SARMS BAN 2020!!! SARMS Talk with Rats Army!!! RAD140, GW501516, LGD4033, MK677!!!

what’s going on guys today we’re here
with tyler who is the owner of rat’s
if you’re not familiar with rat’s army
they’re one of the leading
companies that sell sarms and other
research chemicals
but i wanted to talk to him about how he
got into the industry
some things that set rat’s army apart
and also
uh the sarms ban which if you’re not
familiar it’s a bill that’s
kind of working its way through congress
but tyler’s gonna let us know a little
bit more about that
it’s all about humanity
so thanks for being with us tyler i
really appreciate your time
and uh just wanted to know how did you
get into the sarms industry
yeah absolutely so for one thank you for
having us on here this would actually be
um the first ever episode of us
an interview so that’s that’s kind of
so first off for the industry
and and being in this industry we
s it’s so it’s dimmed from me
in the beginning um i actually was
researching with these back in around
in terms of psarms and uh it started
with a website called psarms1 i’m not
sure if anyone here is familiar with
but that was an og sarm website back in
the day
um they had a sponsor or
or their um the face
of psalms one his name was dylan gemelli
he’s still around he’s still on youtube
and he’s still in the forums
specifically him and then others in this
other forum called
i kind of stemmed away from the
the pro-hormone world and i wanted to
find out
uh and steroids and and what what else
was there you know
um that one could research with to
um sort of improve
you know bone and joint health or
muscular atrophy
and and things like that so um yeah
that’s how it all started i uh
i was trying to move away from things
that i thought were more harmful
into something that was
less harmful on the body and possibly um
you know whatever else they could do so
that’s kind of how
we uh we started um personal research
and then from there
uh the question was well
how can we do this ourselves
in a manner that we could compete with
these guys because i know
that what we’re essentially
paying for these things um we’re
essentially getting gouged
so how could we do it and do it better
and then how can we make it more
available to
everybody else out there that wants to
do this as well interesting
well sarm’s world’s really interesting i
mean lots of these
compounds were created for to treat lots
of different
diseases like muscle wasting and uh
and they were designed to be you know
uh side effect and it’s interesting how
these chemicals compounds that you know
can help with muscle wasting like
insulin resistance
um lots of these different things that
seems to be like they would be
hugely successful medicines uh seem to
kind of die off in the testing phases
carterin’s a really interesting one they
did human trials and had no issues and
then they did
trials on rats that lived like three
years and they pumped them full of like
a crazy amount of cartarean for like two
and then they got cancer but the reason
these rats usually die is from cancer
anyways it’s just interesting how these
things kind of
i don’t know get taken out of the
medical system
um yeah a lot of these are discontinued
like for instance gw501516 how we know
it is cartering
um that one in particular obviously was
and a lot of that is because of the uh
the clinicals that will come out for
instance that one in particular
that you’re referring to was the one
where they noted that gw501516
caused carcinogenesis um but as we know
in the clinical space
um these rats will die of cancer anyways
and the fact that so one thing in
particular when someone
because this is this happens a lot with
a lot of the customers that that buy our
products that want to research with
these is they’ll say
well i don’t want to take that because
it’s going to cause cancer but
um the difference between something that
causes cancer
or so there’s a carcinogenic and then
there’s carcinogenesis
uh carterene caused carcinogenesis which
is just the speeding up
of cancer cells of spreading through the
body so
um cancer was already prevalent within
the bodies of these mice and rats and
that’s something that we have to take
note but yeah so it’s just
these studies that are taken out of
context a lot of times
and yeah for some reason or another
they’re just discontinued either because
of that
um some sort of backlash possibly or
liability reasons
um but then they also pursue other
chemicals for instance if we’re still
talking about gw501516 then you have
gw0472 so
you have these others that will stem
from those
uh which tend to have better clinicals
so sometimes it’s just branching off of
the one that
wasn’t really gonna work for whatever
reason the company decided
and then they’ll continue with another
interesting it’s just it’s such an
interesting world because these
compounds i mean they’re they’re super
they’re designed to do really good
things for a lot of different diseases
it’s good that the research is going on
uh do you think that
you know they’re going to find something
in these psarms categories that is going
be very helpful to us absolutely um and
like even on on gw ricardo rain in
not only obviously do researchers like
the endurance aspect but
um other effects as well like the
lowering of lipid profiles like lowering
your ldl and making hdl kind of stable
if it drops
a lot of them don’t know that they have
these attributes but they do
and that’s that’s especially important
for people who are on trt because
absolutely outside testosterone really
is not great for your lipid panel
i mean i actually a lot of people think
i just show you guys because
i am an affiliate but that’s uh i’ve got
a rat with some high lipids some high
lvl and some no hdl we’re gonna see if
we can get him in a little better shape
absolutely and uh yeah the another thing
i wanted to touch on is that you guys
flavored the flavor so that you know
your rat would be
because probably these don’t taste that
great on their own so you’d want
that to you know enjoy something they
smell really good
i talked to i talked to someone who got
some of your products and he said my
whole room smells like berries it smells
yeah a lot of times too these
products uh when they’re coming in
through the mail
um what will happen is they sometimes
think that
it’s spilt just because the the
fragrance can be so cold sometimes yeah
yeah they smell really good you’ve got
fizzleberry mai tai from what i can
it’s going to be my favorite it’s mai
tai and rad 140.
