Rad-140 SARM Research Experiment. Results, SIde Effects, Thoughts.

what’s going on guys test your levels
coming at you with a little bit of a
different video in a previous video I
talked about how I was going to take a
certain amount of testosterone for 12
weeks and then 4 weeks in I was going to
implement something called rag 140 which
is ass arm and I don’t know if I’m gonna
be able to get it to focus nope
okay before labonz you’ve managed well
this is from Umbrella labs it’s rag 140
also known as test alone and it is made
in the United States I have a link for
umbrella labs in the description that
will give you a nice little discount if
you want to do some research as well so
unfortunately when I got this bottle it
says not for human consumption and it’s
only for research use so unfortunately I
can’t take this so I had to go out and I
got a little pet rat named squeakers and
we’re gonna be giving squeakers 10
milligrams of this each day for 8 weeks
and we’re gonna document his results and
I unfortunately can’t take this but I’m
just gonna have to work out really hard
for eight weeks and see if I can keep up
with squeakers and I’m gonna document my
results is going really hard in the gym
now the reason I’m not doing that
certain amount of testosterone for 12
weeks well recently my both my shoulders
been hurting and my left tricep has been
hurting I went a little too far back do
an overhead press and when I got back
from the gym about two hours later my
left tricep was just killing me so I’ve
taken it easy for a few weeks and this
stuff you can take it and then you can
stop taking it so if I go in two weeks
and I injure myself and I’m gonna try
not to I’m not gonna be going crazy I
can just stop taking this and resume
after I’m good with testosterone when
you’re doing stuff for like 12 weeks you
know if you’re six weeks in and you
injure yourself you know you I mean you
can drop back to your normal trt dose
but you know cycles don’t really work
like that for the first month you don’t
really feel too much different and then
the last two months that’s where you
really start to see the games and all
the positive stuff that you get from
doing that so I really don’t want to
I don’t want to waste any of that and I
don’t want to do that until I get my
elbows my shoulders fully healed another
interesting thing that I’m going to do
since both my shoulders have been
hurting and my left elbow and I’ve got
some little knee issues here and there
my doctor told me about a kind of
treatment where he actually does it for
free because I pay him 60 bucks a month
this type of treatment is included in
that if needed and basically what they
do is they inject your joints and your
ligaments all around there you know they
they go all the different angles with
the needle and they inject an irritant
in there not something that’s actually
going to harm the joints to the elbow or
the ligament or any of that stuff but
that irritant gets in there and your
body’s like oh wow my elbow needs some
attention so your body does whatever it
needs to do it goes in there and starts
repairing stuff just because it feels
that it’s injured and irritated it’s
gonna go in there and fix it on its own
and I’m gonna do this in a few weeks I
don’t know which body part I’m going to
start with first but I’m gonna do a
video on that after I’m done to see if
it’s something viable that you guys can
go out and do so you don’t have to go
out and run low-dose deck or take like
glucosamine or any of that stuff I’m
sure that can all help but this is a
pretty interesting treatment and I’m not
looking forward to getting it done
because it’s a lot of injections into
joints but I think it’s going to be
overall beneficial to me long term gets
let’s get in there and get those
ligaments and tendons and all that good
stuff fixed so that’s no big guys we got
squeakers a little experiment we’re
gonna document that I’m gonna work out
really hard and take a lot of protein
and creatine for eight weeks as well and
I’m gonna see how I can compare to
squeakers little uh research with doing
the rag 140 and got a link down there if
you have a rat or a guinea pig and you
want to get in Jack click on the link
umbrella labs gives you a nice little
discount that’s about it guys just a
quick little update as always you’re
awesome and get your levels tested and
click like and subscribe if you haven’t

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