Rad-140 Testolone SARM Results Featuring Squeakers – RAD140 SARM

what’s up little buddy you want to do
some research
stop giving the rap drugs
don’t worry about her i got you bud
there you go let’s do it it’s all about
what’s up little buddy it’s been about
two weeks how you feeling
so you’re saying that you’re getting
headaches a little bit
and you feel warm after taking it okay
are the headaches horrible or
okay so you can notice that they’re
there but they’re not crazy bad
what about uh what about the gem how’s
it going in the gym
so you’re saying better pumps in the gym
more endurance and
you feel like you can do extra reps with
exercises you’re doing the same weight
definitely running on the wheel a lot
good stuff all right cool
well i’ll get you some water and uh
we’ll keep doing some research
so squeakers did tell me that when we
first started this research
that he started to get headaches uh
roughly for about the first two weeks
and he told me that they weren’t you
know like excruciating to where he
couldn’t function but just kind of a
you know a mild headache and normal
uh painkillers like tylenol or advil
work just fine for them
so not a big deal i was actually doing a
little extra research and saw that some
seem to get headaches it’s caused from
the actual liquid that these sarms are
dissolved in and that’s called peg 400
it’s a type of oil
it’s very common in liquid sarms and
some people said they’ve gotten
while their body adjusts to taking the
peg 400.
but other than that uh in the first two
weeks squeakers did toward the end of it
he was telling me that
he did feel some extra pumps in the gym
and he felt like he had more endurance
to where he was running on the wheel for
15 reps he felt like he could do 17 or
18 reps
what’s up little buddy it’s week four
how’s it going
watch your water bottle always empty
so you’re saying you’re feeling really
dry and your joints are hurting
okay so you feel dehydrated
all right i got gotcha all right i
brought you some
brought you some gatorade zero with
we love electrolytes don’t we around
week three or four
squeakers was telling me that uh when he
was running on the wheel he would
sometimes feel
little twinges in his joints little you
know twinges in his elbows
he did get a little bit of a shoulder
injury um he was running on the wheel
he didn’t feel anything while he was
working out on the wheel but the next
his his shoulder felt sore when he kind
of did this
and um what me and him worked together
to figure out was that
rad 140 is a pretty drying compound it
doesn’t put a lot of water on you and
can actually take water from your body
some people call it trend light because
it you know gives you more striations
muscle hardness
but it doesn’t pack on water so what me
and squeakers decide to do
is supplement with some gatorade zero
i’m just drinking a lot of fluids
and drinking a lot of that gatorade to
get the electrolytes and to keep
all the as much water as possible in the
body and in the joints
so that the joints didn’t hurt god damn
it squeakers
enough of the field talked about this
stupid rap well i’ll be damned squeaks
you’ve melted the bearing on your little
running wheel
i told you that was gonna happen i also
told you i wasn’t buying you another one
don’t you take that tone with me little
rat you’re the one that ruined your damn
running wheel
i told you as i said earlier when
squeaker started this research he did
have some mild headaches for the first
like two weeks
and then around week five he started to
get uh
you know a headache just in this left
temple just in his left temple
and uh it would say i’d probably say
it’s like it’d be like a four or five on
the headache scale
and it wasn’t constant but it was only
the left temple and it was pretty weird
and we cannot 100 say that
anything to do with you know squeakers
rad 140 research
uh but wanted to make you guys aware of
that just in case your rat
uh reports similar symptoms but it did
go away on its own
um the painkillers didn’t really help
that much with this one
i’m not really sure why just an
interesting side effect that i wanted to
report to you guys so that you can
be as well informed while doing any
research you know i can’t stay mad at
you squeaks
i got you a brand new wheel it’s
actually made for tasmanian devils in
it’s like industrial oh yeah there you
go little buddy
check it out check it out yep it’s got
three different levels of resistance
are you putting on weight squeakers
looks like you put on like four or five
good stuff little buddy all right check
in later
all right squeakers it’s week six how
you feeling bud
you’re looking good i might need to cut
you up a little bit
so you got a headache but it’s only in
your left temple
hmm is it horrible no but you can feel
and you tried it a leaf a little tiny
rattle leaf and it didn’t work
oh that’s interesting do you want to
keep on doing some research
oh yeah you do oh that’s a good little
good little squeakers let’s get you
jacked squeakers i already told you
you can’t do 20 milligrams
i don’t care you can act like a little
drama queen we’ve already gone over the
law of diminishing returns
you’ve already got some headaches in
your left temple so we’re not gonna push