yeah my tai is so far uh a fan favorite
um that was a good choice on our part it
was a nice little
you know refreshing summer taste and you
got clown tears
yeah that one throws people off um a lot
of them don’t know
and we don’t actually put it out there
but um it’s more of a
sweet uh maple cotton candy that’s
that’s a better
uh euphemism for that but
yeah so the the flavored realm that we
entered it’s interesting that we’re the
only ones doing it but
um it’s it’s funny because a lot of
people will think that it’s
you know some sort of a gimmick but uh
it’s the same concept as flavored
medicine or
flavored animal treats or so uh
you know why can’t bees be the same
right why
uh if these are what they’re intended
for is
medicinal purposes why
couldn’t they be flavored so that was
what we asked ourselves when we were
originally tasting the original formula
uh which
uh essentially was um
the the og that we had it in was whole
grain alcohol
so originally um most sarms when they
first entered the market were
suspended in whole grain alcohol so if
you like taking shots
rubbing alcohol and giving them to your
rat if he thinks that he would like
those then
that’s essentially what it was um and
then from there it went to polyethylene
which was likened to more of like
elmer’s glue
so um yeah that’s essentially what uh
what these rats are taking when they’re
not taking uh
flavor disarms interesting interesting
what else did i have what was what’s
your personal favorite
sarm and to research with and the other
question has what’s your best seller
um so the best seller
uh if we’re talking about sarms and not
um say whole sloop products we have the
best sarm
seller is rad140 um
yeah that one’s definitely the most
popular um
the most popular
product in general that we sell is to
say my download favorite though which is
very underrated
uh lgd 4033 or uh even
mk 677. um whether it’s uh
a necessity for appetite for me it is
in terms of how i want my research
subjects to move forward
a lot of them have problems with
or even just insulin control in general
i find that while mk-6 can still
elevate fasting glucose levels the more
important factors like a1c are still
very stable
so very handy for
for me in terms of the research that i
like to do
and lgd hands down in my opinion the
best uh in terms of
increasing muscle tissue and really
kind of growing those fibers so um i
i think it’s better to grab but that’s
just my opinion interesting yeah i’ve
i’ve heard you call it trendlite
yeah and then lgd is more of a bulking
and then mk 677 is not even song it’s
the uh right
human human growth woman a lot of people
rave about that about healing
um and appetite yep
two weeks crazy sleep is another one
that it helps with but
yeah skin here and nails too but um yeah
lgd is more of like uh like a d balls
little brother
in my opinion it’s fantastic but
interesting i heard that mk six seven
and rad 140 are still under human
clinical trials
correct yeah um none have actually
passed yet
um but uh lgd 4033 also
actually is uh viking therapeutics took
that one over
um so it’s going to be pretty much
changing over to
vk something but um yeah
essentially uh a lot of these are phase
two and phase three
um so they’re moving forward oh
that’s interesting it’s nice to see that
these are you know doing well in these
clinical trials
good medicine absolutely yes
well what would you say to anyone who
wanted to start doing research response
um well to do just that uh research
so the first thing with anything
with aas or hormones or
any medicine in general i mean could be
do your research find a guide
or a book or a channel like uh tester
uh these these uh resources are put
there for a reason not just because they
want to sell stuff but because they care
about the community so
um you’re gonna really want to get your
