I Shouldn’t Have Started TRT!!! I Didn’t Practice What I Preach :(

In this video I share my entire Testosterone Replacement Therapy story and why it may have not been a good idea for me to start TRT.

what’s going on guys texture levels here
can i have a different type of video
today where i’m pretty much going to
come clean to you guys about
why i was on trt why i shouldn’t be on
and if i ever really needed trt and we
have to do quick medical disclaimer
because we may use some big scary
medical words
it’s all about humanity
so the timeline about two years ago
i had a horrible lifestyle i was 247
34 pounds heavier than i am now and i
wasn’t even going to the gym
and i definitely added a solid amount of
muscle since i started going to the gym
for two years
on test but i was 247
i was drinking all the time i ate
i’d eat mcdonald’s for breakfast i would
go out to like
tijuana flats for lunch and then i would
go to wing night and eat 20 fried wings
with freaking
you know five pints of beer and i put on
a ridiculous amount of weight it was 247
for the most part i’ve been like 215 220
was usually my heaviest but i got to
you know my job was stressful i would
stay up way too late
i mean i was basically doing everything
that you could possibly do
to lower your testosterone levels like i
drinking eating a bunch of fatty foods a
bunch of processed foods
not getting enough sleep getting very
little exercise
and having a high stress lifestyle which
sometimes can’t change
but i started to feel like trash i
started to feel bad
i was tired all the time i was lazy
i mean it was i still did my job i
always do my job no matter what i always
give 100 in my job because
that’s what makes me money and that’s
what puts food on the table
that’s what keeps this roof over my
but could i have done my job a little
better probably
but you know you fall into that trap
you know you’re not cooking food for
yourself you don’t have food in the
fridge so you gotta get delivery so you
get dominoes
and it’s just uh it’s a slow progression
you don’t realize how fat you are until
you get your driver’s license picture
i’ll put my driver’s license picture on
here and once you see it you’re gonna be
like oh
why did this guy even put this
online that’s crazy
i was actually just at walmart just just
about two hours ago
and i was buying some uh some white
claws for my wife
there ain’t no laws when you’re on the
claws remember that no laws
but she was looking at my id and she’s
like wow you lost a lot of weight and i
was like yeah i look like a fat
raccoon right there
and i did and i do and i’ll put it up
there right now it’s crazy
but uh i’m so glad i changed but anyway
getting back to why i shouldn’t be on
so being like a lot of other guys i’m
feeling like trash i’m thinking oh maybe
my testosterone level’s a little
not thinking well maybe i should cut out
drinking a lot maybe i should
eat some chicken and rice instead of a
freaking domino’s pizza
maybe i should get eight hours of sleep
and maybe i should go to the gym
instead of doing that i was like well
let me check my testosterone levels
and i did check my testosterone levels i
asked my doctor he was hesitant at first
he only ordered total testosterone i
didn’t know any better at the time
came back a whopping 288 and so i told
my doctor i said well it’s 288
and the range looks like 266.
uh what what do we do you know i didn’t
know anything about trt
i knew about testosterone i’d taken
testosterone before maybe another reason
i was low
that’s a different video i’m sure many
of you have heard this before but he
well you’re in range you’re 22 points
from the bottom
you know you’re 36 years old and you’re
20 points from the bottom
nothing to do here he literally told me
for me to write you androgel you would
need to have
bone loss muscle loss and basically
complete ed
not like it happens every once in a
while like
your dick don’t work and i was just like
okay well this is crazy i do have some
common sense and you realize that
on the bottom of the scale i probably
want to be more toward the top of the
scale being 36 years old
and it’s the last time i ever saw my
so being the intelligent person that i
am i did absolutely nothing to fix my
testosterone levels except for
doing some stupid hit classes like twice
a week still eating like trash
still drinking still not sleeping right
and still stressing out all kinds of
i did absolutely nothing and i watched a
documentary called growing young it’s
pretty cool documentary
basically tells you that doctors aren’t
taught hormones they’re taught
and it’s very true and i saw this guy
he’s like
70 years old he’s freaking jacked and he
was saying i take 140 milligrams of
testosterone and i take 25 milligrams of
every single day so what did i do i went
out and bought
dhea off amazon and i got
a certain amount of bottles of
scipionate from a completely
legal source so don’t worry about that
totally legal
yeah i started injecting myself 100
milligrams twice a week
exact same protocol as i have now i was
thinking to myself you know maybe what
if this legal source runs out and
i’d have to get it from somewhere else
i’d have to figure out where to get it
so i called up a trt clinic and i was
completely honest with them i told them
got tested had low tests i’m on test
right now i feel fantastic
but i’d like to be under some medical
supervision so i went and did their labs
came back i think it was 10 69 was my
test level
and they were cool with that so they got
me hooked up with
test hcg and ai of course
and i started doing that protocol so the
trt clinic they prescribed me the normal
normal dosage for trt clinics which is
200 milligrams of scipione per week
a thousand ius of hcg and .375
milligrams of remedex
that’s split into three different gel
cap pills that are like a dollar eighty
a piece
uh where i can get one milligram of
ribbon x pills for like 85 cents a piece
at the pharmacy
