Blood Donation Tips on TRT! Start to Finish! Lower Hematocrit on Testosterone Replacement Therapy!

When you are on TRT / Testosterone Replacement Therapy your Hematocrit and Red Blood cells increase. This can lead to thicker Blood. When this happens you may notice symptoms like headaches, redness, lethargy and tingling in your fingers or toes. Many guys alleviate higher hematocrit by donating Blood every 3 to 5 months. This video will give you tips on how to find a donation center that allows men on TRT to donate, what to eat prior to donating blood and what to expect throughout the entire blood donation process.

what’s going on guys tester levels here
chances are if you’re on trt or thinking
about getting on trt
at some point you’re going to have to
donate blood because your hematocrit and
your red blood cell count
gets higher when you’re on outside
testosterone so i thought i’d make a
quick video
giving you guys some tips and what to
expect when going to donate blood
it’s all about humanity
so the first thing you have to find a
place to go and donate blood
and from what i found the red cross and
charitable organizations are a little
bit more
strict in what they will accept
a lot of them won’t accept people who
are on trt or have higher hematocrit
so my advice is to find a company and
you may think that all blood banks or
blood donation centers
are charitable and they just have a guy
waiting there with an ice chest
as soon as your blood is drawn they
bring it to the hospital and
bring it to the emergency room that’s
not how it works
hospitals actually contract with these
companies and buy the blood off them
let’s say that the hospitals pay this
donation center
200 for a pint of blood then you go in
there for a transfusion and it possibly
charges you three thousand
so just another little glimpse into the
uh wonderful medical system that we have
but uh it doesn’t matter you’re still
giving blood to someone who needs it
and uh yeah they’re making money off you
hey you’re getting free blood work they
usually give you something like a shirt
or a 10
coupon or a 10 gift card and they give
you fat kid snacks
once you find a place that is gonna be
likely to let you donate blood um and
also you’re going to be donating whole
blood you’re not doing platelets you’re
not doing anything like that you’re just
doing whole blood you’re just donating
one pint of blood
and i actually went there today i don’t
know if you can see it yep
so the first thing carb up eat a good
meal before you go something that’s
going to stick with you something that’s
not freaking rice cakes or sugar-free
jell-o because they’re going to be
taking a pint of your blood
and you’re going to feel a little
lethargic for the rest of the day so
it’s very important
eat a solid meal before you go there if
this is your first time ever donating
bring someone with you so that they can
drive you home if need be
some people don’t get light-headed some
people feel fine after they donate blood
but if you’re one of those people like
it’s really light-headed and feels
really weak
you’re not going to want to be behind
the wheel of your car and pass out and
drive into a tree
avoid stimulants caffeine energy drinks
any of that stuff before you go one of
the first things they’re going to do is
they’re going to check your iron they’re
going to check your weight
they may take your temperature because
of coronavirus and they’re going to
check your heart rate
and at least the place i go to if your
heart rate is over 100
they will allow you to sit down for like
10 or 15 minutes and then they’ll come
over and they’ll measure it by hand
if you’re still over 100 beats per
minute they send you home for the day
so avoid stimulants i did this one time
and i got sent home
i was 102. so i couldn’t donate blood
that day
big waste of time so avoid caffeine and
other stimulants
so i’ve seen a few guys who’ve gone to
these donation centers
and they talk too much and they
basically talk themselves out of
donating blood you know they’ll mention
like oh is it okay
if i donate while on trt and if that
doesn’t allow it then no you’re going
home don’t mention that you’re trying to
lower your hematocrit because some
if you have hematocrit high hematocrit
they won’t let you donate either some of
them will even test for it
but that’s why you try to find a place
that’s a little more lenient a place
has something to gain from your blood
now most blood donation centers are
going to ask you a lot of questions
the place i go to one blood they have a
little tablet that they give me
and i’ll put some of these on screen
they asked me like 56 questions
now i’m not saying to lie to this place
so that you can get your blood
drawn i’m not saying that at all but i’m
saying don’t give them a reason
to not allow you to draw blood you know
are on a perfectly legal medical
treatment you are using
clean needles every single time i sure
hope you are
and you are not a junkie and you are not
a gorilla juice head
so just don’t give them a reason to send
you home
you’re there for a reason knocking a lot
of you guys the needle that most of
these places use
is large 16 gauge at least the place
that i go to
it is not the most pleasant going in