hands on this information beforehand
so that you can best mitigate side
um see the effects in general of what
you’re even wanting in terms of your
research so
um you know what do you want and then
and what uh
essentially products or chemicals can
you know put your research where it
needs to be
so i would i would definitely just say
find a guide find a channel like this
and that’s going to be your best bet to
getting off on the best start
yeah it’s interesting i mean trt world
and farms world
you know research is vital um
you know i see lots of people in
different forms on trt and
their doctors telling them you know
something that’s really completely wrong
it’s just not outdated or just misguided
and they’ll just go along with it
because they’re a doctor and they’ve
raised incredible doctors know
everything they’ll know this doctor went
through school in 1970 and had you know
two ages on hormones now he’s
prescribing a hormone to you and
but um yeah uh sarm’s info on instagram
that guy is he’s like like psalm jesus
you’re asking these crazy questions and
he’s like oh yeah this is the answer
right here he’s
very informative and uh yeah
he does have a psalms book that he
styles and he’s an affiliate but he puts
out a lot of good information i’ve
learned a lot from him because i’m not
i’m not a
any stretch of the imagination yeah
his information is very very valuable um
and if i could recommend
a guy that would be definitely one of
them in terms of disarm world
um it’s you can’t go wrong and like you
said with the doctor thing
um i always get a second or even third
on top of that and and also
a lot of the stuff is anecdotal or
so a lot of times what you read in
studies or what a doctor tells you
may not actually be what happens with a
that you are going to research with
um so yeah i would i would highly
recommend getting a guide
i highly recommend getting multiple
opinions not just from doctors but just
other people that have
experienced uh what you’re wanting to do
so for instance if it’s trt
a lot of the information that i’ve ever
learned before
while using trt it hasn’t been from a
doctor but actually
other users who use trt so
that’s something that you’d want to keep
in mind and join a community
that’s going to be your best bet too
same thing back in the day
when the internet was just starting a
lot of these uh bodybuilding forums
you know before you didn’t have a place
to learn and to talk to other people
about their experiences with different
stuff but these forums
brought so much i know it’s bro science
but these are all people that are
taking this i’m telling you what
happened to them right
i think real world you know experiences
accounts for a lot and can be meaningful
and that’s kind of the thing that’s
pushing this forward
or retracting it so i mean you could say
that it’s helping because
you know these companies are watching
not only are they seeing the potential
outside of animal trials
they’re seeing the human potential
obviously that’s what they’re designed
for but
um you know that could also kind of
cause negative effect because then
um you know we we enter essentially that
band that you were uh you were
mentioning earlier too
yeah and that’s that’s a great segue
into that you know what what’s going on
with this armband
what what do you think it’s gonna what’s
gonna happen with it
um so i don’t know if if your viewers
know or not but there actually was
one introduced in 2018
the first armband in 2018 this was
introduced in
april the same senator has proposed this
bill twice
it’s senator grassley out of iowa um
i don’t know the intentions behind it um
other than
you know the same intentions i suppose
that were behind
the steroids act which is that’s what
this is is
just an amendment to the steroids act
but um
so that one died and then it came back
again in november of 2019.