don’t get mouthy with me all right
squeaks so for the last two weeks
we’re gonna cut your calories a little
bit we’re gonna focus on whole foods
like meats
vegetables and fruits and uh we’re gonna
get you cut
because you definitely put on some size
and i know i can see none of its water
but you got a little fat on you bud
don’t freak out on me don’t freak out
relax we’re just gonna cut your calories
a little bit
listen here’s some cantaloupe
a little bastard you just bit me
don’t you ever bite me squeakers don’t
you ever bite me
it’s disrespectful yeah they are pretty
wait what though squeakers don’t you
ever say that about my wife
don’t you ever say that that is
disrespectful disrespectful
you will not do anything like that to my
wife that’s
that i don’t even know how that would
work that’s not even physically possible
disrespectful little rat how did this
even happen
how is it even anatomically possible
oh yeah too much wine sounds about right
damn these squeakers super rat
so around week six um squeakers
definitely had put on some weight
he started about 213 grams uh he was as
high as 221
but he started to we cut out some of his
um did a little bit more cardio and
eventually ended up
about 2 18 to 19
toward the end of this research so
definitely some good results for
now let’s move into what i did to try to
keep up with squeakers
so for me i obviously can’t do any
research with rab140 so
i could only do legal options uh
added some bcaas definitely continued
the creatine
start taking in more protein and more
switched over from rice to fruits just
for overall health you know kind of the
same amount of
calories and carbohydrates but a little
more nutritious
and a lot more nutrients in fruits and
vegetables as opposed to just rice
so i’ll show you some before and after
pictures i don’t know how
like crazy the transformation it’ll be
because obviously i don’t have the best
lighting i’m not a bodybuilder i don’t
do posing i don’t practice that so
this is just what i look like before and
what i look like after
and then we’ll move into the body scan
so the body scans that i’m going to put
you have to take these with a grain of
salt this isn’t a dexa scan
this isn’t like being dunked into the
tank of water to get your
actual body fat this is a machine that
you stand on
it spins around it shoots lasers at you
it gets an idea of the outside of your
body and all your proportions
the company that sells this machine they
supposedly compare
their scans to like thousands of dexa
scans to try to get it as accurate as
but keep in mind it’s a laser scan it’s
not a dexa scan
my body fat was 23.85 percent
my weight was 213.9 it was 213 flat when
i woke up in the morning but
it took me a few hours to get up to the
place to get the scan my fat was 51
which is a scary number i don’t suggest
getting one of these scans
and my lean muscle mass which is just
your muscle 162.9 pounds
so after competing with little squeakers
my body fat was 24.15
which is definitely within the margin of
error my weight was 218.8
so down a little bit from the 221 which
was the highest that i
that i got to while competing my fat
pounds was 52.8
and my lean muscle mass was 166 pounds
so that’s 3.1 pounds of lean mass added
in eight weeks and i know what you’re
3.1 pounds that doesn’t sound like a lot
but in muscle terms
that’s actually a significant amount if
you break that down
that’s about 0.4 pounds of actual raw
gain per week doesn’t sound like a lot
if you know who rich piana is
he has a video where he talks about the
craziest year that he had
with a bunch of different compounds to
try to gain as much muscle as possible
you gain 27 pounds in a year if you
break that down it’s a little over a
half a pound a week
now granted he’s doing some crazy stuff
but just in comparison
a half a pound to .4 pounds that’s a
solid amount of muscle to put on per
week you know that’s just with bcaas and
and just working out harder you know all
that good stuff but
i was pretty impressed 3.1 pounds in
eight weeks
imagine if i had done it for 12 weeks
now i would recommend
you know working out so hard and taking
all that extra protein for 12 weeks but
if you were
and you could continue this 0.4 pounds
you’d have an extra 1.6 pounds for a
total of 4.7
so almost 5 pounds of muscle in 12 weeks
it’s pretty solid
so that’s going to wrap it up boys i
just wanted to do a little research with
my rat
and try to keep up with them i do have
coupon codes
for a couple different arms companies my
personal favorite for doing research
is rats army they have flavored charms
and i’ve seen nothing but good reviews
on all types of different platforms not
just on their website
i’ve seen it on reddit facebook
instagram they’re legit
and uh yeah so if you’re looking to do
some research
links are down there and rats army i
believe is 20
off and they ship from the us out of
so thanks for watching guys i hope you
found this fun entertaining
and interesting uh leave some comments
with uh
any research that you’ve done anything
that you found anything that may help
someone else
but uh until next time you’re awesome
and get your levels tested

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