TB-500 Peptide! Healing Peptide Found Naturally in Your Body! Heal Injuries!

TB-500 is a naturally occurring healing peptide found naturally in the body. The brain is triggered to produce TB500 when it senses injury. Many men claim that TB-500 has helped cure old injuries to muscles, joints and tendons. This video discusses TB-500 and my personal experience doing research with it.

what’s going on guys tester levels here
today we’ll be talking about a really
cool compound it’s a peptide called
and it’s made naturally in your body and
your body uses it to heal
itself it’s really cool and the
pharmaceutical companies are not
researching it
it’s all about humanity
we did a video on bpc157 which is
another peptide that’s made in your gut
that’s supposed to help heal your
intestines and protect them from
bile and foods and all that good stuff
tb500 is a little different
and i’m going to read you some things
about it and then we’ll discuss it
tb500 is a synthetic peptide version of
a naturally occurring
healing protein present in about all
human and mammalian cells
known as thymosin beta 4. research has
shown tb 500 have beneficial effects on
wound healing
injury recovery flexibility and
these desirable effects are accomplished
through tb 500’s
influence on blood cell and blood vessel
cellular differentiation and cell
a major part of its healing capability
stems from the peptides
regulation of actin a cell building
protein essential
to healing and wound repair so the basic
gist is that
your body uses tb 500 to repair itself
it’s actually made in the thymus of your
brain and it’s triggered to make tb 500
when you get injured
so when your body gets injured your
brain starts making tb 500 to start
repairing your body
pretty cool right you ever get a cut on
your knee and it bleeds for a little bit
and then after a few hours there’s kind
of like a fluid or kind of a gel over
the cut that’s healing it
well guess what’s down in that tb 500
so when researchers uh you know
synthesized this and started using it
they found that
lots of people were getting healed from
it if you go on any
forum like reddit or facebook any of
these men’s health or trt groups
ask about it tb 500 or bpc157
you’ll see guys saying he healed my
shoulder here with my back healed my
it’s it’s really good stuff and it’s not
investigated by the pharmaceutical
companies for whatever reason
i don’t know maybe they wouldn’t want
you to be healed because
you won’t have to buy treatments or a
monthly subscription plan
but i recently tried tb 500 and i got it
from umbrella labs
and i believe that they’re 100 legit uh
the rad140 was legit their bpc157
as far as i can tell was legit so i do
trust them with the peptides and the
so i tried their bpc157 and bpc157
from what i’ve read is more of like a
spot treatment
so if you have a bad shoulder and you’re
trying to heal your shoulder you’re not
going to do it in your thigh
you’re going to put it put it where
closest to the injury is possible
what’s really cool about tb 500 is
because of however it’s made up
it’s able to travel long distances in
the body so what it does
is when you apply it um it floats around
your body and it actually
finds places that are injured and begins
trying to heal them
whereas bpc like i said it’s more of a
spot thing it’s a certain
spot it’s uh it goes where it needs to
go and it fixes
what’s there but the tb 500 because it’s
made in your brain and floats around
your body it has a systemic effect
so it’s going to heal anything that it
finds that needs to be healed
pretty cool right i mean this sounds way
too good to be true
and i would have thought so myself
except for i keep seeing on reddit and
what are your experiences with bpc157
and tb 500
oh it was really great i got three
bottles of it and my knee feels
so i was like hey i’ll give this a try
it’s not cheap they’re about 45 50
per bottle and you can get it with 10
off using tester levels at umbrella labs
so it’s not a cheap treatment but it’s
really cool and
i can tell you it helped my shoulder my
shoulder was bad i wasn’t able to do
bench press i was just doing cable
i was only doing the side lateral
machine real lightweight high reps
because i had the sharp pain in my
shoulder and now my shoulder feels good
i actually did shoulders on friday and
then i played disc golf yesterday
and fun fact i recorded this video
yesterday but i forgot to turn my little
mic on
so gotta redo it tb500 is very similar
to hcg
and that it comes in an empty vial and
it comes in a life-alized powder
means it’s basically freeze-dried so
it’s just a little powder at the bottom
of the vial
you have to reconstitute it with
bacteriostatic water
now the common dosages for tb 500 from
what i’ve seen are between five
milligrams and 20 milligrams a week
and they come in 10 milligram bottles so
50 bucks that’s
one to two weeks of treatment now i only
two weeks of treatment i did uh 10
milligrams over the two weeks so just
one vial
and i kind of just did a little bit
every day i’m not sure if that’s exactly
how you’re supposed to do it
that’s how i did it i’m kind of thinking
less is more
but i did talk to a guy on reddit
and he was telling me that he got three
bottles and he did i think it was
10 10 milligrams a week and he did it
for three weeks straight on his knee
he said his knee feels 99 better it’s a
really cool compound
and another thing that’s interesting is
that a lot of the research shows that
when you use bpc157 and tb 500 at the
same time
they have a synergistic effect a
so they complement each other so if i
were going to do this again
if my shoulder starts acting up i would
do bpc i would apply
bpc157 to my shoulder and then i’d
probably do the tv 500 on my other
and i do them both at the same time now
is this a miracle
you know i mean or if you’re super
banged up are you going to be
you know running the quarter mile the
next day no it’s not like that
but i in my personal opinion i feel this
is a
both very good compounds to try to
naturally hear your body
i would definitely try this before
surgery i’ll try this if you have some
nagging injuries
i really believe in it i think it’s
really good stuff
i’m not sure why people haven’t tried to
get this fda approved so we can use this
to heal ourselves using the
same stuff that our body uses to heal
pretty wild i don’t know i don’t know
why this isn’t more mainstream but
hey check the reviews on umbrella labs
ask some people on facebook or reddit
groups see if it’s right for you
it could be expensive but so surgery and
i kind of like having my shoulder feel
good let me know in the comments if
you’ve tried tb
500 or bpc157 or both of them in
let me know you know how it worked for
you did it work
did it heal did you have any side
effects did anything else negative
did it fix you up let me know in the
comments if you liked the video
click on the like button always helps
the channel out so as always guys
thanks for watching you’re awesome and
get your levels tested

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