it’s it’s still in its first
phase which is very promising because
it’s going to die again most likely due
to that
we’re not going to see another one this
year obviously the united states has a
lot more to worry about
than another farm bill so we might not
actually see another proposal
probably until 2021 i’d say after this
whole election clears up
um but this one seems like it’s going to
die in congress again as well
um but what that would do
is the same thing that it’s
pretty much caused for the trt or
um just pet or aas
sector in general is cause everything to
go underground
and while you know there’s there’s still
safe ways to do the things that you know
were made to go underground uh it’s just
unfortunate because a lot of
businesses like this one um would
most you know they would end up illegal
essentially so
um i mean other than you know using
mk 677 or other things that may
skip uh which we could talk about that
in a minute with the china ban
um essentially yeah
this wouldn’t exist um in
a in a setting like this where anyone
can just buy it
um it would make it very much more
difficult uh
would it stop it coming over or being
no yeah i mean it’s
it’s the same thing with testosterone i
mean there’s no way you can possibly get
testosterone in the united states you
know i mean it’s just impossible because
it’s illegal
same thing with marijuana and other
stuff it’s illegal so there’s just
it’s not in the country anymore because
it’s illegal and
it’s it’s just it’s crazy um and
what i personally think would happen if
sarms were to get banned
i think it’s going to go on the same
road as the k2
or the spice where the chinese
or whoever else modify one tiny little
and now it’s a completely new compound
there’s no research behind it we don’t
know if that one molecule affects
and now it’s a different compound it’s
legal for
it’s uh it’s a game of cat and mouse at
the end of the day it creates compounds
that no one’s ever tested before
correct yeah so a lot of those are
already occurring
um like for instance the new one that’s
out rad150 i don’t know if anyone’s
heard of that one
so um it’s the 150 is what it’s yeah
um so that’s essentially exactly where
this could go
um and what you just said uh and that
that’s just an example
because that’s a new popular one that’s
out but
um yeah i think that’s very well what
could happen essentially that’s what
we’ve been seeing with pro hormones for
like the last 10 years so
um you know they just keep coming out um
uh big companies like blackstone labs
keep pumping them out and
they get these federal indictments all
the time but they seem to
still keep going so uh obviously uh
there’s loopholes to this thing and and
we’ll find those too if there are
if we can find that uh you know we can
just create something with uh
uh you know an esser of sort
and uh and go from there it’s
it’s wild it’s uh it’s an interesting
world you know i mean the politicians
have nothing else to worry about except
research chemicals you know
the whole thing it’s just wild though i
just i really hope it doesn’t go down
that road to where
it’s just like the wild wild west but
you know what’s interesting is that uh
it’s all on it’s the war on drugs right
like that’s at the end of the day what
they’re trying to do but
um it’s funny because the importation
in the united states are so gray um
you know anyone like you know my grandma
could go and order
uh you know tamoxifen or she can order
um you know cholesterol medications she
can order
testosterone she can order these things
from say canada
and get them very easily the
customs will look at her package and say
granny smith
okay awesome sending this over to
california they
sometimes they for the most part they
won’t even check the package
and the law is very gray and that says
these things are illegal to import and
so they use that word generally
and it’s on the customs website if you
guys want to check it out they’ll say
you know yeah there’s a there’s a um
essentially a disclaimer stating that
you shouldn’t
import medications um and they say
because it’s
generally illegals you guys want to
check that out um
super vague yeah it’s very vague
that’s that’s pretty wild i mean it’s uh
you know it’s crazy is that also is that
these prescription medicines
you know the government doesn’t want you
taking stuff
don’t go on a tangent but in so many
other countries they have
so many other medicines that are herbal
that have been around for years
and you know they’re they’re shown to
like help with loss tons of different
but here in the united states we only
get stuff from pharmaceutical companies
yep those are perfectly okay no problem
even though
you know they have a prescription that
makes girls eyelashes grow faster it’s
side effects like permanent blindness
you know retina damage rectal bleeding
all that and i’m like
this is crazy like this is a medicine
and you know these are the side effects
but this got
clearance but something like mk six or
seven seven
or rad140 you know struggle to get
clinical trials when they could help so
many people
yeah it’s really sad um you
you see that you can
take care of a lot of ailments like for
diabetes or fatty liver disease high
a lot of these could be taken care of
slowly with food but
if the pharmaceutical company’s hand is
not in it then essentially
they’re gonna they’re gonna put their
buying power
in front of things that they can’t get a
hold of right now
and they’re going to there’s going to be
a lot of backlash on that industry
this one in particular and uh and yeah
it’s really sad because like
there’s even fruits that you can’t have
in the united states that have lots of
healing properties like
um there’s fruit called ackee fruit
and then there’s other i’m trying to
