Calcium D-Glucarate VS DIM!!! Which one is best to help manage Estrogen / E2 Levels?

Calcium D-Glucarate and DIM / Diindolylmethane are both amazing supplements that have many benefits to men on TRT. Both have shown promise in helping men manage Estrogen / E2 while on TRT. In this video I switched from Calcium D-Glucarate to DIM for 30 days and share my results.

what’s going on guys tester levels here
thanks for watching
had a couple people ask me what do i
calcium deglutrate or dim for helping
control estrogen
and since i had never tried them before
i couldn’t answer
but i tried it for the last 30 days i
could compare it
to calcium diglucrate and did some
extensive research some extensive
and i’ll let you know which one i like
better it’s all about humanity
in all honesty this is pure bro science
blood tests don’t grow on trees
and uh to tell you the truth kind of
scared needles
but uh anyway so i normally take calcium
and it’s two pills it is a thousand
milligrams per day
i did another video where i stopped
taking my calcium to glucorate
completely and for a month and i broke
out on acne
and i felt more emotional so i know the
calcium glucate was working in some form
or fashion
so what i did is i stopped taking
calcium to glucorate
and i took dim and then it’s one pill
that’s 400 milligrams
and i wanted to see if i would feel any
different if i would feel emotional if i
would break out
and tell you the truth i didn’t i’ll
show you my shoulders i got this one
little guy right here that’s like a scab
that’s been there for a while
and uh see this side it’s all clear
so i didn’t break out at all and that’s
really the only other symptom that i get
when i my estrogen’s a little too high i
don’t take any aromatics
and i didn’t feel any different
i didn’t cry during bambi i didn’t you
have any of that issues so i’ve got to
say that
dim works for me and calcium d-glucarate
works for me
but which one do i like better and which
one would i recommend
hmm tough one they both work
they’re both pretty cheap i think they
both cost about the same i’ll have links
to both of them in the description if
you want to try one of these or both
uh calcium to glucorate has some good
uh it supposedly does something where it
helps uh your body process
higher protein diet so i do like that
aspect about it
it also does have some calcium on there
for strong bones
because my bones were just withered away
by arimidex
calcium glucarate works the only
downside to calcium to glucrate is i
have to remember to take two pills a day
now my morning pills i always remember
that that’s just a ritual that’s a
routine i make my smoothie
and then i take my pills and i go about
my day
the nice thing about dim is that you
only have to take it once a day it’s a
little bit of a bigger pill but i mean
you know you can take a pill don’t be a
baby but uh
that’s the advantage for them do i think
one of them works
better for me no but i’ve heard some
people say that
dim didn’t do anything for them i
haven’t come across
anyone that said that calcium diglucrate
didn’t help but that doesn’t mean it
hasn’t happened
so what would i say which one am i going
to continue taking
i’m going to continue taking the calcium
to glucorate but i’m definitely going to
use up the rest of the dim because why
would i waste it
so what would i recommend to try
hmm tricky i would personally
just because of the additional benefits
if you are eating a high protein diet
i would say try the calcium de-glucorate
and if that doesn’t work then switch
over to dim
that’s just that’s my personal thought i
mean they were both worked
so well for me that it’s hard for me to
pick one or the other i’m just
giving it to calcium d-glucarate because
it does have that extra
high-protein diet benefit but if i was
someone that had a hard time
remembering to take a second pill every
as i do sometimes actually quite
frequently i just forget
i’m just busy doing other stuff then i
would recommend
the dim stands for dendomethylene um
but let me know in the comments have you
guys tried both of these
do you like one better than the other
did one not work for you did one work
have you ever tried both of them which
you could do
if one of them doesn’t work as well for
you as you think it should
you can try stacking them on top but the
other compound may work better than that
so it’s a guessing game you got to give
it a try see if it works for you
if you’re worried about arimadex and the
ais and you want to go more of a natural
these are two great compounds i like
them both
but i’m not going to talk your ears off
i’m not going to try to lengthen this
video to get advertising revenue
just thought i’d let you know my
thoughts i think they both work good
but i have no idea which one will work
for you so as always guys
you’re awesome and get your levels

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