s good for your heart prostate and
lycopene has also been added to a lot of
multivitamins it’s been shown to be
really good
it’s also in tomatoes but we’ll get to
that coffee
your morning cup of joe is more than a
satisfying pick-me-up it may give your
love life a boost
men who drink two or three cups worth of
caffeine a day were less likely to have
one study found that’s because caffeine
helps boost blood flow
not a java fan many tea sodas and sports
drinks also have caffeine
dark chocolate chocolate is rich in
phavenols plant nutrients that can
increase blood flow and lower blood
it also helps your body make more nitric
oxide which can help with
ed and is in many ed medications
it’s interesting that a lot of ed
probably mostly herbal and you know
have plant sterols or flavonols in them
to help
your body get more circulation and get
more nitric oxide going on
fish salmon and other fatty fish are
great sources of heart healthy omega-3
fatty acids which may boost nitric oxide
in your body
they’ll lower your blood pressure and
your risk for heart attack and blood
aim for eight ounces of salmon a week
sardines fresh albacore tuna
and mackerel are all other good sources
of omega-3s
omega-3s you can also get this as a
supplement a fish oil supplement or
acrylic oil
it’s pretty well known that omega-3s are
great for the heart and for overall
eat your greens kale is a nitric oxide
aside from the possible benefits to your
love life leafy greens are nutritional
packed with vitamins minerals and
omega-3s you’re starting to see
none of these say mickey d’s none of
these are processed foods they’re all
natural stuff
stuff that’s made from nature i just
recorded a cholesterol video right
before this
and it’s pretty much the same thing how
to lower cholesterol
eat foods that come from the ocean the
and the earth and the more of them you
eat the better the results are
it’s just we’re designed to eat healthy
stuff so if you can switch out a big mac
or something else that’s
processed uh with something like a piece
of salmon
and some vegetables some greens you’re
going to be better
off overall a recent study found that
men with ed who ate pistachio nuts every
day for three weeks
experienced significant improvements in
ed related issues
including ed desire
and overall satisfaction tomatoes and
pink grapefruit these are both
fruits or vegetables whatever with a lot
of lycopene in them
and we already went over lycopene it’s
been shown to be very good for a lot of
stuff in our body
so it makes sense that these fruits
vegetables that have it
are good for blood circulation and e.d
lycopene is one of those phytonutrients
that is good for circulation and for
love life issues lycopene is found in
deep red fruits like tomatoes and pink
other foods that are good for
circulation include cranberries apples
peanuts onions
tea and red wine eat more mother nature
get down there and eat mother nature eat
everything that she produces
anything that comes from mother nature
is gonna help your body in some way
there’s no one-stop shop or one thing
that i can tell you that’s gonna cure
having e.d from the mental side of it to
the physical side
to the fruits and vegetables lots of
stuff that you need to do if you want to
go the natural route and stop popping
little blue pills
exercise obviously losing weight
increases circulation
you know it lowers your blood pressure
eating fruits and vegetables and healthy
stuff that’s gonna help you lose weight
as well it’s gonna help with all that
so make as much of a lifestyle change as
you can
so in part two we’re gonna cover some
other foods that have different
compounds in them that help with ed as
we’re also going to cover supplements
that can help with ed and a lot of these
are very powerful
and i believe will definitely help in
many ways
so that’s all for part one i appreciate
you guys being here appreciate all the
if you found the video informative click
on the like button if you’re new here
and you want to see part two click on
the subscribe button because you’ll
probably never find me again
and it’s free but as always guys you’re
and get your levels tested

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