think of this one from puerto rico but
essentially it is illegal to
import these into the united states um
and they have some of these things have
amazing properties
for your health and it’s the craziest
thing wow
roots i mean you name it that’s wild
that’s it’s a weird world the
pharmaceutical companies have a lot of
money i heard they have like half a
million dollars
you know every like united states
lobby you make an amazing amount of
yeah and to kind of wrap up the whole
bands and laws and uh essentially
so a china ban that was a really big one
last year as well
um and at the beginning of this year
it was introduced in like november but
it got really scary in january
um and we were all wondering like what
the heck was going on
um essentially china made it illegal to
most sarms and things under the umbrella
of sarms
they left open things like mk677
but so that that was kind of weird to
navigate around and a lot of things were
really scarce
like gw mk2866
but what’s funny is that they’re still
pumping these things out like crazy so
it seemed more like a political stunt
and with china being
the export kings exports grew massively
just last month in august for china so
they’re not going to stop pumping out
most of the things that they’re making i
think it was more political if anything
them just trying to ally with the united
states on this war on drugs but
the real thing is that no one really
thinks about or blogs about or talks
about is
patents a lot of these
chemicals are patented um and we’ve seen
a few companies this year actually stop
selling chemicals because of what looked
like a cease and desist
um yeah i did i saw that i can’t
remember the company but i saw that i
think it was
lgb4033 correct
that’s an it’s another interesting you
live in an interesting world
political pharmaceutical
it’s uh it’s pretty wild yeah i i don’t
know what will stem from those
uh kind of uh honestly it’s just gonna
turn into the pro hormone game
uh game sorry that’s that’s what it’s
gonna be and
um essentially the company who i won’t
name but the ones that stopped selling
lgd 4033
um they’re going to sell the alternative
which is lgd 3303
and it’s just going to be a cat and
mouse game essentially
it’s going to be and i keep saying them
but blackstone labs
they’ll keep getting indicted but then
they’ll switch it up and
it’ll always it’ll always be around yeah
cat and mouse game cat and amazing but
obviously there’s a demand
um absolutely you guys are moving into a
new facility i’ve seen you guys on
instagram and i’ll
make their instagram on the uh on the
screen here
but uh yeah was a new facility larger
more capacity
both yeah larger more capacity more
um one thing that we’re really big
around here
with this quality control so um
something that we want to ensure is that
everything is essentially standardized
and everything comes out the exact same
for instance
some of our mixtures sometimes can come
out cloudy and fall out of suspension
um we’re not wanting that anymore that’s
something that should not really happen
um so it’s just little things that
you know errors and and things that
customers have brought to our attention
um that we’re trying to nip in the bud
so we have uh
machinery more machinery essentially to
combat this and
greater quality controls um and then
we’re even
getting outside regulatory agencies to
come in here
and make sure that we’re setting the bar
and standard in this industry
um you know instead of just posting a
certificate of analysis on our website
stating you know this is 99 98
pure we’re also going to hold
certification that
you know not only are but our facility
is up to standard without a regular lap
as well wow
that’s impressive i mean it’s really
great that you guys are
you know spending the money to you know
up the quality to the highest level and
the highest you know sterile
facilities and all that that’s
absolutely it’s impressive
i can see that’s why you guys are really
popular and i’ve never heard anyone say
anything bad about you guys
so i’ve seen plenty of other people say
bad stuff or
guessing from other songs companies but
i haven’t heard anything like that about
rats army so
i’m pretty impressed don’t uh just don’t
go to reddit
well i’ve there’s this there’s a reddit
group that i’m part of and
there’s there’s three people that they
talk about and if you’re not those three
people then that’s
that’s it yeah that’s exactly what i’m
talking about yep yeah i think i think
we’re both probably in the same group
there but
yeah yeah i see some interesting
questions in there too
people not do their research right
well i don’t want to take up too much
your time i know you have a brand new
facility you probably have a lot of
stuff to do
but uh i appreciate you coming on here
and i think it’s interesting to get your
perspective as you’re in the industry
disarms and there’s just so much going
on right now
absolutely yes this uh this was a fun
break away from the
the stress and everything uh honestly it
would be
it would be nice to be back on here on
another show one of these days and
just to fill you in on on updates and
stuff like this and just
basically uh we’re looking at some more
updates here in the future
uh with the elections and stuff coming
up so i think
that we’ll have some more information
the next time we chat
awesome well you guys are always welcome
here um i’ll leave a link
to rat’s army in my description i have a
coupon code get you 20
off get some awesome flavors like rad140
mai tai
thank you that was good well thanks
tyler i appreciate your time and uh yeah
let me know when you want to do another
video and we’ll get back on here
absolutely i thank you for having us and
we will talk to you soon

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