but that’s another story trt clinics do
have to make money that’s how they keep
the lights on
so the trt clinic they were good no
issues with them
and uh but i found a concierge doctor
and i did a video on this no one watched
but they’re doctors that you pay a
monthly fee to they don’t take insurance
and they’re usually a lot better at what
they do because if they’re not
they don’t have customers aka patients
so i found a local doctor
and he’s 60 bucks a month and i did a
little online questionnaire i told him
all the stuff that i was taking
and he was like okay no problem we’ll
get you scripts for uh
recipient uh we can’t get you hcg so i
had to get that from another
legal source and uh he never really
prescribed arimidex to anyone
but so he had to order it he gave me
like 24 1 milligram pills which i don’t
take anymore they’re just sitting in the
cabinet but
that’s what it is but since i was able
to transition from a trt clinic to a
concierge doctor i significantly lowered
the cost of my treatment
so i’ll give you my current protocol and
then i’ll let you know
why i might possibly should never even
started on trt
my current protocol 100 milligrams
twice a week sub q i only do 500 iu’s of
split up into two shots i don’t take any
i take either calcium to glucorate or
so let’s jump into why maybe you should
have never started trt
on this channel i’ve preached a lot you
need to get your
lifestyle in order before you jump on
i obviously didn’t do any of that i was
still to almost 250 pounds
250 pounds i was a fat bastard so i’m
sure my estrogen was crazy high my
testosterone was low because of that
i was eating garbage i was not getting
vitamins i wasn’t even taking a
multivitamin at the time
i mean i’ve taken multivitamins
throughout my life but at this time i
wasn’t i just didn’t even think about it
or care
so i wasn’t getting enough vitamins
eating garbage
drinking not sleeping enough and not
and my decision was well it let’s
get on testosterone i’ve taken it before
i like how it feels
and it’s it’s interesting because trt
completely changed my mindset about my
and you know i get perfect amount of
sleep now i go to the gym
five days a week i’m eating freaking
chicken and broccoli and i’m drinking
you know
super food smoothies another video i
made that no one watched
but it’s a great recipe but maybe make
another video on that
maybe i don’t know if it’s worth my time
it’s interesting to me because trt
basically allowed me to do what i should
have done in the first place
i should have gotten all of that stuff
ironed out
dropped weight you know better diet
sleep no alcohol
all that stuff and then i should have
retested and seen what my testosterone
levels would have been
now i don’t know if i would have been
able to get them to where
i need them to be because as i’ve done
on this video i’ve run cycles of
anathate before
um i messed around with steroids when i
was like 18. not like
a scheduled cycle like i would go to my
buddy’s house and he would like hit me
up with a milliliter
milliliter yeah and uh but it wasn’t
like you know we met every week it was
every 10 days every five days it was
random as hell and it was
stupid so i probably screwed up my
hormones pretty bad doing that
pct i didn’t know what pct was first
time i knew about pct you know what i
i ran winstrol and clomid and my thought
process at that point in time because i
was such a brilliant kid
was that well the last cycle i did i
lost all my gains after i stopped
so if i run an oral winstrol it’ll kind
of keep me hard i’ll keep more of those
gains while i’m doing
the real pct with clomid stupid stupid
so i probably messed myself up oh i also
took androstene when i was in high
because uh the internet told me that
anderstein was good and i bought my
mom’s credit card
it was perfectly legal at the time but
now it’s banned
so do i think i could have gotten my
testosterone levels to
6 7 800 just by doing the diet and
taking the vitamins
i don’t know but i’ll never know because
i’m never going to stop taking trt
because i freaking love
it my testosterone is great my blood
work works fantastic
getting gains in the gym i have energy
libido all that good stuff
so i don’t know do i wish i
do i wish do i wish that i had never
hopped on trt
no i’m really glad that i hopped on trt
because it allowed me to change my life
changed my perspective what was
interesting is
when i used to when i was taking cycles
i had to go to the gym because if i
didn’t go to the gym i was wasting it i
was wasting that
precious testosterone and that’s still
ingrained in my brain
so since i’m on trt for the past two
years straight
go to the gym for the past two years
straight otherwise i’m wasting it
so if you’re watching this i would
definitely recommend
get your lifestyle in order first then
i mean if you’re still if you lose
weight your diet everything’s on point
you got your supplements your vitamins
all that good stuff
and you’re still low yeah hop on trt if
you know obviously if your medical
tells you that you know you should but
if you’re if you’re drinking eating
pizza hut
staying up late you know
and you have low testosterone get your
don’t be like me get your lifestyle in
order first
do that i promise you because there may
you may not have to ever be on trt it
could just be that you’re fat
it could be that you’re super stressed
out all the time could be that you’re
drunk every night and you’re not getting
enough sleep
it could be that you don’t have enough
exercise you don’t have enough vitamin d
you’re not taking a multivitamin so
explore all those avenues get your
lifestyle in order get your correct
then do a comprehensive blood test and
see if you need trt
anyway guys that’s gonna wrap it up i
was a mess
and uh now i’m less of a mess thanks to
but did i actually need it the world may
never know
but as always you’re awesome and get
your levels tested

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