it’s not horrible i mean there was a
little old lady next to me doing it
it’s not horrible but you can feel it
but i personally i look away when they
do it it just makes a little easier
i look away when they take it out which
i’ll also mention is not super pleasant
but you gotta man up if you’re on trt
you’re reaping all the benefits
sometimes you gotta suck it up and be a
man so they’re gonna give you something
to squeeze once they start drawing your
use a little squishy thing something um
don’t you don’t have to manhandle it you
don’t have to squeeze it
constantly you squeeze it lightly
squeeze light to medium squeeze every
five to ten seconds
uh they’re not trying to get you to
freaking flex your forearm and show them
how jacked you are
they’re just basically giving you
squeeze a little bit it can flexes your
muscle and allows more blood to go in
the needle
and to get to your lower extremities
your fingers
also it helps the blood donation go
the average time to draw a pint of blood
is about
10 minutes so just hang out relax
stay out your phone with your other hand
if you want and
uh squeeze light to medium every five to
ten seconds
so once you’re done and they’ve got the
needle out and you’re all bandaged up
you’re all good to go
i personally recommend drinking a sugary
drink they will usually have these
drinks and cookies and all kinds of fat
kid snacks for you
so i would definitely have the person
that you brought bring you an
apple juice orange juice sprite whatever
it may be i personally i jam a whole one
right after it
because you’re going to feel weak and
you want to get sugar into your body
you want to get sugar into your
bloodstream so you don’t pass out after
i drink the sugary drink
i eat some fat kid cookies or whatever
they have i eat that i sit there and i
eat it
and then i’ll usually start on a second
bottle of some sugary drink
this is just to get sugar into your
blood so you don’t pass out
so don’t just pop up thinking you feel
because there’s a good chance that
you’re going to feel light-headed and
possibly pass
out what i do is jam the first drink eat
the cookies
slowly sip on the second drink and i’ll
lay there for about
five ten minutes and i see gage how i
do my eyes feel kinda you know do i feel
kind of foggy do i feel kind of
and so i’ll sit there for 5-10 minutes
and then if i’m feeling good
i’m not getting up yet i’ll kind of get
up but i’m still sitting down
and i’ll sit down and i’ll see how i
and i’ll usually stay there for about
two to five minutes depending on how i
now don’t just stand up like oh yeah
okay we’re good
stand up slowly keep your hand on the
whatever thing you lay in or something
near you because if you stand up and you
feel light-headed
sit right back down sit your ass back
down you don’t want to pass out and bang
your head on something
so just stand up slowly have your hand
on something so you can brace yourself
if you start to feel weak
and if you do sit back down and just
relax for a few
there’s no rush in doing this there’s no
rush at all
wait until you feel good you’re going to
feel tired and lethargic
for a good portion of the day i’m on my
second cup of coffee
and i’m still it’s not doing anything
for me i’m pretty tired
but i had to bring this to you guys it’s
saturday it’s my weekend
but i still put in the time for you so
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subscribe button
we’re almost done don’t do any strenuous
for the remainder of the day they say 24
hours but the next morning you’re gonna
wake up feeling good
um but don’t you know don’t hit the gym
don’t do anything crazy in the heat
um hydrate stay hydrated drink a lot of
fluids today because
your body is going to be dehydrated and
you’re missing a pint of blood your body
is trying to
make more so stay properly hydrated
and my final tip alcohol or any drugs
any prescription medicines may be more
potent for the remainder of the day
so you think about it when they test
people for alcohol
it’s how much alcohol there is in their
blood and so if you have
one pint of less blood and you drink the
same amount of alcohol
you’re probably going to get drunk
faster so be very careful about that
i would definitely not be going to a
bachelor party the day that i
donated blood because you’re going to be
the first one to pass out and
you may have something drawn on your
forehead and sharpie so definitely avoid
that so stay hydrated
you know my if you’re going to drink
alcohol just monitor yourself because it
could be more potent
other prescription medicines may be more
potent as well so just be careful
so that’s it guys just thought i’d give
you you know start to finish all the
things you need to do
things to look out for and just little
tips that i’ve learned from donating
blood a good amount of times
i hope this is helpful like i said if
you’re new click on the subscribe button
i’m going for 10 000 subscribers by the
end of the year
close to halfway there and if you found
the video informative
give it a like it helps youtube put it
in front of more people helps my channel
you know all that good youtube stuff so
thanks for watching hope you found it
helpful as always
you’re awesome and get your levels

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